HP chose the timing of tonight’s performance.  We already know that he is supremely guided by the spirits that protect his Templar lineage.  The extraordinary thing about the timing of tonight’s performance is the juxtaposition of the natal chart with the 2008 “Codex” performance.

Bi-Wheel revealing the Taurus Rising of Codex (March 19. 2008) and AboveGround (September 25, 2009

Bi-Wheel revealing the Taurus Rising of Codex (March 19. 2008) and AboveGround (September 25, 2009

The astrology charts for “Codex” and “Above Ground” performances are drawn exactly six months apart.  They both have Taurus Rising, which means the chart is ruled by Venus, the planet ruling art and value, as well as love.   What we love is what we value.

But what we value changes with time and consciousness.

“Codex” was made at 9:30 AM on March 19, 2008, just prior to Spring Equinox 2008, in Mark Wiener’s 79th Street studio.  I was present as the conscious observer/participant taking photos and witnessing Wiener’s return to the brush after years of abstinence.


The experiment begins with the POURING

…. from the RIGHT BRAIN.

In the beginning of the experiment this was a completely unconscious process. Like any process, it became more conscious with practice.

Then came the return to the brush.  With the long abstinence, one has to learn all over again!

But this time with consciousness and purpose.

Using both sides of the brain!


The next process involved using a ruler to draw a grid.

This brings mathematical order, an underlying foundation of sacred geometry into the picture.

The holism of the work comes from the integration of Right brain and Left brain, masculine and feminine, inner and outer, conscious and unconscious.

The result is inner and outer space converging into an omnism.

This is holistic art, where each creation is a totality in itself, yet an essential building block to the whole.


PUNCTURING THE SURFACE (below) with the RIGHT BRAIN, the Nigredo of the dark moon.


Mark Wiener resting with “Codex” following the March 19, 2008 performance in his 79th Street studio.

This performance laid the foundation for BLACK MADONNA, though we didn’t connect “Codex” specifically to the Madonna photos I had just discovered in his studio.  This was probably due to the darkening of Luna under the Lunar Eclipse of February 20, visible in New York City, which fell across the Moon/Saturn opposition.

“Things are different with Luna: every month she is darkened and extinguished; she cannot hide this from anybody, not even from herself. She knows that this same Luna is now bright and now dark — but who has ever heard of a dark sun? We call this quality of Luna “women’s closeness to nature,” and the fiery brilliance and hot air that plays round the surface of things we like to call “the masculine mind.”

C.G. Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis: par 331, pg 247

Two days, prior, when we decided to do the performance, I saw one of the photographs, below, of the nude pop star on the floor of the studio.  It was March 17, St . Patrick’s Day.  We left his studio and ran into the parade on Fifth Avenue.


On April 3, 2009 Mark had left 79th Street and was in a temporary Upper East Side studio when he completed The Black Madonna Series, below.  This was the same day that I had a meeting with HP to plan the Black Madonna exhibition:


Still Life in Red and Still Life in White at right.

Representing Eros (red) and Purity (white)

Detachment through alchemy, the red as the rubedo and white as the albedo, passages to the transformation of the opposites into the mysterium coniunctionis.

“The psychological rule says that when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside as fate. That is to say, when the individual remains undivided and does not become conscious of his inner opposite, the world must perforce act out the conflict and be torn into opposing halves.”

C.G. Jung, CW 9: AION: 126

The intent here was to turn fate into destiny through the conscious interaction of Luna with an artistic experiment in which the male artist connects with his anima, once projected onto a rising pop star and now contained in a body of work created out of abstinence.

I set up the “Codex” performance by drawing up the astrological chart containing the opposites of the feminine planets, Virgo and Pisces, which would bring the face of the feminine into form in 2009, due to the transit of Saturn in Virgo, the planet ruling form which is associated with the Goddess of the Harvest in Aug-Sept.  In the “Codex” chart,  Venus ( 8 degrees Pisces) is conjunct  Mercury in opposition to the Moon/Saturn conjunction in Virgo.

At this juncture of incorporating the Dark Moon (the Black Madonna) into consciousness through Saturn, another quote from Jung applies:

“Things are different with Luna: every month she is darkened and extinguished; she cannot hide this from anybody, not even from herself. She knows that this same Luna is now bright and now dark — but who has ever heard of a dark sun? We call this quality of Luna “women’s closeness to nature,” and the fiery brilliance and hot air that plays round the surface of things we like to call “the masculine mind.

