Suddenly, it seems. Kundalni has entered the collective consciousness.


I was stunned to be walking through Bryant Park about a month ago and see the entire grass space behind the New York Public Library filled with yoga mats and the sounds of the breath of fire!

And then…

Rev. Korinne re-activated our correspondence with news of a book she is writing about her kundalini awakening.  She  had two experiences, in 2005 and 2005,  in which she channeled “some very cool stuff” that she sees as her “literary jewels.”

She says she believes that her awakening at age 30 was due to “having my Guru Maria Rose in my life.”  This was also my experience with Sister Denise, the most elevated spiritual being I have encountered in a physical body.  She comforted me at my father’s funeral in 1983 by placing her hands over my crown.  At the age of 25, I was awakened and entirely unprepared for it.  I was a reporter in Mexico City, and the chaos of my awakening sent me to Buenos Aries (using the funds that my father was saving for a trip to India) where my internal chaos was reflected in an exhilarated nation — liberated from 14 years of military dictatorship while undergoing the turmoil of 1,000 percent inflation.

When I was running around Los Angeles in 1985, looking for a “cure” to my Kundalini Awakening, I was met with eyes turned down in fear.  Not only was there was no guide, punishment for the divine rapture of the experience was hospitalization and enforced drug treatment.

Truly, my existential pain was predicated on the fact that the only person who could have helped me was my father — who co-founded the Kundalini Clinic in 1978 precisely to help heal people from a kundalini crisis — who was dead.  I retreated into my writing and emerged with my first novel, Champagne Tango, which on the surface was about a love obsession but really was about my kundalini awakening.  After receiving a stack of rejection letters, I self-published in 1992.

Now, seventeen years later, I am grateful to have a forum in which I can publish and promote the stories of others who have been awakened by the serpent and have the gift to communicate its pains and ecstasies for all.

Odd God – Sirius Kundalini


Rev. Korinne

When I recall the word Kundalini- I hear a loud jazz horn twisted in a shrill as if to perform in a Haitian ritual. When I truly contemplate the sound, it becomes much more like a Tibetan horn- the monks chant to- with the sounds of the other instruments involved in the ceremony.

The first strike of Kundalini seems frightening. I know I felt it many times as a child when I was suddenly frightened by something unknown, new or unfamiliar. I suppose Kundalini has always been the shadow in the corner of my eye and the snake biting me in my dreams.

They say that everything is a choice between love and fear- the love is divine and fear is human or ego. So why is it that the Kundalini always seems to start with a bolt of lightening? Not the fabled angels singing on high- but Kali-Ma who comes to consume you.

Every rebirth is preceded by a death. In this case the death happens to the ego- and this is a real and palpable experience. A part of the person who is being refined by the fires of the Kundalini is dying- no longer existing.

The Kundalini awakening is the psychology of God/Nature/All. The emotional, mental and sometimes physical healing that takes place during a Kundalini awakening are deep and long lasting.

There are many therapies that are designed to make the patient face and deal with a fear/phobia/the irrational. For example: Mr. Smith is afraid of heights and we do not think that is normal- so let’s scare it out of him by having him dangle from this bridge.

Fear seems to be directly connected with our instinctual fight/flight response. Fear is felt, a response is reactive.

The Kundalini snake has venom that is both toxic and “medicative”. The toxins act like a volume button for your fears- turning them way up- to consume your reality. What you are perceiving is no longer consensual reality- but Kundalini vision. Much like a psychedelic drug such as LSD works to dominate your senses- Kundalini ignites a whirlwind of metaphor, secret knowledge and wisdom. The tools used by the snake are purely loving- mirrors- so the self can see the self- thus seeing the self- we can come to know the self. The darkness- the toxins are merely your allergic reaction to enlightenment!

In the darkness you will find your parents, your roles in the family, your job, your deepest fears and greatest needs. You will also find the answers to these puzzles of relationships. You will be healed through spiritual means- beings will visit your perception, talk to you and heal you. You will see with news eyes- the world as it could be and as it is at that specific level on consciousness. You become aware that you are already and have always been in Nirvana/Heaven/Paradise.

