The  Fall Equinox took place on Tuesday, September 22, just before  sunset, at 5:30 PM EDT.

This remarkable chart is dominated by a YOD which is bringing both the New Paradigm and Age of Aquarius archetype, the Self or hieros gamos, into manifestation.  The comparison of this chart with that of U.S. President Barack Oblama, below, reveals how Obama, in his Wednesday address before the United States General Assembly, displayed in words and action the New Paradigm of global unity.


U.S. President Barack Obama, natal horoscope

U.S. President Barack Obama, natal horoscope

This fresh beginning for global relations (for many years the U.S. didn’t even pay its UN dues), also reveled the death of the old order of the patriarchal dictator through the appearance of Muammar Kadhafi, the Libyan leader who hogged the podium for 45 minutes (he was only supposed to speak for 15) with a rambling address projecting Saturn, which caused members of the audience to either turn off their earphones or walk out.

Colonel Muammr al-Qaddafi June 1, 1942 at 12:00 PM* (unknown) in Syrte, Libya (Libye), who

From the New York Times front page report: “After being introduced in the General Assembly Hall as the “leader of the revolution, the president of the African Union, the king of kings of Africa,” Colonel Qaddafi shattered protocol by giving a rambling speech that stretched for 90 minutes instead of the allotted 15.”

Qaddafi’s chart (above) is that of the classic dictator: Saturn conjunct his Sun. ruling Moon in Capricorn.  This is the mythological goat, the status quo that has to be sacrificed to make way for the New.

The leader’s poorly prepared, unorganized speech reveals this individual has not integrated his Saturn.  This is all too clear because Saturn is in Gemini, conjunct Uranus, the planet of revolutionary ideas!  If he hadn’t fallen into the archetype of “King of Kings” braced for a fall, Qaddafi’s chart reveals that he might have had something to contribute to the current Paradigm Leap.  As it is, he has completely lost the charisma that made him stand out among dictators.

A comparison between President Obama’s chart and that of the Fall Equinox reveals precisely what he communicated in his opening of a speech that received applause 9 times:

“I have been in office for just nine months — though some days it seems a lot longer. I am well aware of the expectations that accompany my presidency around the world. These expectations are not about me. Rather, they are rooted, I believe, in a discontent with a status quo that has allowed us to be increasingly defined by our differences, and outpaced by our problems. But they are also rooted in hope — the hope that real change is possible, and the hope that America will be a leader in bringing about such change.”

See full text at:  http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/24/us/politics/24prexy.text.html

With Obama’s ascendent (17 degrees Aquarius) precisely conjunct transiting Jupiter, and so close to that of the 24 degrees Aquarius rising of the Fall Equinox and , we see the global healing (Chiron conjunct Neptune just behind the ascendent and on the US Moon) taking place with the true authority (North Node in Capricorn) instilled in world leadership at this precarious time.  The chart below emphasizes the U.S. position of Lilith, where Saturn was stationed this spring.  This reveals the hidden anger, the toxicity trapped in the body by those adherents to the “American Dream” (Neptune in Virgo), which now has to be dealt with in a post-consumer culture.

U.S.A. SIbly Natal Chart

U.S.A. SIbly Natal Chart

Obama, through his mother, is of the Grail lineage.  HP made this discovery during D-Day.  Obama is a Payne on his mother’s side and the Payens changed their name to Payne when they went to England, and later to America.


There is a show currently on the History Channel, which I saw on Sunday night.  Holy Grail in America traces the Templers’ plans for America as the New Jeruselum to the Henry Sinclair’s voyage to Nova Scotia in the 1390’s, where  it is believed the Templar treasured is buried, in a hole in the ground known as the Money Pit!


The new direction for America, represented by Obama and his lineage, is in the Finger of God in the Fall Equinox chart for New York City, where global leaders are gathering this week.

The Yod, in the next 10 days has the Aquarian stellum at the apex (to) and Mars/South Node at the left bottom corner and Saturn/Mercury in Virgo at the right bottom corner.

The Yod, in the next 10 days has the Aquarian stellum at the apex (to) and Mars/South Node at the left bottom corner and Saturn/Mercury in Virgo at the right bottom corner.

The Aquarian ascendent and planets at the apex to the sextile between the feminine energies of Mars in Cancer conjunct the South Node and the qudrupile conjunction of Pallas, Mercury, Sun and Saturn in Virgo in the 7th house conjunct the U.S. Neptune and Obama’s Mars.

The US president is serving as an agent for change, at the expense of the illusions upheld by the consumerist culture, which actually undermine the true ideals of America, founded by the Templars as the New Jerusalem ruled by the alchemist’s adage “as above, so below” and expressed in the Templar tradition of sacred geometry found in Solomon’s Temple.

George Washington in his Mason Apron Laying the Cornerstone for the U.S. Capitol

George Washington in his Mason Apron Laying the Cornerstone for the U.S. Capitol

This too is the subject of Dan Brown’s new book: “The Lost Symbol.”

The Black Madonna exhibition aims to restore the balance lost through the resurrection of the Lost Bride of the gospels and bringing the Kundalini into the art world dialectic.  What Carolee Schneemann (below) began as an intrepid feminist explorer, we shall continue in her wake!’  The secret knowledge of the Serpent Power kept by the arcane orders will be made known to everyone!

Carollee Schneemann's "Eye Body" in Black Madonna

Carollee Schneemann's "Eye Body" in Black Madonna

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