Great Eclipse ’09: Convulsive Beauty

 “Beauty will be convulsive or will not be at all.”

 André Breton 

Luisa Valenzuela as Venus, HP Garcia Gallery 14 May, 2009

Luisa Valenzuela as Venus, HP Garcia Gallery 14 May, 2009

19 July 2009.  In my dream last night I was alone inside of a spa.  The group I was with disappeared. I realized they all went to lunch but I didn’t want to join them.  I was searching for something and grateful for the solitude.  I opened a door to discover a “convulsive beauty” whose body vibrated right off her chair.  She wasn’t disturbed by my intrusion…and actually appeared to expect me…

On Tuesday, July 21 at 10:34 PM EDT, we have what may be the most significant Great Eclipse of the 21st century in terms of what it is delivering: the face of the feminine.  Where the path of the eclipse falls (Southeast Asia) on July 22, it is the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene.   This full eclipse takes place under a historic conjunction of Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune in the sign of Aquarius.

Eclipses are times of endings and new beginnings.  This second New Moon in Cancer this year is about releasing our emotional attachment to the past so we may enter into a Galactic Consciousness.   From now until the Lunar Eclipse on August 5 (8:55 PM EDT) is a time for fasting, meditating and ritual making to honor the sacred feminine and bring our solar consciousness and lunar intuition into the Sacred Marriage, the conjunctio of Luna and Sol.

Here is what is happening (from the weather page of the Sunday The New York Times).  The Moon arrives at the nearest point in its orbit (known as the perigee), a distance of 222,128 miles, before passing through the Earth’s orbit plane.  When it meets the Sun to begin its monthly cycle known as the New Moon, the three bodies will be in direct alignment.  The dark umbral shadow of the Moon will be cast in a path 161 miles wide across India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Tibet and China before ending over the Pacific Ocean.  At the peak of the eclipse, the Sun will be blotted out for 6 minutes, 39 seconds.

21 July 2009, Solar Eclipse, 10:37 PM, EDT, New York City

21 July 2009, Solar Eclipse, 10:34 PM, EDT, New York City


The astrological chart of the precise time of the eclipse in New York City clearly reveals the universal narrative:  the convulsive face (Uranus in Pisces conjunct Juno on the Ascendant) coming into form (Saturn in Virgo conjunct Ceres on the Descendant).  In the past year, this tension of opposites between the rulers of Aquarius (Uranus and Saturn) challenged us to remake our physical bodies, and bodies of our individual creations (South Node in Leo in the Fifth House of Creativity), as vessels for this holistic archetype in the collective consciousness (North Node in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of Collective Consciousness).  The message of this eclipse cycle is the letting go (South Node) of the past (Cancer) so that we can introduce, through Saturn in Libra (commencing in October), a culture that is balanced by the opposites, which is manifested here by the polarity between Juno (the wife) and Ceres (the mother).  Clearly, artists have a guiding role in the process of the culture remaking itself to reflect the archetype of the hieros gamos reflected by the presidential couple.  This eclipse represents an open door of transformation during the last stages of the mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune that is delivering a new art movement of holism into the collective consciousness.

Zeus/Jupiter is retrograde, and therefore has abdicated its power while conferring with Chiron and Neptune (this line-up takes place on Obama’s Aquarius ascendant).  Meanwhile, his long-suffering partner, Juno, is being remade through the lightening rods of Uranus, while in  standoff with Ceres (the Mother) whose liberation is crystallized (Saturn) in form (Virgo).  The transpersonal impulse of the spiritual feminine (Pisces/Virgo) towards a new structure (Saturn) of independence (Uranus) delivers a brand new female liberation that is not simply outward (as was the 20th century struggle) but a penetration into the depths of the psyche to reflect the authentic feminine spirit attuned with nature (heaven & earth).  The intimacy of Venus and Mars in the past few months now has some needed breathing space while traveling through Gemini.  Mars is playfully poised to create with Mercury in Leo; the sextile between the two planets while both are inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn creates a Yod with the chart’s Midheaven – which happens to be the Galactic Center!  Here we find the opening in which creative communication declares a message of the androgynous Self to the world.  Channeling this new language into the Internet (as I am doing here) bypasses the patriarchal hold over the mainstream media.

