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August 27, 2009

Suddenly, it seems. Kundalni has entered the collective consciousness.


I was stunned to be walking through Bryant Park about a month ago and see the entire grass space behind the New York Public Library filled with yoga mats and the sounds of the breath of fire!

And then…

Rev. Korinne re-activated our correspondence with news of a book she is writing about her kundalini awakening.  She  had two experiences, in 2005 and 2005,  in which she channeled “some very cool stuff” that she sees as her “literary jewels.”

She says she believes that her awakening at age 30 was due to “having my Guru Maria Rose in my life.”  This was also my experience with Sister Denise, the most elevated spiritual being I have encountered in a physical body.  She comforted me at my father’s funeral in 1983 by placing her hands over my crown.  At the age of 25, I was awakened and entirely unprepared for it.  I was a reporter in Mexico City, and the chaos of my awakening sent me to Buenos Aries (using the funds that my father was saving for a trip to India) where my internal chaos was reflected in an exhilarated nation — liberated from 14 years of military dictatorship while undergoing the turmoil of 1,000 percent inflation.

When I was running around Los Angeles in 1985, looking for a “cure” to my Kundalini Awakening, I was met with eyes turned down in fear.  Not only was there was no guide, punishment for the divine rapture of the experience was hospitalization and enforced drug treatment.

Truly, my existential pain was predicated on the fact that the only person who could have helped me was my father — who co-founded the Kundalini Clinic in 1978 precisely to help heal people from a kundalini crisis — who was dead.  I retreated into my writing and emerged with my first novel, Champagne Tango, which on the surface was about a love obsession but really was about my kundalini awakening.  After receiving a stack of rejection letters, I self-published in 1992.

Now, seventeen years later, I am grateful to have a forum in which I can publish and promote the stories of others who have been awakened by the serpent and have the gift to communicate its pains and ecstasies for all.

Odd God – Sirius Kundalini


Rev. Korinne

When I recall the word Kundalini- I hear a loud jazz horn twisted in a shrill as if to perform in a Haitian ritual. When I truly contemplate the sound, it becomes much more like a Tibetan horn- the monks chant to- with the sounds of the other instruments involved in the ceremony.

The first strike of Kundalini seems frightening. I know I felt it many times as a child when I was suddenly frightened by something unknown, new or unfamiliar. I suppose Kundalini has always been the shadow in the corner of my eye and the snake biting me in my dreams.

They say that everything is a choice between love and fear- the love is divine and fear is human or ego. So why is it that the Kundalini always seems to start with a bolt of lightening? Not the fabled angels singing on high- but Kali-Ma who comes to consume you.

Every rebirth is preceded by a death. In this case the death happens to the ego- and this is a real and palpable experience. A part of the person who is being refined by the fires of the Kundalini is dying- no longer existing.

The Kundalini awakening is the psychology of God/Nature/All. The emotional, mental and sometimes physical healing that takes place during a Kundalini awakening are deep and long lasting.

There are many therapies that are designed to make the patient face and deal with a fear/phobia/the irrational. For example: Mr. Smith is afraid of heights and we do not think that is normal- so let’s scare it out of him by having him dangle from this bridge.

Fear seems to be directly connected with our instinctual fight/flight response. Fear is felt, a response is reactive.

The Kundalini snake has venom that is both toxic and “medicative”. The toxins act like a volume button for your fears- turning them way up- to consume your reality. What you are perceiving is no longer consensual reality- but Kundalini vision. Much like a psychedelic drug such as LSD works to dominate your senses- Kundalini ignites a whirlwind of metaphor, secret knowledge and wisdom. The tools used by the snake are purely loving- mirrors- so the self can see the self- thus seeing the self- we can come to know the self. The darkness- the toxins are merely your allergic reaction to enlightenment!

In the darkness you will find your parents, your roles in the family, your job, your deepest fears and greatest needs. You will also find the answers to these puzzles of relationships. You will be healed through spiritual means- beings will visit your perception, talk to you and heal you. You will see with news eyes- the world as it could be and as it is at that specific level on consciousness. You become aware that you are already and have always been in Nirvana/Heaven/Paradise.

