SSummer Solstice, 2009

Summer Solstice: June 21, 2009, 1:45 AM in Stamford, Connecticut


On the night of the Summer Solstice, I attended the Mary of Persephone (MP) Ascension Circle in the Birthing Room, deep in the Connecticut woods.   The invitation read as follows:

“After a guided chakra clearing, you are invited to join me in a guided imagery journey to open an Ascension Gateway and work with Sacred Alchemy to usher in the next Ascension water in the Ascension Line. This water is the third in the Ascension Series and will be named MiRaCLe.”

The slide door was open to allow the night sounds to engage in the meditation that MP had planned, but an insistent frog was croaking so loud that it threatened to interrupt her connection to Spirit.   We were eight, a lively group, very chatty under the androgynous Gemini energy (this circle included a man!) marking this Dark Moon Solstice. The round table was set before us with symbols of the four directions (a feather in the east where I was sitting) along with multi-colored gemstones with the hermetic properties assisting in the Ascension Gateway.  MP passes a naturally formed zincite Hummingbird around the circle.  As I hold this mystical object, I imagine this must be the symbol of Mercurius, the patron of alchemy, as an agent to fertility.  Positioned in every direction was a card with the same image of the androgynous divine child bathed in a golden light.  The frog continued its croaking and I blurted out: “The frog about to become a Prince!”  And, with this insight of Hermes, who rules the alchemical experiment, we relaxed into an understanding that Mr. Frog was a messenger informing us of his very role, as Guardian of the Gate, who brings luck to those who pass through the transformation.

In this very space, dubbed the “Birthing Room” by the Priestess who founded it, the seed for this Aquarian birth was planted with the initiation of the Women’s Sacred Circle in 1997.  Just up the stairs is where I met Margaret Starbird twelve years ago.  The author who investigated early Christianity sent me on my path to source Magdalene in the Sumerian archetypes.   And now, a full Jupiter in Aquarius cycle later, we are giving birth to MiRaCle! 

MP’s Sacred Alchemy began with our collaboration at the Winter Solstice, 2006.  In establishing the dialogue preceding The Alchemy of Love (, we created a space for the Aquarian Age Goddess to enter at the Lab Gallery on Lexington Avenue. 

VENUS ASCENSION RITUAL: The Lab Gallery, January 20, 2007

VENUS ASCENSION RITUAL: The Lab Gallery, January 20, 2007

On January 20, 2007, the eve of the opening of The Alchemy of Love, we performed a ritual commemorating the rise Venus from the Underworld as the Evening Star in Aquarius.  This 20 degree point has been hit by the Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter conjunction and triggered by the eclipses in Aquarius of the past two years.

But back to Summer Solstice 2009! 

The wonderful symmetry of opposites containing this Sacred Alchemy of Mary of Persephone reveals a narrative conveyed by her name, a new Mary born of the courage of Persephone to enter the dark of the Galactic Center, the Earth Goddess from whence all things are born anew.  From the modest beginning of a sliver of hope in the Return of the Sun in 2006, and culminating with a Dark Moon Solstice under the long shadow of an impending Lunar Eclipse, the 2 ½ year journey has been an amazing teaching about the power of the authentic feminine Being arising from a surrender to the unfolding.  In fact, our descent into the dark resulted in my first poem!  It was entitled “Surrender” and I performed it for the first time at a family Solstice dinner and then publicly on New Year’s Day 2007 at Bowery Poetry Club!

“A miracle means the unexpected,” MP told us as we sat in rapt attention with the frog.

If there is one characteristic I have embraced on this mystical journey, it is the never-ending ability to be amazed.  My connection with MP was through a common enthrallment to the archetype of Persephone, whose fated identification with the Underworld had bound us to the shadows.  My personal voyage of penetrating this goddess meant risking everything, my life included, to descend to Argentina in 1984, where I began the reinvention of myself as a novelist.  MP’s descent meant work as a full time healer that has delivered an amazing gift as a psychic, a direct channel to voices,visions and feelings delivering uncanny prophecies for myself, and others, in her Connecticut and Westchester circles.

MP introduced the meditation by recounting her process with the Ascension Waters.  First she inspired the Gypsy Goddess Blessed Waters.  PERSEPHONE was born on the Spring Equinox following the  FIRE chapter of Alchemy of Love (, with its opening ritual in which MP invited in the Aquarian Age Goddess. Then, with MP’s further inspiration, Gypsy Goddess birthed the  Blessed Laurel Water of the BLACK MADONNA (Lady of Loreto).

Evoking the Deep Inner Power which the exhibition is all about, the Blessed Laurel Water  gave it a  title when MP responded to my confusion by spraying it on me in her inner sanctum.  By then, the initial pair Ascension Waters had come into existence: the radiant Aquarian VENUS, which brought the two faces of the Love Goddess, her Morning and Evening Star phases together again.  This holism of the Creatrix, who balances dark and light, gave birth to the Ascension Water sequence.  It started with BeLoVeD, the empowered goddess desiring equal partnership who, through her being, calls to her aWaKeNeD, the lunar emotionally available male capable of receiving the Aquarian Goddess in Equal Partnership.  And now, having been the midwife to all these liberated Aquarian archetypes of the enlightened feminine and her masculine counterpart, MP is welcoming her circle to assist in her delivery of the divine child of the Age of Aquarius! 

As a manner of removing myself from the rigor of daily life challenges (yes, there are many)  so I can manifest my Aquarian vision through the miraculous unfolding that carries me along despite all obstacles, MP had suggested that I place myself at the Galactic Center and view my natal chart from that space in order to see it objectively.  This I had difficulty with because the precise point of the Galactic Center conjoining with the Winter Solstice (Zero degrees Capricorn) is my Midheaven, the height of my ambition. And here was the paradox:  how could I remove my consciousness from my own ambition in order to manifest my ambition in the world?  This was a quandary from which I couldn’t escape…

Until the night of the Summer Solstice 2009, when I gained the body awareness of entering Galactic Consciousness…where the Winter and Summer Solstice connected.  From this point of balance, under MP’s watchful eye in this Sacred Ascension Portal, I was freed to roam beyond the Solar System and into the inexhaustible depths of the Milky Way…and beyond…

How to Go Galactic as a daily spiritual practice?  In the joyful proclamation of Nassim Haramein:


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