Crescent Moon



"Still Life in Red" by Mark Wiener, 2009

H.P. and I began this blog at 6:00 PM on June 19, 2009 — an auspicious day in the Tibetan calendar, I was told by Dechen Thurman when I attended his Tuesday yoga class.



In western astrology, there is an alignment of Mars, Venus and the Moon in Taurus, the sign of Venus. Black Madonna has been guided by this planet all along. Therefore, the present line-up in the sign ruling the tactile, physical expression of Value is the portal by which we reveal the process illuminating the dark feminine energy that has been repressed for so long

Venus has been dancing with Mars on the eastern horizon since her heliacal rise in Aries on April 4. This rare solidarity between the planets of sexual attraction has given birth to the conception of a multimedia art exhibition as a union between the long repressed sacred feminine and her masculine consort. In the yearning together of these qualities for holy intercourse, the form of a new art movement would emerge; this is the vision guiding our curatorial vision that is shepherding a impetus into Times Square, a center of international media.

The central image of the exhibition, revealed here in the masthead of this blog, is Pentagram: Venus Revisited, a collaboration between HP (who made the pentagram) and Mark Wiener, (who illuminated the interior with his performance painting). The unifying contradiction between HP’s mentally calculated architectural rendering of the central symbol created from five successive pentagrams radiating outward from a central design, and Wiener’s intuitive process of contracting inward, layering geometries of paint to arrive at the central focus of a undulating wave and hexagon in the center is, both in process and content, an evocation of a new holism in art. This process of revisiting the horn of the Venus cycle to uncover the symmetry (the hexagram, or Seal of Solomon) at her core, creates a new face of the feminine merging the opposites of the active Morning Star (Lucifer, the Light Bringer) and contemplative Evening Star, Hesperus (meaning western), into a single dynamic deity within the space of the Crescent Moon of Janet Rutkowski and Walter Kenul’s Oracle and the solar feminine Meditation Mediation Vessel 1997 by Daniel Rothbart, which was a receptacle for actions bringing through the new archetype of the hieros gamos.

Within the context of Black Madonna, this holism is the NEW (Lucifer in Aries, the sign of new beginnings) — a convergence of cutting edge art and pop culture with archeology, mythology, physics and a new theology. All this can be found by discovering the sacred feminine within the psyche. We are only beginning to comprehend this universal order of wholeness through consciousness and art shows us the way.

A dream of a human figure emerging from underground to a landscape marked by geysers inspired the exhibition long before it had a name. The rich underground legend of the Black Madonna is a spring erupting at auspicious times, like the present, to irrigate the drought caused by western religion and its denial of sacred in matter.

This blog is an adventure to uncover the source of the mystery that has lured seekers over the millennia to give structure to the universe. The dynamic evolution of life itself, which is constantly changing even as the human mind struggles to affix a lasting identity, sums up our vision of a holistic art for the 21st century.

View the video link to hear Mark Wiener discuss his process of making art embodied with a sacred geometry.


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