“Is this the tree we used to love, is this the place that I have been dreaming of?”

Simple Thing by Coldplay.

I was first visited by my higher self, or holy guardian angel. An idealized “heaven-like” version of myself- all love and no ego. She was then accompanied by my spirit guide Hermes Trismegistus. After some time I was visited by John the Baptist- which explained through metaphor that I was being cleansed. I was now in a place to know and accept love unconditionally- to be healed and made complete, and “enter the kingdom of heaven”.  Soon followed Jesus, and lots of visions of a white dove- along with the eye in the triangle. Jesus was very real to me in these spiritual transmissions- I went from feeling loved by him, to acting out his role,

“Have you come here for forgiveness- have you come to raise the dead? Have you come here to play Jesus to the lepers in your head?” Why yes Bono (Boo No) I had come to heal myself and be cleansed of my sickness.

One evening during this Kundalini experience I remember with keen sight. I was worked up over a lover, and love in general- I was asking God to help me understand relationships. I was crying and then I felt total peace. I felt the grief overtake me again, and then peace again. I heard Bono singing the entire song “One Love”. As the song went on my emotions shifted. “Have you come here to play Jesus to the lepers in your head?” I was actually dealing with my lepers right there with God’s help. The voice of Bono was so meaningful- so healing as if Jesus himself was singing to me. This was a full on auditory, emotional and visual experience. I could feel the friction building up in my heart as I went from one complete emotional state to it’s opposite. It began to feel like revving a motor- like working a machine, not at all like being encompassed by any one feeling. I felt so free with this new knowledge. I did not assume I had finally snapped and gone loopy. I knew I had been shown that emotions are illusions as well! I no longer cared to be attached to emotions- no longer a slave to my whims and fancies. I was shown that I can run the machine of my emotions instead of the other way around.

Mary also came by frequently to answer questions in my heart and sooth me emotionally. All those who visited brought with them a language of vibrant symbolism- brilliant suns, amethyst hearts, goblet of wine, roses, Neptune’s trident- etc.

I came to understand that art is the language of God. I saw a sign that said “The earth laughs in flowers” as does god express through symbolism. Symbolism has many devices of coming across to us. Synchronicity, deja`vu, dreams, instinct, intuition, art, music, poetry, a sunset- etc. When we truly experience beauty we become one with it- and thus closer our true self also closer to God. Appreciation, meditation- being with something (anything) that inspires you- will raise your consciousness and put you closer to the All. The happier you are, the closer you are.

from Rev. Korinne’s “THE GOD CODE: Apple Kore”

Thank you Rev. Korrine for sharing your gift with this stupendous offering!


6 Responses to “KUNDALINI RISING”

  1. ashok Kulkarni Says:

    Thank you for giving details of kundalini raising. I am from Bidar Dist. Karnataka State (India) and experienceing kundalini awaking since January,2009.
    Now I am giving brief report about me. I am a 55 years old since last 8 years I am in practice of daily breath awareness meditation. Atleast I will spend minimum 3 hours per day for meditation. My all chakaras are awakened. Now forcably my third eye & crown chakras are awaking. I could not sound sleep in the night always I am in awaken position. My eyes are closed but I can see the full light just like blue, purpole, oragnge colours floating from my feet to crown chakra will full of cosmic energy vibration. In the next day I could not feel any tired. I have heard that kundalini seat is in the crown chakra It once after awakening entered in the crown chakra that time person will not any aware of out side. Same forcable kundlini is flowing in my body with full heat/some time cold.

    So you are requested kindly guide me & suggestion. By reading the literature in the internet I have got guidence of my problems. I have not approached any guru or ashram for guidance.
    Yours sincerely
    Ashok Kulkarni Bidar

    • Lisa Paul Streitfeld Says:

