from "Shadow Play" by Debra Drexler

from "Shadow Play" by Debra Drexler

From my catalogue essay on Debra Drexler’s Shadow Play:

“The painter layers spontaneous imagery from the collective unconsciousness and solidifies forms in accordance with universal symbolism – tree, bird and shadow.  In doing so, she reveals how, in a time of uncertainty, the only authentic path is for the artist is to embrace Uncertainty, and ride the Quantum Wave as it collapses to uncover the emerging archetype of the Self.  “If humanity is going to survive and achieve its potential, an evolution in consciousness needs to take place.”

The riddle of the Sphinx arises again with the synchronicity of discussing Debra Dreler’s luminous “As above, so below” manifestation of the spirit of the Yod in full Aquarian splendor.

This unfolding is a response to  Jason’s invitation to the answer the riddle of his Black Sphinx which he placed on  pedestal over a closed door with a large keyhole.

Jason Tallon and his "Black Sphinx"

Jason Tallon and his "Black Sphinx"

I was too busy processing the synchronicity that led me to his studio to find his Sphinx when I was resurrecting the Great Sphinx in my fiction, in a manuscript entitled The Sacred Chamber which explored the notion of ancient scrolls containing the root of our human origins located under the paws of the Great Sphinx.

Yesterday, the Sphinx came up again.

Card #33 The Secret Dakini Oracle

Card #33 The Secret Dakini Oracle

I opened the book of The Secret Dikini Oracle (the tarot deck I use for divination) to card 33, Eternal Life, which contains an image of the Egyptian god Amen before the primordial waters turned golden by the sun.  He is holding an Ankh as if a mirror to the sun and below is the Great Sphinx.

The text reads:  “The Sphinx is the symbol of the alchemical agent or catalyst, whose inner nature holds the key to the promise of transformation, producing the substance that can turn all matter to gold, all spirits to the Enlightened.  The raw matter is the person, the distilled elixir is the Immortal Spirit of Eternity.”

The divinatory meaning of this card: “a solution to a problem, the triumph of light over darkness, clarity over obscurity, just as the sun rises each morning and after the night is completed.”

Hurrah!.  The answer to the riddle is right there for anyone who can open up to the awe of a majestic work of art.   Creating something that outlives one’s lifetime, that exists in eternal splendor for the ages to enjoy, investigate and reinterpret in accordance with their cosmic influences.  All along, Jason was the key to the riddle when he repeated to me his childhood desire: “I want to be immortal!”

So here, Mercury’s six-week journey comes to a conclusion. It moves out of its Shadow under the Virgo Moon on Wednesday. I will be meeting with Diane Bowen and bringing my two-year journey of inquiry over the state of the feminine in art and the popular culture to a close.


The night before, I concluded my public dialogue with Debra Drexler (at left, siting in the audience before the d gallery discussion) who transits between Hawaii and New York delivering a view of the Sky Goddess landing in the material of art.

Being fully engaged in the present moment is the underlying message here.  Living in full awareness of the present moment because every moment has a unique quality that will never occur again.  How we astrologers know this!

Egyptian Goddess

Egyptian Goddess

We concluded our dialogue with a visit to a party where I met an Egyptian woman who stands (left) as a living reminder that the Goddess (Uranus in Pisces)  has landed in the body (Saturn).  If I am frustrated in my current feeling that the art world has fallen behind in excluding the Goddess, then this was a crucial sign that she has entered the multicultural scene of New York City!

How does she make her Grand Entranc?.  The clue, for those who are present, is in Debra’s painting below.

from "Shadow Play" by Debra Drexler

from "Shadow Play" by Debra Drexler

So, the key unlocking the door guarded by the Black Sphinx (the symbol that guided this time of the Nigredo ruling the underground EMERGENCE)  is being full present to the unfolding of the Cosmos.  As much as I attempt to consciously put this into daily practice, I need to be reminded.

Stopping Time Meditation October 2 at 8:40 PM

Stopping Time Meditation October 2 at 8:40 PM

On Friday night, October 2, I attended an 8 PM meditation led by Mary of Persephone and the clock stopped at 8:40.  Mary of Persephone always guides us into meditation by songs and the song she played for us was all about time and being present and the arrogance of ego that, in retrospect, believes it would have known what to do at precipitous moments in history and God informing the ego that it wouldn’t have known anything.

It was a difficult message to absorb, made more difficult by the clock stopping, something that Mary of Persephone noted and included into the process.  As we discussed the synchronicity afterwards, the clock started again.

Time vs. Eternity.  This crucial teaching took place between the Moon conjunct Uranus and the Moon conjunct Saturn.  Uranus drives one to create for eternity and Saturn is the pressure of time. The meditation seemed to go so slowly because the rising sign was Taurus and the group/ creative experience of time and consciousness was reinforced by the Saturn in Fifth House opposing  the Moon/Uranus in the Eleventh House of groups and the collective consciousness.

One of the feelings that came up for me during the  seemingly endless meditation was: “Do I really have time for this?” And after the group experience came to an end, the answer was surely: YES!

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