Hill of the Witch

November 1, 2009.

We departed from the Newgrange hotel after breakfast and passed through innumerable shades of green…


Meath countryside

…to arrive at the place where the Spring Equinox was celebrated!







Loughcrew, the Hill of the Witch. Silabh Na Cailli.  Caelli would seem to be derived from Kali, the Hindu name for the Dark Goddess!

The story is this: She jumped three hills to get to the fourth, then fell and was buried on Patricktown Hll.  Sounds like the story of the feminine being sacrificed to the patriarchy!

We walked up one of the four hills of Longhcrew, home to 40 tombs.

I came upon the mushrooms which could have well provided the hallucinagins for the ritual making.


Magic mushroon? I didn't find out.

Our intrepid guide had the key, so we could enter this magical place, as if we arrived for the first time, in illo tempore…


Opening the gate


rock carvings inside the mound

The sacred geometry inside was a cross and this opening was east to capture the light of the Spring Equinox as it passed through the entrance which was illuminated by quartz crystal and provided  the hexagonal shaped light representing the moment of awakening in Spring!


corner depicting the precise sacred geometry of the mound interior


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