“Is this the tree we used to love, is this the place that I have been dreaming of?”

Simple Thing by Coldplay.

I was first visited by my higher self, or holy guardian angel. An idealized “heaven-like” version of myself- all love and no ego. She was then accompanied by my spirit guide Hermes Trismegistus. After some time I was visited by John the Baptist- which explained through metaphor that I was being cleansed. I was now in a place to know and accept love unconditionally- to be healed and made complete, and “enter the kingdom of heaven”.  Soon followed Jesus, and lots of visions of a white dove- along with the eye in the triangle. Jesus was very real to me in these spiritual transmissions- I went from feeling loved by him, to acting out his role,

“Have you come here for forgiveness- have you come to raise the dead? Have you come here to play Jesus to the lepers in your head?” Why yes Bono (Boo No) I had come to heal myself and be cleansed of my sickness.

One evening during this Kundalini experience I remember with keen sight. I was worked up over a lover, and love in general- I was asking God to help me understand relationships. I was crying and then I felt total peace. I felt the grief overtake me again, and then peace again. I heard Bono singing the entire song “One Love”. As the song went on my emotions shifted. “Have you come here to play Jesus to the lepers in your head?” I was actually dealing with my lepers right there with God’s help. The voice of Bono was so meaningful- so healing as if Jesus himself was singing to me. This was a full on auditory, emotional and visual experience. I could feel the friction building up in my heart as I went from one complete emotional state to it’s opposite. It began to feel like revving a motor- like working a machine, not at all like being encompassed by any one feeling. I felt so free with this new knowledge. I did not assume I had finally snapped and gone loopy. I knew I had been shown that emotions are illusions as well! I no longer cared to be attached to emotions- no longer a slave to my whims and fancies. I was shown that I can run the machine of my emotions instead of the other way around.

Mary also came by frequently to answer questions in my heart and sooth me emotionally. All those who visited brought with them a language of vibrant symbolism- brilliant suns, amethyst hearts, goblet of wine, roses, Neptune’s trident- etc.

I came to understand that art is the language of God. I saw a sign that said “The earth laughs in flowers” as does god express through symbolism. Symbolism has many devices of coming across to us. Synchronicity, deja`vu, dreams, instinct, intuition, art, music, poetry, a sunset- etc. When we truly experience beauty we become one with it- and thus closer our true self also closer to God. Appreciation, meditation- being with something (anything) that inspires you- will raise your consciousness and put you closer to the All. The happier you are, the closer you are.

from Rev. Korinne’s “THE GOD CODE: Apple Kore”

Thank you Rev. Korrine for sharing your gift with this stupendous offering!



August 22, 2009
Leo New Moon; 20 August 2009, 6:01 AM NYC

Leo New Moon; 20 August 2009, 6:01 AM NYC

The New Moon in Leo was spectacular.  Nonstop revelations.  New Connections.  The readiness to declare a New Movement.  Sun and Moon in Leo straddling the ascendent.  The creative force of the “divine child” as the Virgini Paritura just about to enter  the collective (Aquarius North Node at 0 degrees), yet held back due to opposition from the retrograde motion of Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron in the transitional Sixth House.  This is read as an essential holding back for the purposes of (Virgo) refinement.

And a fabulous new discovery, Dr. Fiorella Terenzi (, a gorgeous Virgo astrophysicist/musician who plays beautiful music with the Cosmos.  She truly seems to embody the new female archetype I have been exploring in art for the past 12 years (the Jupiter in Aquarius cycle) since the Hieros Gamos Cosmology appeared on my birthday in 1997.

Dr. Fiorella Terenzi

Dr. Fiorella Terenzi

Fiorella entered my fiction a week ago as a hip galactic astronomer pinpointing the arrival of Niburu in 2013 at the foot of the Virgin.  What a thrill to discover such a woman exists!  She even answered my e-mail. Could she be connecting with the energy of Niburu at this time, which my mystical journey revealed would deliver the birth of a new archetype?

Stay tuned!

This mythology will be explored through the amazing lunations in September during the duration of the exhibition.  The New Moon on September 18 is EXACTLY conjunct Saturn and opposing Uranus!

