Hexagonal Cloud over Saturn's North Pole

Hexagonal Cloud over Saturn's North Pole

The most comprehensive article I’ve ever read on Saturn is by the astrologer Julie Loar in this month’s Atlantis Rising.

In keeping with Saturn’s reputation as both Timekeeper and Grim Reaper, the article appears right in time for a landmark September 18th New Moon in which the Moon, Sun and Mercury are conjunct Saturn and opposing Uranus.  With Capricorn ascending,  Saturn rules the chart from the Ninth House of Philosophy and Religion.  This chart, with Pluto on the Eastern horizon, the New Archetype of the feminine entering the collective consciousness.  I see evidence everywhere, even if those trying to define it are doing it through the patriarchal lens.

Virgo New Moon, September 18, 2009 at 2:44 PM EDT in New York City

Virgo New Moon, September 18, 2009 at 2:44 PM EDT in New York City

Isn’t this shape a magnificent three-fold structure?  This will surely be a manifestation of global consciousness regarding “YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.”  Through human action we manifest our star potential, completing the circuit of energy plugged into our birth charts, by grounding here on Earth.  This is the karmic law of Saturn.  “As above, so below.”  Fear is the limitation of Saturn’s rings.

Quite a time now, during the Mercury retrograde,  for reflecting on what kinds of seeds we have sown in our personal lives and the collective life of humanity.  How have we denied the authentic face of the feminine and what are we doing to embrace Her when she arrives?

Here are some excerpts from Loar’s article:

First glimpsed by Voyager in 1979, Saturn has a bizarre hexagon-shaped cloud which circles the north pole. Nothing like this phenomenon has been observed anywhere else in the solar system, and scientists are stumped by its presence. In October 2006, the Cassini craft found that it is still there, further astounding scientists.

The hexagon is similar to Earth’s polar vortex which has winds blowing in a circular motion around the pole. Saturn’s hexagonal vortex could contain four Earths. The hexagon’s origin is a matter of intense speculation. Most astronomers believe it is some sort of standing-wave pattern in the atmosphere, but the hexagon might also be an unusual sort of aurora. Polygon shapes have been replicated in spinning buckets of fluid in a laboratory.

The hexagonal feature does not shift in longitude like the other clouds in the visible atmosphere. It’s intriguing that such a geometric enigma, along with the most dramatic planetary rings, should appear on the planet which astrologically symbolizes the principle of form and structure. Pythagorus is quoted as saying, “God geometrizes,” and one wonders what message from Nature might be contained in this conundrum.

Astrology has been about finding order and seeing patterns in heaven reflected in earthly life. I believe the lesson to be learned from a deeper understanding of Saturn, and the order concealed in apparently random events, is learning to understand what the “initial conditions” are in our lives.  When we start a ball rolling though choice and an act of will, the gravity of those initial conditions will sooner or later produce an effect which is related to the cause.  Life itself might be described as a nonlinear equation, and part of the evolution of consciousness involves perceiving and directing the original conditions which influence the direction we’re heading.

This article prompted a review of the karma in my own life, which has always been nonlinear, moving in a series of psychological deaths and rebirths.  Fifteen years ago, an astrologer appeared in my life as I was perched on the precipice while living an illusionary life of the opposites, bouncing between homelessness and housesitting for a Hollywood Dream Merchant.

This figure was Saturn, pointing to the fork in the road and drawing back the curtain on my crucial moment of choice: to take the path of self-mastery or simply remain a victim of circumstances.  I had a dream about a famous writer drunk at the podium and realized I as seeing my future, unless I was to take the conscious path.

Now, fifteen years later I arrive at a similar crossroads and the only astrologer I have to point out my choice is myself.  The difference between this half Saturn cycle completed and my more naive youth,  is that the choice has already been made for me by a seed planted in fertile soil eight years ago.  My only decision is to act in free will, in the manner proclaimed by C.G. Jung:  “free will is the ability to do what I must do gladly.”

My  life conditions, as revealed in my natal horoscope, all point in one direction: truth. To repeat Loar: ” When we start a ball rolling though choice and an act of will, the gravity of those initial conditions will sooner or later produce an effect which is related to the cause.” It is how I direct the gravity of these conditions through the profundity of thought behind my actions and ability to accept the consequences, that determines the outcome.  In other words: consciousness is all.

I contemplated Saturn this morning while drawing a bath and spraying the BLACK MADONNA essence over the water in the geometrical pattern of this planetary teacher’s  hexagonal cloud.  This is an example of how sacred geometry can provide Saturn’s order to even the most mundane aspects of our lives, thereby giving a daily bath a meaning ordered with a new cosmology regarding the interrelationship of spirit and matter to formulate the Self.

In continuing my father’s pioneering research into the Kundalini through astrology, I arrived at the hexagon as a sacred geometry for the archetype of the Self, or the hieros gamos.  My mission is to infuse this sacred geometry in my life, thereby revealing the manner that consciousness can impact the law of cause and effect.  In regards to the law of karma, this is “having your cake and eating it too,” a game played in the art world, but rarely by women.

I have long held that tempting one’s fate at a crucial  moment with full consciousness of the outcome means putting the Uncertainty Principle to work.  How can we get around the Uncertainty Principle unless we embrace it?  This is the role of blogging and below we see it diagramed, courtesy of “Man in the Moon.”

Diagram for Heisenberg Principal for Bloggers by Man in the Moon

Diagram for Heisenberg Principal for Bloggers by Man in the Moon

In a future post, I will relate this diagram to astrology.  For now, back to the hexagon as a natural pattern made evident in another recent discovery:

In an August 24 New York Times article, William Broad reported on what may be the world’s oldest living fossil as having a hexagon shape.

