Leo New Moon; 20 August 2009, 6:01 AM NYC

Leo New Moon; 20 August 2009, 6:01 AM NYC

The New Moon in Leo was spectacular.  Nonstop revelations.  New Connections.  The readiness to declare a New Movement.  Sun and Moon in Leo straddling the ascendent.  The creative force of the “divine child” as the Virgini Paritura just about to enter  the collective (Aquarius North Node at 0 degrees), yet held back due to opposition from the retrograde motion of Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron in the transitional Sixth House.  This is read as an essential holding back for the purposes of (Virgo) refinement.

And a fabulous new discovery, Dr. Fiorella Terenzi (, a gorgeous Virgo astrophysicist/musician who plays beautiful music with the Cosmos.  She truly seems to embody the new female archetype I have been exploring in art for the past 12 years (the Jupiter in Aquarius cycle) since the Hieros Gamos Cosmology appeared on my birthday in 1997.

Dr. Fiorella Terenzi

Dr. Fiorella Terenzi

Fiorella entered my fiction a week ago as a hip galactic astronomer pinpointing the arrival of Niburu in 2013 at the foot of the Virgin.  What a thrill to discover such a woman exists!  She even answered my e-mail. Could she be connecting with the energy of Niburu at this time, which my mystical journey revealed would deliver the birth of a new archetype?

Stay tuned!

This mythology will be explored through the amazing lunations in September during the duration of the exhibition.  The New Moon on September 18 is EXACTLY conjunct Saturn and opposing Uranus!

This is the Virgini Paritura (virgin about to give birth) presented at Chartres, the great cathedral built by the Knights Templars, the secret order that comes out of the closet today through the BLACK MADONNA ( exhibition behind this blog, mounted by Hvgo Payans, the direct descendent of the co-founder and original Grand Master of the order.  The paritura reveals a new movement on the gallery walls (many visitors experience an energy like the East Village in the early 1980s), as a new aesthetic free of the slick packaging rampant in the commercial art world dominated, as it was, by the overheated market of the past dozen years.

By September, the birth will be delivered.

Just today I found writing from Andy Lloyd, associating the symbolism surrounding the Black Virgin of Chartres with Niburu:

Black Virgin at Chartes

Black Virgin at Chartes

“I would like to draw your attention to the highly remarkable symbols above the Black Virgin depicted in my photographs.  She is elevated upon a pillar, with Christ/Horus, within a hemisphere of stars, representative of the vault of the night sky.  Above the sphere of the stars is a curious white, radiant symbol.  It is contained within an arch that has seven red lights resplendent about it.

This imagery is inexplicable.  At least to anyone unfamiliar with Dark Star research.  These are the symbols of the Dark Companion of the Sun; the mythical Nibiru, representative of a distant encircling massive planet categorised as a sub-brown dwarf.  The radiant emblem central to the motif is the Dark Star Nibiru itself, held aloft beyond the Heavens, indicating its hidden nature beyond the planetary spheres.  The seven red lights are its attendant moons.  The overall impression is that of the other Dark Star icon; the ‘Winged Disc’.”

Leo New Moon Altar with the Seven Chakras: 22 August 2009

Leo New Moon Altar with the Seven Chakras: 22 August 2009

Bluebird left me a gift, a feather on my garden altar. I placed it in my Harlequin glass, gifted to me by a Sagitarrian, the symbol that launched my journey as an art critic.  It is inside a red heart (heart chakra) with a Mexican altar containing the Wheel of Fortune.  The Minneapolis based artist Elaine Dalcher gave me the serpent (second chakra) as a Christmas ornament last year.  The Hemitite on the Sun as the first chakra, the grounded energy of the kundalni.  The yod (forked tree branch) in the Throat Chakra is bringing me all kinds of synchronicities!!

Harlequin by Lisa Paul

Harlequin by Lisa Paul

Today, the New York Times Arts & Leisure has a front page story about a clown.

What does Harlequin have to say about the Virgini Paritura?

I put this question to the Oracle…who reminded me of the purpose of this blog: “to capture that specific moment in time in which change occurs and the role played by…”

The Harlequin of Dreams

Swift, through some trap mine eyes have never found,
Dim-panelled in the painted scene of Sleep,
Thou, giant Harlequin of Dreams, dost leap
Upon my spirit’s stage.  Then Sight and Sound,

Then Space and Time, then Language, Mete and Bound,
And all familiar Forms that firmly keep
Man’s reason in the road, change faces, peep
Betwixt the legs and mock the daily round.
Yet thou canst more than mock:sometimes my tears
At midnight break through bounden lids — a sign
Thou hast a heart:and oft thy little leaven
Of dream-taught wisdom works me bettered years.
In one night witch, saint, trickster, fool divine,
I think thou’rt Jester at the Court of Heaven!

Sidney Lanier

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