This is the Virgini Paritura (virgin about to give birth) presented at Chartres, the great cathedral built by the Knights Templars, the secret order that comes out of the closet today through the BLACK MADONNA ( exhibition behind this blog, mounted by Hvgo Payans, the direct descendent of the co-founder and original Grand Master of the order.  The paritura reveals a new movement on the gallery walls (many visitors experience an energy like the East Village in the early 1980s), as a new aesthetic free of the slick packaging rampant in the commercial art world dominated, as it was, by the overheated market of the past dozen years.

By September, the birth will be delivered.

Just today I found writing from Andy Lloyd, associating the symbolism surrounding the Black Virgin of Chartres with Niburu:

Black Virgin at Chartes

Black Virgin at Chartes

“I would like to draw your attention to the highly remarkable symbols above the Black Virgin depicted in my photographs.  She is elevated upon a pillar, with Christ/Horus, within a hemisphere of stars, representative of the vault of the night sky.  Above the sphere of the stars is a curious white, radiant symbol.  It is contained within an arch that has seven red lights resplendent about it.

This imagery is inexplicable.  At least to anyone unfamiliar with Dark Star research.  These are the symbols of the Dark Companion of the Sun; the mythical Nibiru, representative of a distant encircling massive planet categorised as a sub-brown dwarf.  The radiant emblem central to the motif is the Dark Star Nibiru itself, held aloft beyond the Heavens, indicating its hidden nature beyond the planetary spheres.  The seven red lights are its attendant moons.  The overall impression is that of the other Dark Star icon; the ‘Winged Disc’.”

Leo New Moon Altar with the Seven Chakras: 22 August 2009

Leo New Moon Altar with the Seven Chakras: 22 August 2009

Bluebird left me a gift, a feather on my garden altar. I placed it in my Harlequin glass, gifted to me by a Sagitarrian, the symbol that launched my journey as an art critic.  It is inside a red heart (heart chakra) with a Mexican altar containing the Wheel of Fortune.  The Minneapolis based artist Elaine Dalcher gave me the serpent (second chakra) as a Christmas ornament last year.  The Hemitite on the Sun as the first chakra, the grounded energy of the kundalni.  The yod (forked tree branch) in the Throat Chakra is bringing me all kinds of synchronicities!!

Harlequin by Lisa Paul

Harlequin by Lisa Paul

Today, the New York Times Arts & Leisure has a front page story about a clown.

What does Harlequin have to say about the Virgini Paritura?

I put this question to the Oracle…who reminded me of the purpose of this blog: “to capture that specific moment in time in which change occurs and the role played by…”

The Harlequin of Dreams

Swift, through some trap mine eyes have never found,
Dim-panelled in the painted scene of Sleep,
Thou, giant Harlequin of Dreams, dost leap
Upon my spirit’s stage.  Then Sight and Sound,

Then Space and Time, then Language, Mete and Bound,
And all familiar Forms that firmly keep
Man’s reason in the road, change faces, peep
Betwixt the legs and mock the daily round.
Yet thou canst more than mock:sometimes my tears
At midnight break through bounden lids — a sign
Thou hast a heart:and oft thy little leaven
Of dream-taught wisdom works me bettered years.
In one night witch, saint, trickster, fool divine,
I think thou’rt Jester at the Court of Heaven!

Sidney Lanier


August 18, 2009


In the various dramas in the romances of our lives, there runs of thread of a greater story. Of something that speaks of our true natures. A place of revealing ourselves to ourselves.


“Andres Serrano in Oracle” photograph by Danielle St. Laurent, in “Oracle” chair by Janet Rukowski and Walter Kenul

August 17, Dusk. This dark moon brings a shattering eclipse season to a close.  Two lunar eclipses introduced and closed a remarkable drama– the most powerful eclipse of the century, in the astrological sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon.

Today, the dark Crescent with Venus and the Moon was exact  at 5:11 PM EDT.  This is the fourth time the two moving bodies ruling the feminine energies of changing emotion (Moon) and love (Venus) have conjuncted since Venus rose in Aries.  In the chart we see the constriction of the T-square with Mars, Uranus and Saturn, and this tightening is a prelude to what is to come with the T-square with Pluto, Uranus and Saturn beginning next year.  This is the T-square between the “malefics” that caused the Great Depression.

