The Divine Androgyne


Michael Jackson, the Divine Androgyne

Michael Jackson



Michael Jackson carved the form of the divine androgyne through his life as entertainer…  

Michael Jackson: Birth (outer) and Death (inner)

Michael Jackson: Birth (outer) and Death (inner)

The soul of this world famous figure chose to depart (yes, astrologers believe that the soul chooses the energy matrix to depart the body, as it does upon entering the body) under a Leo Moon on his Venus/Uranus (an EXACT hit from the August 5 Lunar Eclipse) with the Mars/Venus conjunction (see my initial post) triggering the natal square which gave him his fabulous rhythm as well as inner struggle regarding his sexuality.  With his Pisces Moon opposing Pluto making his affinity for the mythological real, Michael Jackson was the divine androgyne of our time.  He erased boundaries between black and white (“It doesn’t matter if you are black or white”), class, culture and gender.

With his natal ascendant of 23 degrees Libra (the sign of Venus) returning at the time of his death, he departed the planet as a mythical being (his natal Jupiter/Neptune/North Node) who gave form to the 21st century icon of the Hieros Gamos.  The truth was quite another story though, his autopsy report revealing he had nothing in his stomach at the time of death but pills and was an anorexic  addicted to narcotics.  The UK Sun reported: Jacko had developed stage fright for the first time and was terrified of performing the comeback gigs.  Aides claimed the ailing star even believed he would be KILLED if he pulled out on health grounds.  He was having Saturn in Virgo, which rules health, square his natal Saturn and oppose his highly sensitive Pisces Moon.  What this means is that, quite simply, his body gave out.  And the public rules the body, so he reached the limit of what he could give (Pisces Moon in the Fifth house of fame) to an audience (Sun conjunct Pluto in the Eleventh House where Saturn is transiting) of the collective consciousness. Do we feel, as one visitor to this site suggested, a collective guilt for his soul suffering?  The chart indicates so.

Carl Jung stated, in a letter to Wolfgang Pauli ( that he couldn’t reach the hieros gamos because his heart wouldn’t allow it; the truth was, he hadn’t dug down to encounter and embrace the Black Madonna.  We could say the same of Michael Jackson.  Dead of cardiac arrest on the eve of his widely anticipated comeback, he hadn’t penetrated the Black Madonna to incorporate the dark face of Venus with Lucifer bearing the light of universal love as required by the elevated Venus Uranus conjunction at his birth.  The Wounded Healer (Chiron in Aquarius opposing the Venus/Uranus configuration in his tenth house of career) made him feel undeserving of his gifts.  His failure to incorporate this wound into his art form precipitated his early demise.  

Yet,  dying young preserves a recognizable image of the human struggle to enter an archetype, the Divine Androgyne — smashing all boundaries to communicate the Aquarian message of universal love.  What could be a more thrilling?




2 Responses to “The Divine Androgyne”

  1. Leticia Says:

    I like what you are saying only I disagree with one tiny detail……He is not dead….MJ was very spiritual and knew all of this in which you write but He never felt undeserving of his gift….he has just broken the biggest boundariy there is…..”DEATH” And for that he is THE THRILLER!

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