C.G. Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis: par 331, pg 247

"Codex" performance by Mark Wiener, March 19, 2008: 9:30 AM NYC

"Codex" performance by Mark Wiener, March 19, 2008: 9:30 AM NYC

Madonna natal astrology chart: 17 August 1958

Madonna natal astrology chart: 17 August 1958

This Virgo/Pisces opposition falls on the pop star’s Virgo Moon/Pluto conjunction in her natal chart (right).

Located in the first house of her natal chart, below, this darkening of the emotions (Moon) by the Serpent Power (Pluto) establishes the persona of the Black Madonna, an insatiable hunger for knowledge manifested in the late 20th century materialist culture as a hunger for sex and material possessions (Mars in Taurus desires to possess the tactile, the physical and make it a possession).  We have seen this in the pop star’s acquisition of the Boy Toy, which continues in a superficial attempt to establish the Sacred Marriage Rites for the 21st century with her newest Boy Toy, Jesus, whom she insists wasn’t selected as a partner due to his name!

This manipulation of a myth is in keeping with the control manifest in the chart.   archetype manifested into physical form through the pop star whose given name was Madonna.  Her chart reveals a submergence of the masculine Sun, the identity, in the collective unconscious (Twelfth house).

We return to Jung for understanding of this phenomenon of the dark moon and the blackened sun of this chart (under a solar eclipse this past summer):

“Despite all attempts at denial and obfuscation there is an unconscious factor, a black sun, which is responsible for the surprisingly common phenomenon of masculine split-mindedness, when the right hand mustn’t know what the left is doing. This split in the masculine psyche and the regular darkening of the moon in woman together explain the remarkable fact that the woman is accused of all the darkness in a man, while he himself basks in the thought that he is a veritable fount of vitality and illumination for the females in his environment. Actually he would be better advised to shroud the brilliance of his mind in the profoundest doubt. It is not difficult for this type of mind (which besides other things is a great trickster like Mercurius) to admit a host of sins in the most convincing way, and even to combine it with a spurious feeling of ethical surperiority without in the least approximating to a genuine insight. This can never be achieved without the participation of feeling; but the intellect admits feeling only when it is convenient. The novilunium of woman is a source of countless disappointments for man which easily turns to bitterness, though they could equally well be a source of wisdom if they were understood. Naturally this is posssible only if he is prepared to acknowledge his black sun, that is, his Shadow.”

C.G. Jung, CW 20: Mysterium Coniunctionis: par 332, pg 247-248

There was value in humans acting out the patriarchal archetypes in the media dominated celebrity obsessed global culture of the turn of the millennia.  Postmodernism was dying and it took time for a new movement to evolve, a movement based on the search for holism, the unity of the opposites in the treasure to be found in the Sacred Marriage, or Hieros Gamos, at the end of the alchemical experiment.

Now, in a new era, the Obama era, we make a Paradigm Shift into a consciousness of an interconnected world in constant evolution.

And this necessitates a new value, a transformation revealed by Mark Wiener in “The Black Madonna Series” of which Still Life in Red was the signature image of the Black Madonna exhibition.

"Still LIfe in Red" by Mark Wiener

"Still LIfe in Red" by Mark Wiener

This image was created, in my presence, by a violent slashing of a red X across the surface of the photograph.  In crossing out his past in this manner, Wiener opened the door to a new future, not just for himself but for the collective humanity, to pull the dark energy known as Shakti or the Kundalini away from projection and transform it into art.

Tonigt, we close the eighteen month experiment with “Above Ground” streaming performance, bringing to the collective consciousness via the Internet a new value in art.  A value of holism, in which the dark face of the feminine is the container for a new spirit of the feminine in which the opposites are integrated.  This is the state of holy matrimony known as The Sacred Marriage or the Hieros Gamos.