The fourth gate is the heart chakra, the green light of love and nature.  The universal love energy is pouring into the dark cavity we have created in the Nigredo.

Venus/Moon Conjunction -- Heart Chakra

Venus/Moon Conjunction, 5:11 PM EDT -- Heart Chakra

Three is the number of creativity.  At the Friday night meditation, Mary of Persephone, directed by the Oracle, plays Jeffrey Foucault’s The Bluest Blade three times — before , during and after.

Thrown up against the dying end of heaven.

Beating with the zero of my blood

Home to see my baby coming home

Failing like a stone or like a dove

Hard as any stone brought down in wishes

Bright as any flower made to bloom and blaze

Falling to the ground like China dishes

Our love is only teaching us to fall

And I fall to you

Down from here

Like a shadow thrown

Love, the bluest blade

Cuts deepest from the dark

Of all we own

Balanced on a sliver shot through the blacking

Hung up as if by God’s unreckoned string

Brave enough for leaving, brave enough

For coming home with what my tiny heart can bring

And I kissed onto the concrete from out of dreaming

Pulled the ground against me like a shroud

Fevered as a child, my body burning

Burning just to lay your body down

And  I fall to you

Down from here

Like a shadow thrown

Love, the bluest blade

Cuts deepest from the dark

Of all we own

The Oracle tells me that my computer screen is too dark to be working at dusk, as I am now, without a light.  It recommends that I buy a full spectrum bulb.

I am warned to keep a full spectrum perspective through the Nigredo.  I e-mailed her the next day and thank Mary of Persephone for allowing herself to be a channel for such a magnificent spirit.  I tell her I felt a constriction in my heart during the meditation, while the kundalini was raging in my spine.

Today she emailed me this message: “The constriction in your  heart feels to me like something you are getting ready to feel as  this center opens to the New Love Archetype that is coming to the  planet.  When we learn to see in the dark and hold our beauty, so much beauty blossoms and springs forth. Persephone allusion intended.”

This reveals something about how the Oracle speaks on many levels; the more enlightened we are, the more we can read.  Mary of Persephone delivered the Oracle’s message about putting light into darkness without consciously knowing that my blog posting that day was on Nigredo:Black Sphinx.

My spirit sister sent me the following message at 4:04 PM:

“I am encountering many signs that the Old King has finally died…including a spontaneous huge tree root that had been dug up and moved to this new spot, on my daily walk that has become a shrine of sorts (you’d love to know that someone placed their trophy for winning first place in a yoga asanna competition on the root the other day, it was gone the next day of course.)  but many dried roses have been left, I put a beautiful one this morning called perfume tiger and some pieces of the challah I made yesterday.”


August 15, 2009
"Three Madonnas (The Black Madonna Series 1981-2009)" by Mark Wiener

"Three Madonnas (The Black Madonna Series 1981-2009)" by Mark Wiener

Madonna has scheduled a concert in Poland on August 15, which happens to be the Catholic feast day celebrating the assumption of Holy Mary.

Was this simply a coincidence?  Hardly.  And coming so soon after the Great Solar Eclipse on the feast day of Mary Magdalene!


For the past few weeks, newspapers have reported several forms of protest, including mass prayer sessions.

And the protestors have received the surprise support from former Solidarity leader and ex-president Lech Walesa. “It is true. I support this protest,” he told the Dziennik daily.  He appealed to concert organisers: “Please avoid any collision with my faith during this extraordinary day.”

Head of the regional Mazowieckie council, Marian Brudzynski, coordinated two weeks of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy prayer on the rosary and an outdoor mass at Warsaw City Hall, all in the name of blocking the pop star’s concert in the capital

Did Walesa not realize when he chose the Black Madonna as the saint of Solidarity, that this icon refers to Mary Magdalene rather than the blessed Mother Mary of Jesus?

Below is an excerpt from my essay BLACK MADONNA: ICON OF LIBERATION (published at right ).  The images are Black Madonna in Montserrat by Vincent Baldassano, an artist whose Three Madonnas is in Black Madonna.


