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Closing Evnet: 25 September 2009, from 7 PM to 10 PM

HPGarcia Gallery is pleased to announce a closing celebration of BLACK MADONNA with catalog introduction and final HP Salon of the groundbreaking multimedia group exhibition inspired by the compelling Mark Wiener underground photographic works known as The Black Madonna Series.

In a spontaneous painting performance to improvised music, performance painter Michael Manning will integrate his motif of the Kundalini Serpent Power with Mark Wiener’s performance with multimedia works based on the pop star icon.  Improvising with the painters are the musicians: David Manuel (digital), David Intrator (sax) and Yukari (flute).

The performance will be streamed live to the home page of

The exhibition catalog will be introduced.  It features 40 artists, with the essay Black Madonna: The Great Work written by co-curator  Lisa Paul Streitfeld.

The closing performance acts as the Uroboros for the three previous HP Salons, bringing full circle the underground iconography of the long-repressed feminine into the Aquarian consciousness through the Internet. This final experiment brings the exploration of the Heisenberg Principle that launched this groundbreaking exhibition to a hopeful conclusion.

Curated by Lisa Paul Streitfeld and H.P. Garcia, this multimedia exhibition explores the physical form of the icon within the context of a celebrity-obsessed, corporate-manipulated consumer culture.  The answer points to the body and how we perceive and view ourselves under such influences.

In legend, the Black Madonna was the “San Graal” (Holy Blood) who carried the lineage of Christ through the centuries. We revisit this icon as we seek the physical form of what scientists are now naming “dark matter.”  The men and women in this exhibition have made the journey inward, in the context of the consumer culture, to explore what continues to be repressed. By way of erotic engagement — between their materials, personal narrative and universal archetype — they newly define themselves in a state of holism.

The exhibition places new and existing art stars such as Carolee Schneemann, Heide Hatry, Richard Humann, Sophie Matisse, Rick Prol, Marshall Arisman, Dove Bradshaw, Martha Wilson, Kate Millett, RIchard Move and Mike Bidlo in a 21st century context while celebrating the rise of a new movement devoted to holism in art.

Subjects range from the female face to the sacred geometry of Venus, bringing in themes such as shamanism, apocalyptic pop, celebrity satire, the excavation of hidden mythologies and the counterculture embrace of a new cosmology. Mark Wiener’s The Black Madonna Series captures the icon in its raw state. Aartist/performer in the tradition of Yves Klein, Wiener’s installation incorporates his full circle trajectory — from using markings on the body to explore a new iconography to his recent actions revealing the sacred geometry underlying chaos.

The exhibition presents works in painting, photography, video, collage, drawing, sculpture, installation and performance that find a face for the long repressed feminine. These are typically works that, in the words of curator/critic Lisa Paul Streitfeld: “continue the legend of the Black Madonna by being kept in the closet. They are the hidden treasures that every curator hopes to find in the process of digging through an artist’s work and need be coaxed into the light of day.”

All but one of the works were pre-existing to the announcement of this show.  In exploring the past through this present lens of integration in the post-Obama era, the exhibition points to a new cosmology through the conscious manifestation of the sacred geometry of Venus into art, thereby redefining beauty as a holistic integration of mind and body.

Also participating are: Vincent Baldasano, Karen Bernard, Laurel Jay Carpenter, Linda DiGusta, Maya Erdelyi, Camille Eskell, Carla Gannis, Harlan Emil Gruber,Selma Karaca, Walter Kenul, Isolde Kille, Marni Kotak, Yulia Lanina, D. Dominick Lombardi, Michael Manning, Irina Movmyga, Kevin Robinson, Daniel Rothbart, Donna Ruff, Janet Rutkowski, Iris Schieferstein, Joel Simpson, Marissa  Soroudil, Tatyana Stepanova, Danielle St Laurent, Cassie Thornton, Susan Weinreich and Michael Zansky.

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