MIke's Bildo's response to Sophie Matisse's "Origin of the World"

MIke's Bildo's response to Sophie Matisse's "Origin of the World" in BLACK MADONNA

I have been invited to deliver an oral presentation before the 2009 AICA Congress on “The Heisenberg Principle and 21st Century Art.”

This lunation, which ends right before the Dublin Congress, will be devoted to the topic of my presentation, thereby making transparent my search for a new principle guiding the conscious delivery of the kundalini ito the culture. The culmination of my 12 year project is in time sequence with my personal surrender of my father’s pioneering writings on the Kundalini so they can at last be made public.  The request for the manuscripts provided the awaited signal that it is time to publish my own writings that followed my Kundalini awakening at his 1983 funeral.

The effort to bring the Oroboros of the Black Madonna exhibition full circle with the catalog publication/closing reception and “Above Ground” performance on Friday, September 25, beginning at 7:00 PM at the HP Garcia gallery

With Michael Manning and his Kundalini Serpent Power motif combining forces with Mark Wiener, whose The Black Madonna Series mixed media based on early photos of the pop icon inspired the exhibition when I spotted one of the photos in his 79th Street studio after a March 19, 2008 Codex performance.

"Madonna 3" by Mark Wiener

"Madonna 3" by Mark Wiener

The New Moon on Friday marked my departure into publishing.

Yod, the Hand, "Finger of God"

Yod, the Hand, "Finger of God"

This lunation is marked by the retrograde Mercury in Virgo in a tight Yod (see left) formation with Mars in Cancer to the apex of Jupiter/ Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius brings the Aquarian Age archetypes into form (Virgo) and a personal mythology (Cancer).

For the artists on the track of raising personal narrative into universal, this is the time of manifestation.  By the New Moon in Libra, the work of bringing the Aquarian Age spirit into the material will be done.

The closure of this journey will be marked by the  “Above Ground” performance.  It takes place under a Moon/Pluto conjunction at the Galactic Center.  H.P. who is supremely guided by his san graal lineage, set up the timing.   The performance, with improvised music, will deliver the underground iconography into the collective consciousness through a live feed of streaming video into Mark Wiener’s website,

Capricorn crystalizes into form and the act of crystalizing the Kundalini imagery both on the ground of the gallery and the Internet delivers the Aquarian consciousness on many levels: the spontaneity of the painting performance where the Kundalini is the self-regulating organizing principle.

Is it any wonder that I hadn’t begun the dissemination my iterary output until now?  Capricorn is the sign of Saturn (see previous post), the Lord of Karma and Limitations represented by the rings.   The hexagon cloud over Saturn discussed in the last posting gives an indication of the form. the innate style, that is the reward for the surrender to the force of the serpent power (Pluto) in the sign of Gaia, the natural structure.

Doing an Internet search this morning, I turned up a comprehensive article “Uncertainty About the Uncertainty Principle” by Jim Holt posted on Slate in 2002.

Seven years old now, it provides a good overview of how the Uncertainty Principle has been applied in the social sciences, after hitting with the zinger of the news at the time regarding Heisenberg:

Heisenberg, one of the inventors of quantum mechanics, was the leader of Hitler’s atomic bomb project during World War II. After the war, he claimed that he had deliberately sabotaged the Nazi bomb effort. Many believed him. But last month, his protestations of innocence (indeed, valor) were revealed to have been almost certainly a lie. Letters written by the Danish physicist Niels Bohr, released to the public for the first time, make it pretty clear that Heisenberg was doing everything he could to produce a nuclear weapon for the Third Reich. His failure was due not to covert heroism but to incompetence.

The article goes on to detail Heisenberg’s failures and how his principle has been applied widely in the 20th century regardless.  But this paragraph alone stimulates a thought.  What if Heisenberg was aware of his deficiencies and let that awareness be the guide for his taking on the assignment to develop the bomb for the Third Reich? What if knowledge of failure for a task he was compelled to do was actually a higher consciousness he brought to his participation in the project?  Conversely, an artist who brings a critical consciousness to a project infuses the work with the Aquarian spirit, thereby adding to the collective transformation awaiting us in 2012.  This is the Paradigm Leap revealing that we are all interconnected and every individual effort towards consciousness advances the whole.

Thus it was with BLACK MADONNA.  What might have been the thrill seeking publicity hunger of the Shadow, actually became a vehicle for consciousness.  Madonna’s nude body, in which the Kundalini guided her into spontaneous yoga positions became a template for a new iconography: the geography of the feminine, as Edward Rubin entitled his insightful review of the exhibition.

Sophie Matisse's "Origin of the World"

Sophie Matisse's "Origin of the World"



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