"Above Ground" performance: 25 September 2009, 8 PM, EDT NYC

"Above Ground" performance: 25 September 2009, 8 PM, EDT NYC

This creates a container for the dark feminine through the EXACT conjunction with the Moon and Pluto at Zero degrees Capricorn.  This Ninth house position of the higher mind (philosophy and religion) is supported by a beautiful trine to the Ascendent at 4 degrees Taurus and Venus at 6 degrees Virgo in the Fifth House of performance.

The yod discussed in the previous posting has its apex in the Eleventh House of the collective consciousness through the planetary stellium of Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron in Aquarius.  The Virgo planets (Saturn, Mercury and Vesta) are, appropriately, in the Sixth house of form.

And Saturn in the Sixth House of physical form, rules the Midheaven and the North Node of the chart, which reflects the karmic dissemination of the individual chart.

This chart has authority written into it.  It establishes a standard for Art through its heavy Saturn emphasis on organization, manifestation and form.

Which finally brings us to Michael Manning, the performance painter who will be collaborating with Mark Wiener.  Manning has established a language for the transformation of consciousness by bringing the dark energy of the Kundalini into form via the human figure and timeless symbols in his mythological narrative painting.  He has a frequent motif of the base of the spine, as the spot where the Kundalini sleeps.

"Dear John" by Michael Manning

"Dear John" by Michael Manning

And here he has the Virgo glyph in his Holy Mary but this connection of Mary with Virgo was not conscious.  He is a filter for this knowledge of Mary’s origin as the Virgo bride to the Piscean Age version of the Consort, Jesus Christ, in the Myth of Eternal Return which takes place at the change of Millennia in order to instill the archetypes of a New Age.

"Holy Mary" by Michael Manning

"Holy Mary" by Michael Manning

In keeping with the Great Work of alchemy, this inner marriage requires the incorporation of the Shadow.  Again, we hear from Jung:

Recognition of the Shadow, on the other hand, leads to the modesty we need in order to acknowledge imperfection. And it is just this conscious recognition and consideration that are needed whenever a human relationship is to be established. A human relationship is not based on differentiation and perfection, for these only emphasize the differences or call forth the exact opposite; it is based, rather on imperfection, on what is weak, helpless and in need of support — the very ground and motive for dependence. The perfect have no need of others, but weakness has, for it seeks support and does not confront its partner with anything that might force him into an inferior position and even humiliate him. This humiliation may happen only too easily when high idealism plays too prominent a role.”

C.G. Jung, CW l0: Civilization in Transition: par 579, pg 301

Before Holy Mary entered Manning’s conscious narrative, there was his Gilgamesh series, which portrayed the crushing of the feminine under the foot of the patriarchal Shadow.  The hero embarked on his journey to seek eternal youth could not accept the weakness associated with the feminine, yet this fear was projected onto the primitive form of Enkidu, his Shadow companion.

"Our Fallen King" by Michael Manning

Having integrated the Shadow, Manning went on to establish the form for a conscious feminine figure, who incorporates spirit (blue) and emotion (red), transparency and shadow.

"Fun with Jane and Jane" by Michael Manning

"Fun with Jane and Jane" by Michael Manning

We await the “Above Ground” performance to see how this mythological language of the conjunctio develops through a live collaboration with “Codex” creator Mark Wiener!

I will be there, getting paint splattered on my silver dress (in honor of Luna), honoring the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle as Observer/Participant made conscious by this blogging, while holding the energy of Eros, connecting the opposites:

“Woman’s psychology is founded on the principle of Eros, the great binder and loosener, whereas from ancient times the ruling principle ascribed to man is Logos. The concept of Eros could be expressed in modern terms as psychic relatedness, and that of Logos as objective interest.”

C.G. Jung, CW l0: Civilization in Transition: par 255, pg 123

"Above Ground" (outer wheel) and "Codex" (inner wheel) placed in the Zero degrees Aries rising chart of observer/participant Lisa Paul Streifeld

"Above Ground" (outer wheel) and "Codex" (inner wheel) placed in the Zero degrees Aries rising chart of observer/participant Lisa Paul Streitfeld

My natural chart, with ruler Uranus in Leo, opposing my Aquarian Sun, reveals the force of Eros as the strongest in the world!  In these charts, my Pisces Moon lines up with the Sun and Uranus, to deliver the face of the feminine into the collective consciousness via Art!

All quotes from Jung are from shadowdance.com.  Many thanks to this site for the illumination!


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