The New Moon in Cancer this year is the second in the sign that rules the Moon, making its impact all the more significant.  A New Moon that takes place less than one degree from the South Node (the factor which makes a Great Eclipse) is a rare occurrence made all the more significant due to the 2012 passage of this series of eclipses over the Galactic Center, thereby triggering Pluto in Capricorn.  In absorbing the teachings of 2012, we will gain insight into our “winner take all” plutocracy undermining the democratic ideals at the root of America by identifying its origin in the treatment of its native peoples.  With this consciousness, the convulsive beauty of the authentic feminine will rise out of repression and take on the crucial role of remaking the culture!


Judge Sonia Sotomayor

Judge Sonia Sotomayor

Andre Breton’s “convulsive beauty” which inspired the Surrealist movement takes root as a 21st century archetype, feminine embracing the opposites — hot/cold, passionate/dispassionate, positive/negative.  We have seen her face in Judge Sonia Sotomayor (left), the passionate (Latina) woman who can master her emotions – a female counterpart to the masculine hero portrayed by Barack Obama, who chose Sotomayor because of his wish for more compassion on the bench.  It would seem, in the abstract, to be an impossible situation: to be selected for the official position of Lady Justice for the very characteristic that could obstruct her confirmation.  This is the paradox that pioneering writer Luisa Valenzuela explored decades ago, forging the path to the clearly where all humanity stands today with the challenge of absorbing this new archetype of the feminine: to be open and compassionate, yet not be pulled off center by the emotions.  Embracing this paradox requires being receptive to the flow of universal energy but mentally capable of steering one’s vessel (the body) in our soul designated direction.

We see the failure to master this challenge in the downfall of Governor Mark Sandford lamenting over his “soul mate,” an Argentine beauty, he claims, has put him in touch with deep feeling and exposed him to ridicule.  The hypocrisy of the governor using taxpayer money for first class accommodations on his lover trysts while bringing a pig to the capital to protest pork in federal spending, is endemic to the patriarchy that denies the feminine.  As long as the face is kept underground, the passions are repressed and the Shadow emerges as the unconscious saboteur.  This was the theme of my first book, Champagne Tango, which took place in Argentina undergoing the convulsions of its first year of freedom following the return to democracy from a military dictatorship defeated by the Falklands War.

And this is why the necessity of celebrating the Kundalini or Serpent Power.  Illuminating the very first HP Salon, The Underground Journey: Literature, was the Argentine literary star, Luisa Valenzuela.  She read her story “Woman” from Heide Hatry’s Heads and Tales, a story about the reconciliation of duality under the patriarchy.  When I was just beginning a career as a professional writer in New York, Luisa’s breakout book, The Lizard’s Tail, was an inspiration to go “underground” to explore the root of this power.  My subsequent journey to Argentina was intended to extend my short career as a business consultant, but ended it as I threw away the structure that confined me to the world economy and embarked on the unknown path into the exploration of new art forms for the 21st century.  


Champagne Tango poster in "Fire," Lab Gallery, NYC January 2007

"Champagne Tango" book cover poster "Fire," Lab Gallery: NYC January 2007

After making a full circle in my personal journey, a return to Buenos Aries after 25 years followed by a presentation of the Argentina’s literary star at the HP Salon, I am bringing my millennial project to a conclusion with the release of my trilogy, “The Key: Unlocking the Power of Number.  The first of these manuscripts is Five, my personal journey of self-discovery in attunement with the cycle of Venus.  The second is Six, my professional journey to uncover a new holistic archetype in 21st century art.  The last is Seven, a group of stories about my personal passage to embrace the archetype of holism  (hieros gamos) through the mirror of relationship.

Immersing myself in Argentina in 1984 was to engage with Breton’s “convulsive beauty” and my journey of the last 25 years was to find a form to best express this energy and deliver it into the dialectic of 21st century art.  In the months leading up to this monumental eclipse, we have launched this dialectic through three HP Salons of the Black Madonna exhibition (\salons) in which we reversed the the repression of Jungian psychology and eroticism in the art world.

The journey continues to explore this rich new terrain that has been neglected in the culture since the demise of the New Age with its blatant commercialism.  This blog will be devoted to uncovering and interpreting the arising face of the feminine and rediscovering its long repressed historical foundation in the formation of an authentically American culture.



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