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"Structure of the Vacuum" by Harlan Emil Gruber

"Structure of the Vacuum" by Harlan Emil Gruber

…After launching the BLACK MADONNA blog at HP Garcia Gallery at 6 PM on June 19, I headed down to the Lower East Side, Collective Hardware where I gave a Tuesday evening presentation on “The Challenge of 2012.”   Harlan Emil Gruber’s “Structure of the Vacuum” was still hanging, like a symbolic doorway to the mysteries of space…

Nassim Haramein was speaking on his Unified Field Theory.  The room was packed with a rapt audience when I entered just after 8 PM.  I  spotted an empty spot beside the black couch and squeezed through the back row to be pulled towards Rick Prol’s iconic East Village painting…a familiar image from BLACK MADONNA…

"Crying Caren" by Rick Prol

"Crying Caren" by Rick Prol

…and passed the path of STING, who was sitting on the amplifier!

Experiencing this contradiction between Prol’s image of the Black Hole personified in a miserable woman suspended over a toilet and STING’s unified energy field meant a leap into a Galactic superreality that I summed up in my talk with the Mayan World Tree at the Galactic Center: the CONVERGENCE of past (unconscious), present (body) and future (superconscious).

Entering the state of Galactic beingness means experiencing all three levels in a single instant.

Leaving out the mathematical equations, my notes illuminate this evolution of consciousness expressed by Haramein in his…


Visualization of the Coriolis (the double Torus)

Black Hole.  If you take all the matter of the universe, it obeys the condition of the Black Hole.   The universe is black because light is curved.  Light curves out itself.  Light from stars doesn’t reach us – we live inside a Black Hole that expands and constructs the infinite.  There will be a Black Hole at the center of all galaxies.  We find Black Holes prior to Galactic Structure.   

Linear progression is not random.  The ratio we find in nature  — the Golden Mean Ratio.


Diamond Portal, Harlan Emil Gruber

Diamond Portal, Harlan Emil Gruber

To point out something that is everywhere what would it be?  The volume…you can’t extricate yourself from the universe.  You interact and feed it back.  Do you know this is occurring?   Every one of your atoms is informing the atom and coming out.  Vacuum needs information to self-organize.  If you are aware that you are informing the vacuum, you can become vacuum engineers in an infinite fractal structure.   Whre is the center?  Everywhere.  We are literally at the center of our universe.  There is a universe out there that you are the center of – it is the center of a universe that is even larger.  Everything else is the center of its universe.  Reality is creating.  You create your own reality.  In complexity theory, there is scale underneath that you can’t violate.  Scale relations can’t be escalated.  There is a consensus. 

Boundaries.  If I can create a new boundary, I can get the energy to start playing with matter.  How much of the energy of the Vacuum would have to be transferred to matter in order for the nucleus of the atom to become a Black Hole ?

Quantum Theory.  Scientists invented new forces in quantum theory when they didn’t need it. The continum in physics is gravity; gravity is the strongest force in the universe.  Gravity holds to the center. Without it, nothing would come to exist.  There is a Black Hole at the center of the Earth. 

Gravitation/electromagnetic force.  One force that pulls in; One force that rotates out towards center.  From 1919 until 1965 people with ideas concluded thatt there are non-spinning Black Holes. Physicists hate spin.  They like things to be stable so they can analyze them.  Stable is the (only) frame of reference and then they add spin to seek a stable solution.

Coriolis Spiral is the centrifugal effect.  Earth expands at the equator and contracts at the pole. In the middle of the Coriolis is the Vacuum.  All power is connected through the Vacuum.  It is real structure made up of fractals. 

Equator.  When we cross the equator there are cataclysmic effects.. more debris…more dust…the effect on sun, which is also moving through space.  Mayan Long Count reflects the Sun moving across the Galactic Center – an increase in activity as we pass from one Torus to another .  Dense.  Activity creates heat because we are polluting and heat becomes more trapped.  It is crucial to our evolution that this is taking place just at the right moment of our consciousness — to go Galactic.

Structure of space time.  Rejuvenating the way we interact with the Cosmos.  We are constantly quantum leaping into the universe.  Every time we go into infinity, we go to the singularity of the center.  We need to underline the fundamental structure of matter and gravity in accordance with ancient knowledge…

A break and then Haramein, who seems to be positively energized by this pouring forth of knowledge, takes questions.   The woman beside me shows me her cell phone.  It is 11 PM.  

Q:  What are the galactic practices we can incorporate in our daily life? 

A:  “Have Fun!  

Finding your Center.  Vacuum is connected everywhere.  Coriolis is the  Yin & Yang — a dynamic structure of reality.  What we see at the center is where it goes into infinity.  Small geometry goes to perfect equilibrium center of human is stillness.  All rotation has stillness at its center.  

Healing is engineering the vacuum.  Healers sends impulses to those areas whose integrity is compromised

As I listened, I incorporated this holistic view into my knowledge of  fractals and the archetype of the Strange Attractor which I correlate with the hieros gamos, the icon of the 21st century which integrates the opposites.  As he shifts in his seat, I can feel STING‘s solid embodiment of this energy, a Libra who integrates his masculine and feminine through an intense yoga practice.

What of this synchronicity to be standing under Prol’s personification of the Black Hole — an iconic East Village work incorporating a broken window that I selected for Black Madonna — and beside STING, who after all, advanced human evolution by popularizing the word synchronicity?   Isn’t his awareness of my body in the present moment precisely what Haramein is talking about??

In the end, this holistic theory of everything is poetry, as my notes transform into verse:

Vacuum is a conceptual structure

There is something in nothing 

We find nowhere with nothing

From the lowest vacuum to the space between galaxies

There are fluctuations everywhere

No beginning and no end

Coriolis is self-awareness

A feedback loop,..

Afterwards I asked Haramein if the planet is becoming aware of the space time convergence because of the line-up of the Winter Solstice at the Galactic Center on December 21, 2012.   He said we have only known about this line-up for a few years.  “How did the Mayans know it centuries ago?”  He smiled, “It came from the Sun God,” he said, with a completely straight face.

How poetic!  A new breed of physicist who has resolved the 20th century problem of space-time convergence, yet accepts the mystery of ancient knowledge…


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