"The Black Madonna (Black Virgin) of Montserrat" by Vincent Baldassano

"The Black Madonna (Black Virgin) of Montserrat" by Vincent Baldassano

The Black Madonna liberates through her uncompromising love, a love that destroys old forms and calls forth the new from under polished surfaces.  The patron saint of Polish freedom fighters, symbolic of all revolutionaries who carry a universal energy far beyond their environment, she has no external fixed limits. Rather, her image is a dark reflecting mirror, defying all attempts at categorization.  In her unformed state of blackness before the creation, she speaks to the deepest abyss of the soul that longs for something of value, like Solidarity, to take the place of undefined nature and the incomprehensibility of life.

Also known as the Black Virgin, this western icon of feminine darkness appears as a curious fertility figure since she is androgynous and just about to give birth.  The dramatic propulsion of the highly sexualized and repressed feminine power into the collective consciousness is a role that the controversial pop star Madonna played to the full in the mythological dance of the late 20th century.  She was bred in a strict Catholic environment, and her instinct for rebellion caused her to transgress every taboo in her path, from posing naked to engaging in interracial affairs.  Whether her rage for recognition was from the gut or just for show, the enormous commercial success that made her a self-created icon for the materialistic eighties served as a lightening rod for creative women committed to the inner journey.  Could it be just an accident or cosmic design that had her phenomenal rise follow the 1978 global unveiling of the Black Madonna by the newly installed Polish Pope?

"Three Madonnas (2009) by Vincent Baldassano

"Three Madonnas (2009)" by Vincent Baldassano

Could he have confused the Black Madonna with the other two Madonnas, the mother of Jesus and sister of Lazarus?

Clearly, a new pop phenomenon emerges when the collective is ready.  Beginning in the early 1980s, Madonna confronted the conservatism of the Roman Catholic Church by mixing sexual images with the mystical symbols of the clergy.  She wore numerous crucifixes over underwear worn as outerwear, reflecting her instinctual drive to turn the long repressed dark feminine power, the kundalini, inside out.  Her song I’m having my baby foreshadowed her decision to have a child outside of wedlock.

Madonna’s posture defied expectations, but then, so did the Black Madonna, who is giving birth to the new forms for the Askashic Field, Chi, or Prana — which contemporary scientists are increasingly attributing to “dark energy.”

"Madonna-diva 2009" by Yuliya Lanina greeting visitors to Black Madonna

"Madonna-diva 2009" by Yuliya Lanina greeting visitors to Black Madonna


August 9, 2009

“And it does seem that the world has been in a bit of a ‘nigredo’ phase. But I feel the gold is starting to come out.” Aimee Morgana

"You Are Not Who You Claim" by Jason Tallon

"You Are Not Who You Claim" by Jason Tallon

Nigredo  (Greek: melanosis, meaning literally blackening)

“The nigredo is the initial stage of blackness and melancholy involved with the putrefactio and themortifactio, confronting us with the death and rebirth theme so fundamental to the quest.  The stage is followed by the albedo, the whitening or purifying, baptism and washing.  On an experimental level, this refers to the calcinatio, the burning and blackening, and also to dissolution…”

Mark Haeffner, The Dictionary of Alchemy


Jason Tallon's worktable with Uroboros (right)

“The uroboros or the dragon are classic symbols for the nigredo stage representing as they do the Prime Matter (prima materia) in its blackened state of mortification and putrefaction.”

Mark Haeffner, The Dictionary of Alchemy

James Tallon in his studio under the Lunar Eclipse, 5 August 2009

James Tallon in his studio under the Lunar Eclipse, 5 August 2009


Without the black of the night…

we wouldn’t be able to see the stars.”

Jason Tallon

Below is the image he handed me after the screening of Saturn Return, about the Mysterium Conjunctionis, in which a Black Sun appeared precisely at the time of the Full Moon culminating a Lunar Eclipse.

Black Sphinx (2009) by Jason Tallon

Black Sphinx (2009) by Jason Tallon

Jason asks:  “Can you guess the answer to her riddle?