      Thank you for writing Ashok! What must be done with the kundalini awakening is the only thing that can be done — surrender to the process of awakening.
      Yet, it is essential to strive for purification of body and mind. The obstacles to awakening are the blockages in the body. Blockages are caused by emotional repression and toxicity. Have you done any form of fasting? Keep your diet as pure as possible through this process. Yoga helps a great deal. Kundalini Yoga can help you channel the energy. Essential to stay grounded. The seat of the Kundalini is not the crown but the base of the spine and you want to work with the root chakra (red) to remain rooted when the crown chakra is open. This is the state of the hieros gamos — the marriage of heaven (crown) and earth (base of spine) and what you need be striving for, rather than simply a crown chakra experience, which can be dangerous in removal from reality. You are certainly in the right location (India) for a kundalini awakening and an ashram should be able to help with guidance and grounding. Channeling the excess energy into a creative outlet will help greatly, along with regular meals, exercise and work that keeps you present in your body. I send you much love and healing energy to make your kundalini awakening as positive as possible, Ashok. Namaste!!

  2. Ashok Kulkarni Says:

    Lisa Paul Streitfeld Says:
    Thank you very much madam, I appreciate your suggestion & guidance, in future I will try for as per your sugestions.

    If, I got any problems in further path by taking special consideration, give me suggestions.
    Thanking you.
    Yours sincerely.
    Ashok Kulkarni

  3. Ashok Kulkarni Says:

    Dear Madam,
    It is wonderful experience I am explaining after following your suggestion.
    When I have received your e-mail suggestion Same day, I have started awakening root chakra.While meditating I have concentreted on root chakra. After five minutes my root chakra started awakening just like a slow fan running. After getting pain in root chakra started releasing black/smokey energy flowing from root chakra to crown chakra forcabely. At the same time I saw in my third eye a newly born baby and after 2 minutes two to three years particularly wearing white & blue dress.

    After ten minutes I have got image on my third eye that one anlo Indian women she is wearing jean pant wheat colour wearing green t shirt and a english hat on her head. She is guiding carry on do it same I have haer her talk also she is giving encouragement. That time I remembered to you that your giving direction in the astral body.

    While siting in the meditation I will see full trafic road lorry, jeep cycle motors etc running fastly but I couldnot identifed the vehicle number.

    Another one strage thing that whenever I will in meditation I will see the one face when I stare the eyes blue & golden colour rays passing on my crown chakra that time my body will become vibrating pleasent sensetion in the body & feel that I am the happiest person. This happiness I could not feel any where in the outside objects.

    Last two years I have faced so many death expleirience while awakening the kundalini. That time I am unable to escape from the kundalini awaking. Lastly by praying I have surrendered fully my self to kundalini shakti and experienced pain & pleaser.

    When I have read the Gopkrishna Kundali explerience more than 50 of the same problems I have faced.

    So, you are giving good direction and path so I have explained to you.

    I am very very thakful to you madam for giving direction.
    Yours Ashok Kulkarni

  4. Lisa Paul Streitfeld Says:

    Wonderful news from you Ashok! You were blocked in your root chakra and the black smokey energy was the toxins being released. The newborn baby represented a full rebirth. The white and blue dress of the toddler (2-3 years) represents the connection between the throat chakra (blue) and crown (white lights, unifying all the colors. By speaking (throat chakra) about your problem, you created a connection between these two energy centers.
    The anglo-Indian woman represents the “sacred marriage” of opposites, east and west. I thought it strange and wonderful that you are from India and were asking me, a westerner, for advise about your kundalini awakening. This is your unique pathway to the sacred marriage! The face in meditation is the awakened goddess who is infusing you with the Aquarian vibration of peace and unconditional love. Yes, the death experiences were about the letting go of the ego self and often it externalizes in the loss of old relationships, old attachments that hold you back from experiencing this breakthrough. You see now that you have been chosen for this experience and to refuse it means you are denying your true Self. Yes, the kundalni awakening is painful, but the rewards, as you now know, are profound and lasting as long as you remain faithful to the process. When you feel more balanced inwardly, you will be ready to communicate (the blue dress) your experience to others.
    I am so glad that I could be of help. Thank you for this message. I will continue to meet you on the astral plane. Don’t forget your grounding process. Writing is very good for this. You may want to start your own blog! And do keep me informed of your progress in transmitting your wondrous experience to others. You are experiencing the future of humanity in your present, and it is indeed a miraculous event!
    Love eternally, LIsa

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