"Three Madonnas (The Black Madonna Series 1981-2009)" by Mark Wiener

"Three Madonnas (The Black Madonna Series 1981-2009)" by Mark Wiener

Madonna has scheduled a concert in Poland on August 15, which happens to be the Catholic feast day celebrating the assumption of Holy Mary.

Was this simply a coincidence?  Hardly.  And coming so soon after the Great Solar Eclipse on the feast day of Mary Magdalene!


For the past few weeks, newspapers have reported several forms of protest, including mass prayer sessions.

And the protestors have received the surprise support from former Solidarity leader and ex-president Lech Walesa. “It is true. I support this protest,” he told the Dziennik daily.  He appealed to concert organisers: “Please avoid any collision with my faith during this extraordinary day.”

Head of the regional Mazowieckie council, Marian Brudzynski, coordinated two weeks of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy prayer on the rosary and an outdoor mass at Warsaw City Hall, all in the name of blocking the pop star’s concert in the capital

Did Walesa not realize when he chose the Black Madonna as the saint of Solidarity, that this icon refers to Mary Magdalene rather than the blessed Mother Mary of Jesus?

Below is an excerpt from my essay BLACK MADONNA: ICON OF LIBERATION (published at right ).  The images are Black Madonna in Montserrat by Vincent Baldassano, an artist whose Three Madonnas is in Black Madonna.


"The Black Madonna (Black Virgin) of Montserrat" by Vincent Baldassano

"The Black Madonna (Black Virgin) of Montserrat" by Vincent Baldassano

The Black Madonna liberates through her uncompromising love, a love that destroys old forms and calls forth the new from under polished surfaces.  The patron saint of Polish freedom fighters, symbolic of all revolutionaries who carry a universal energy far beyond their environment, she has no external fixed limits. Rather, her image is a dark reflecting mirror, defying all attempts at categorization.  In her unformed state of blackness before the creation, she speaks to the deepest abyss of the soul that longs for something of value, like Solidarity, to take the place of undefined nature and the incomprehensibility of life.

Also known as the Black Virgin, this western icon of feminine darkness appears as a curious fertility figure since she is androgynous and just about to give birth.  The dramatic propulsion of the highly sexualized and repressed feminine power into the collective consciousness is a role that the controversial pop star Madonna played to the full in the mythological dance of the late 20th century.  She was bred in a strict Catholic environment, and her instinct for rebellion caused her to transgress every taboo in her path, from posing naked to engaging in interracial affairs.  Whether her rage for recognition was from the gut or just for show, the enormous commercial success that made her a self-created icon for the materialistic eighties served as a lightening rod for creative women committed to the inner journey.  Could it be just an accident or cosmic design that had her phenomenal rise follow the 1978 global unveiling of the Black Madonna by the newly installed Polish Pope?

"Three Madonnas (2009) by Vincent Baldassano

"Three Madonnas (2009)" by Vincent Baldassano

Could he have confused the Black Madonna with the other two Madonnas, the mother of Jesus and sister of Lazarus?

Clearly, a new pop phenomenon emerges when the collective is ready.  Beginning in the early 1980s, Madonna confronted the conservatism of the Roman Catholic Church by mixing sexual images with the mystical symbols of the clergy.  She wore numerous crucifixes over underwear worn as outerwear, reflecting her instinctual drive to turn the long repressed dark feminine power, the kundalini, inside out.  Her song I’m having my baby foreshadowed her decision to have a child outside of wedlock.

Madonna’s posture defied expectations, but then, so did the Black Madonna, who is giving birth to the new forms for the Askashic Field, Chi, or Prana — which contemporary scientists are increasingly attributing to “dark energy.”

"Madonna-diva 2009" by Yuliya Lanina greeting visitors to Black Madonna

"Madonna-diva 2009" by Yuliya Lanina greeting visitors to Black Madonna


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