The head of the Crowe that token call wee,

And some men call it the Crowes bill;

Some call it the ashes of Hermes tree,

And thus they name it after their will;

Our toade of the earth which eateth his fill,

Some nameth it by which it is mortificate,

The spirit with venome intoxicate.

But it hath names I say to thee infinite.

For after eath thing that blackness is the sight,

Named it is till time it waxeth white,

Then hath it names of more delight,

After all things that been full white,

and the red likewise after the same,

Of all red things doth take the name.

George Ripley, Book of Twelve Gates


August 5, 2009

Lunar Eclipse Aquarius/Leo on August 5, 2009, New York City

Lunar Eclipse Aquarius/Leo on August 5, 2009, New York City

The  final of three eclipses this season also marks the last of the  eclipses in the  Aquarius/Leo cycle (the Moon’s North Node which factors in an eclipse is at 0 degrees Aquarius) during a remarkable conjunction between Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron.

What is this about?  The Aquarian expression of Universal Love and Community that entered the collective consciousness with the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America. This is bringing America back to the ideals of the nation’s founders, notably George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, which used Masonic documents to form the constitution and imprinted Masonic symbols on the currency while setting up the capitol with sacred geometry.

There were many jokes about the deification of Barack Obama during the campaign (“he took a detour on his Middle Eastern trip to his birthplace, Bethlehem”), but in every joke there is a kernel of truth…

Consider a definition of Jesus from a section of Freemason document (posted on  listing the Masonic ties of the greatest names of the American Revolution)

God may have other words for other worlds, but His supreme Word for this world, yesterday, today, forever, is Christ! He is the central Figure of the Bible, its crown, its glory, its glow-point of vision and revelation. Take Him away and its light grows dim. He fulfilled the whole Book, its history, its poetry, its prophecy, its ritual, even as He fulfills our deepest yearning and our highest hope. Ages have come and gone, but He abides-abides because He is real, because he is unexhausted, because He is needed. Little is left today save Christ-Himself smitten and afflicted, bruised of God and wounded-but He is all we need. If we hear Him, follow Him, obey Him, we shall walk together in a new world wherein dwelleth righteousness and love-He is the Word of God (Joseph Fort Newton, “The Great Light in Masonry,” Little Masonic Library, Vol. 3, p. 177).

While humanist Thomas Paine wasn’t in the Masonic Order, he was from the Grail lineage, as is Barack Obama through his mother’s Paine ancestry.

This miraculous event of Barack Obama ascending to the Oval Office (the geometry of which is the Mandorla, the hieros gamos, or union of heaven and earth) under this extraordinary eclipse cycle means the return of the light which has been so hidden under the shadow of patriarchal religion.

The light is Aquarius (Obama, born under the royal sign of Leo, has Aquarius Rising).  The beacon of the rare triple conjunction of Aquarius (on Obama’s ascendant) during a cycle of Uranus/Saturn oppositions (the exact opposition was on Election Day) connects it to the  Grail, a universal symbol for healing through the ages.  While the Grail was speculated to be many things through history (the Ark hidden under Solomon’s Temple, the cup that received Christ’s blood at the crucifixion, the vessel from the Last Supper), in the Aquarian symbol of the Waterbearer, it is a chalice, Saturnine container for the high frequency of Uranus, the Awakener.

As individuals chalice is our inner light and the manner that we focus it is how we serve humanity.

Here is my version reflecting my T-shirt imprinted with my astrological chart with its Waterbearer symbol and my Shadow taking the photo:

lisa's chalice

lisa's chalice

In my dream last night I was a waitress in a dining hall.  But before I placed myself in service, I dined alone at a table.  I suddenly realized the tables were filling up around me but the party of five (five represents the Pentagram, or Venus) had already been served and the others weren’t ready, so I relaxed and finished my meal.  This dream comes as I put together a final HP Salon connected for Black Madonna scheduled for September 16, to coincide with the last Uranus opposition Saturn in Virgo, the sign of service.  This brings to a head the previous two years of finding the way that we can serve humanity (Aquarius) while living a life of expression and creativity (Leo).  For me, there is no better way than putting together a Literary Salon!

How about you?  In the coming month, I will be posting on artists that have found their dharma through the integration of these opposition.

How about you?  Send me your images with your comments!