In the various dramas in the romances of our lives, there runs of thread of a greater story. Of something that speaks of our true natures. A place of revealing ourselves to ourselves.


“Andres Serrano in Oracle” photograph by Danielle St. Laurent, in “Oracle” chair by Janet Rukowski and Walter Kenul

August 17, Dusk. This dark moon brings a shattering eclipse season to a close.  Two lunar eclipses introduced and closed a remarkable drama– the most powerful eclipse of the century, in the astrological sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon.

Today, the dark Crescent with Venus and the Moon was exact  at 5:11 PM EDT.  This is the fourth time the two moving bodies ruling the feminine energies of changing emotion (Moon) and love (Venus) have conjuncted since Venus rose in Aries.  In the chart we see the constriction of the T-square with Mars, Uranus and Saturn, and this tightening is a prelude to what is to come with the T-square with Pluto, Uranus and Saturn beginning next year.  This is the T-square between the “malefics” that caused the Great Depression.

The fourth gate is the heart chakra, the green light of love and nature.  The universal love energy is pouring into the dark cavity we have created in the Nigredo.

Venus/Moon Conjunction -- Heart Chakra

Venus/Moon Conjunction, 5:11 PM EDT -- Heart Chakra

Three is the number of creativity.  At the Friday night meditation, Mary of Persephone, directed by the Oracle, plays Jeffrey Foucault’s The Bluest Blade three times — before , during and after.

Thrown up against the dying end of heaven.

Beating with the zero of my blood

Home to see my baby coming home

Failing like a stone or like a dove

Hard as any stone brought down in wishes

Bright as any flower made to bloom and blaze

Falling to the ground like China dishes

Our love is only teaching us to fall

And I fall to you

Down from here

Like a shadow thrown

Love, the bluest blade

Cuts deepest from the dark

Of all we own

Balanced on a sliver shot through the blacking

Hung up as if by God’s unreckoned string

Brave enough for leaving, brave enough

For coming home with what my tiny heart can bring

And I kissed onto the concrete from out of dreaming

Pulled the ground against me like a shroud

Fevered as a child, my body burning

Burning just to lay your body down

And  I fall to you

Down from here

Like a shadow thrown

Love, the bluest blade

Cuts deepest from the dark

Of all we own

The Oracle tells me that my computer screen is too dark to be working at dusk, as I am now, without a light.  It recommends that I buy a full spectrum bulb.

I am warned to keep a full spectrum perspective through the Nigredo.  I e-mailed her the next day and thank Mary of Persephone for allowing herself to be a channel for such a magnificent spirit.  I tell her I felt a constriction in my heart during the meditation, while the kundalini was raging in my spine.

Today she emailed me this message: “The constriction in your  heart feels to me like something you are getting ready to feel as  this center opens to the New Love Archetype that is coming to the  planet.  When we learn to see in the dark and hold our beauty, so much beauty blossoms and springs forth. Persephone allusion intended.”

This reveals something about how the Oracle speaks on many levels; the more enlightened we are, the more we can read.  Mary of Persephone delivered the Oracle’s message about putting light into darkness without consciously knowing that my blog posting that day was on Nigredo:Black Sphinx.

My spirit sister sent me the following message at 4:04 PM:

“I am encountering many signs that the Old King has finally died…including a spontaneous huge tree root that had been dug up and moved to this new spot, on my daily walk that has become a shrine of sorts (you’d love to know that someone placed their trophy for winning first place in a yoga asanna competition on the root the other day, it was gone the next day of course.)  but many dried roses have been left, I put a beautiful one this morning called perfume tiger and some pieces of the challah I made yesterday.”

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