Discovered in 1976, this hexagonal pattern in sediment was made by  Paleodictyon nodosum, a  living fossil thought to have gone extinct some 50 million years ago.

Discovered in 1976, this hexagonal pattern in sediment was made by Paleodictyon nodosum, a living fossil thought to have gone extinct some 50 million years ago.

This is also the structure of the quartz crystal, formed as hexagonal prisms, a tool used by healers  channeling spirit into matter:

Quartz Crystal's natural hexagonal prism structure

Quartz Crystal's natural hexagonal prism structure

What does this natural configuration of the hexagon in heaven and earth reveal about ourselves at a time in which we seek to embrace the holistic archetype known as the Self?

As I prepared my manuscript, KUNDALINI’S DAUGHTER, for publication under the Full Moon last Friday, I felt the energy pouring through my crown chakra.  This has happened many times, but this is the first occasion where it took on the crystalline structure of the hexagon.  I never had a sensation like that, of complete integration between spirit and matter, though the concept is something I have been writing about in my 12 years of working as an art critic.

This crystalline state of integration resulted from polishing to perfection a project seeded nine months prior to September 11, 2001.  It was a diary about my entry into the New York art world and the tracking of a new movement bringing the long repressed Kundalini energy into the material of art.  My discoveries, in which I was both observer and participant, reflected my investigation of the Sacred Marriage in antiquity prompted by the hexagram linking heaven and earth on January 23, 1997.

In publishing this book under such a profound Saturn alignment, I am in full consciousness of the karmic implications.  I know that in passing this “point of no return,” like the geometrical pattern of a crystal structured by time and nature.  With the Virgo polish leading up to the crystallization of this Saturn- dominated New Moon, there is no turning back.

A day after making this decision, I received the news that my paper on “The Heisenberg Principle and 21st Century Art” has been accepted as an Oral Presentation for the AICA 2009 Congress of International Art Critics in Dublin.  Drawing on my own experience as budding critic on the New York scene during the millennial shift, I will have the opportunity to share with critics from around the globe the role of critical consciousness in shaping a global transformation.

We mustn’t succumb to the Saturnine fear mongering of 2012.  Every one of us has a responsibility to influence the outcome of events simply by viewing ourselves as conscious participants in our our own experiment to create a Utopia based on human free will!

“The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purpose through him. As a human being, he may have moods and a will and personal aims, but as an artist, he is a “man” in a higher sense, he is a “collective man,” a vehicle and molder of the unconscious psychic life of mankind.”

C.G. Jung (Psychology and Literature, 1930)


  1. Willie Says:

    I’m glad to have found your page here. I have more questions than comments. I’ve found this Saturn hexagon before, in my search of sacred geometry and meanings in my life, which I forgot until tonight. I have close to no understanding of astrology, but I want to learn. I know that my pc and xbox run great with a picture of Metatrons cube placed on top of them. I believe energy creates geometry and vice versa. Where would you recommend the best place to start learning about the stars and alignments and what I can interpret from them. I am an Aquarius, born on the 2/17, two days from being a Pisces. Does Saturn represent the feminine energy? I’ve also noticed, without noting the lunar cycles, that sometimes while reading new things, information, I start to feel a very intense energy in me, maybe in my head, towards the front of my skull, but it feels like the start of a Psilocybin experience, and I may even have my vision start to ‘breath’. It feels great, and hasn’t happened for a month or so since the last time. I found it strange but appealing, yet had not done any entheogens for weeks or months before that moment. I’m very interested in your thoughts of what I’ve said here. I want to know where to look more into the feminine/masculine energies. I’ve also tried 5-Meo-Dmt, + bufotenine, and did not “leave reality”. I’ve had 30+ visionary experiences, and many out of body travels, yet this non visual experience was by far the most profound experience in my 26 years of life, more emotion induced than my sons (Pisces 2/27) ultrasound and even though being there to watch him born, No emotion in my life was like this experience. I felt (other than the body vibration energy), a very strong feminine presence. It was intensely sexual, more energy than every memory of sex experienced all at once. Not so erotically sexual, like “dirty”, but a shameless, pure, 5 minute mind body orgasm that I had no shame in feeling this in the presence of a male friend of mine. After a minute of this, I was so overcome by energy that I had to laugh, unending laughter and giggles while ‘not really’ having the best ‘sex’ of my life. You may or may not consider entheogens “taboo”, but I have had more self reflection and subconscious clearing and reprogramming of inner peace found through these experiences. For anyone who considers these “taboo”, I ask them, “how long do you subject your family and children to T.V.? How long do you experience the stare reflex, completely half-hypnotic state feeding mainstream media into fresh minds? Anyways, I’m going on and on, and I am curious on your thoughts and would be delighted to receive an email back from you.

    Thank you

  2. julieloar Says:

    Love your article. I’ve just started my own blog and was tickled to find this. Thanks for the kind words. Julie lOar

  3. PAN « Critical Trilogy Says:

    […] about understanding the very structure that is now revealed by the planet itself, written into a my September 19 post of blackmadonna2009. Suxanna Cuyler's "Juxtaposition" of October 15, which […]

  4. Raymond Guzzone Says:

    Sacred geometry. The volume of water on the earth is finite, in different forms some mist some solid the rest liquid. The melting arctic ice is all flowing southward hence ice disappearing from the N Pole while it is increasing at the South Pole. The “Doomsday” seed vault was created and is aptly named for good reason. It’s located at the northern most point in Europe close to the Arctic Circle. Once all the ice has melted at the N Pole combined with nuclear events that will block the sun everything to the south will be frozen while the N Pole will be a renewed Garden of Eden with constant sunshine and warm temps. Those in power whose ancestors created this world feel entitled to destroy it as the cycle has repeated many times and we are witnessing today the machinations of how the process goes. The events tell tale that our time is limited.

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