Lunar Eclipse Aquarius/Leo on August 5, 2009, New York City

Lunar Eclipse Aquarius/Leo on August 5, 2009, New York City

The  final of three eclipses this season also marks the last of the  eclipses in the  Aquarius/Leo cycle (the Moon’s North Node which factors in an eclipse is at 0 degrees Aquarius) during a remarkable conjunction between Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron.

What is this about?  The Aquarian expression of Universal Love and Community that entered the collective consciousness with the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America. This is bringing America back to the ideals of the nation’s founders, notably George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, which used Masonic documents to form the constitution and imprinted Masonic symbols on the currency while setting up the capitol with sacred geometry.

There were many jokes about the deification of Barack Obama during the campaign (“he took a detour on his Middle Eastern trip to his birthplace, Bethlehem”), but in every joke there is a kernel of truth…

Consider a definition of Jesus from a section of Freemason document (posted on  listing the Masonic ties of the greatest names of the American Revolution)

God may have other words for other worlds, but His supreme Word for this world, yesterday, today, forever, is Christ! He is the central Figure of the Bible, its crown, its glory, its glow-point of vision and revelation. Take Him away and its light grows dim. He fulfilled the whole Book, its history, its poetry, its prophecy, its ritual, even as He fulfills our deepest yearning and our highest hope. Ages have come and gone, but He abides-abides because He is real, because he is unexhausted, because He is needed. Little is left today save Christ-Himself smitten and afflicted, bruised of God and wounded-but He is all we need. If we hear Him, follow Him, obey Him, we shall walk together in a new world wherein dwelleth righteousness and love-He is the Word of God (Joseph Fort Newton, “The Great Light in Masonry,” Little Masonic Library, Vol. 3, p. 177).

While humanist Thomas Paine wasn’t in the Masonic Order, he was from the Grail lineage, as is Barack Obama through his mother’s Paine ancestry.

This miraculous event of Barack Obama ascending to the Oval Office (the geometry of which is the Mandorla, the hieros gamos, or union of heaven and earth) under this extraordinary eclipse cycle means the return of the light which has been so hidden under the shadow of patriarchal religion.

The light is Aquarius (Obama, born under the royal sign of Leo, has Aquarius Rising).  The beacon of the rare triple conjunction of Aquarius (on Obama’s ascendant) during a cycle of Uranus/Saturn oppositions (the exact opposition was on Election Day) connects it to the  Grail, a universal symbol for healing through the ages.  While the Grail was speculated to be many things through history (the Ark hidden under Solomon’s Temple, the cup that received Christ’s blood at the crucifixion, the vessel from the Last Supper), in the Aquarian symbol of the Waterbearer, it is a chalice, Saturnine container for the high frequency of Uranus, the Awakener.

As individuals chalice is our inner light and the manner that we focus it is how we serve humanity.

Here is my version reflecting my T-shirt imprinted with my astrological chart with its Waterbearer symbol and my Shadow taking the photo:

lisa's chalice

lisa's chalice

In my dream last night I was a waitress in a dining hall.  But before I placed myself in service, I dined alone at a table.  I suddenly realized the tables were filling up around me but the party of five (five represents the Pentagram, or Venus) had already been served and the others weren’t ready, so I relaxed and finished my meal.  This dream comes as I put together a final HP Salon connected for Black Madonna scheduled for September 16, to coincide with the last Uranus opposition Saturn in Virgo, the sign of service.  This brings to a head the previous two years of finding the way that we can serve humanity (Aquarius) while living a life of expression and creativity (Leo).  For me, there is no better way than putting together a Literary Salon!

How about you?  In the coming month, I will be posting on artists that have found their dharma through the integration of these opposition.

How about you?  Send me your images with your comments!


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