Conjunctio: Vesicaquaria

The Great Solar Eclipse 2009

Great Solar Eclipse, 22 July 2009

The alchemy of the eclipse is the conjunctio where the opposites are unified.  This divine marriage (hieros gamos) of Luna and Sol is the goal of the Great Work, the Philosopher’s Stone.  

Yesterday’s annular Solar Eclipse (left), the most exact of this century, was at a crucial degree (29 Cancer almost exactly on the Moon’s South Node at 0 Leo) marking profound endings and new beginnings.  The Nodes of the Moon are known as the Dragon’s Head, where our past Karma is churned up (South Node) and our paths of destiny (North Node) are cleared.   Because I am an Aquarian and the North Node has been traveling over my Sun this year, my celebration of this event was a day of conscious watchfulness in which ritual, work and creative effort were unified, a commencement of a 24 year goal!  I began a two week purification with a seaweed treatment at 4:30 PM.

My body turned green like that of Inanna hung on a meat hook after her dark sister, Ereskigal, killed her in the underworld, I descended into the conjunctio where consciousness and unconscious are merged.  I then had a Galactic vision in which my body became the Center of the Mayan World Tree, my trunk converging Past (roots) and Future (branches).   I found myself on top of  a structure combining the seven level Zigarret with the Magdalene Tower in my dream the other night.  Then, I entered the future where I was sitting at a desk (the prophecy of the Priestess) with my computer.  

I have been following eclipses for over 20 years, and never have I felt so profoundly embraced by the conjunctio…

But of course, all other eclipses were just a prelude to this!

Chalice Cover, Glastonbury

Chalice Cover, Glastonbury


The  Mandorla (almond) shape is known as the Vesica Piscis (see video link) to Christians, a symbol that has been used in freemasonary and related to the Grail through the Chalice Wall in  Glastonbury (left).  Notice the two hexagons at the base, symbolizing the hieros gamos with the trident of Neptune at the top.

 Below is an image discovered on the Internet of the Vesicaquaria, the marriage of masculine and feminine personified by Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. I am appropriating this image renaming the 7/22/2009 Great Eclipse phenomenon (the synchronicity of the eclipse geometry reflecting the constellation of the hieros gamos in the psyche).  Notice that the numbers of this date are the magical number of 7 followed by the two master numbers 22 and 11.  This was a highly significant day indeed!




The child of the Age of Aquarius is the conjunctio (the sacred marriage of masculine and feminine) at the center of the Mandorla of Sun & Moon.  The caption for this image relates that the shape is the position of the eclipse at its end point in the Phoenix Islands.

What magic!  The Phoenix is the symbol of transformation and rebirth and this Mandorla is the sign of a newly emerging archetype, the hieros gamos, predicted by Wolfgang Pauli and C.G. Jung in a long correspondence (  The symbol for Aquarius is the androgynous Water Bearer, who is holding the chalice pouring the collective unconscious of pisces (Vesica piscis means “kettle of fish” in Latin).  Aquarius is the sign that transmits the collective unconscious to humanity.  

That this took place on Mary Magdalene’s feast day makes it all the more significant.  The long repressed face of the feminine has been restored through the Sun’s illumination of the dark face of the Moon.  This was experienced in my experience of Inanna’s descent to her dark sister, the Queen of the Underworld, a myth we revived during the course of Black Madonna.

Moreover, astronomer’s eyes turned to Jupiter prior to the eclipse where an asteroid was seen hitting the surface of this great planet.  The New York Times quoted an astromoner saying we were lucky that Jupiter’s great face blocked this collision from occurring in the inner solar system.  

We astrologers have always known that Jupiter is lucky!

Here is a Galactic narrative of Jupiter, who abdicated the throne when the planet went retrograde last month, leaving his partner Juno (moved into Aries early this month) to carry on alone.

The new cycle of eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn will emphasize the grounding and crystalizing of the newly emerged face of the feminine represented by the Veiscaquaria.  What does she look like?  How will the collective be awakened to this new face of Luna?

The Black Madonna exhibition was only the first step in this journey.  The eclipse certainly marks a new beginning for me in terms of  personal/universal and public/private.  It is the first time I have awoken with a dream image and come to write it publicly in my blog rather than privately in my journal!

Here is the image: a beautiful androgynous youth with a long blonde braid in a plastic round swimming pool singing the praises of the woman he loves.  I don’t know anyone who fits this image but, interestingly, I have heard from three former loves (who, for a time, carried the energy of the Beloved) this week that come close!  

And I made a date for a studio visit for an androgyne who has crossed my path which will culminate with the Lunar Eclipse …simply divine!

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