October 11, 2009
from "Shadow Play" by Debra Drexler

from "Shadow Play" by Debra Drexler

From my catalogue essay on Debra Drexler’s Shadow Play:

“The painter layers spontaneous imagery from the collective unconsciousness and solidifies forms in accordance with universal symbolism – tree, bird and shadow.  In doing so, she reveals how, in a time of uncertainty, the only authentic path is for the artist is to embrace Uncertainty, and ride the Quantum Wave as it collapses to uncover the emerging archetype of the Self.  “If humanity is going to survive and achieve its potential, an evolution in consciousness needs to take place.”

The riddle of the Sphinx arises again with the synchronicity of discussing Debra Dreler’s luminous “As above, so below” manifestation of the spirit of the Yod in full Aquarian splendor.

This unfolding is a response to  Jason’s invitation to the answer the riddle of his Black Sphinx which he placed on  pedestal over a closed door with a large keyhole.

Jason Tallon and his "Black Sphinx"

Jason Tallon and his "Black Sphinx"

I was too busy processing the synchronicity that led me to his studio to find his Sphinx when I was resurrecting the Great Sphinx in my fiction, in a manuscript entitled The Sacred Chamber which explored the notion of ancient scrolls containing the root of our human origins located under the paws of the Great Sphinx.

Yesterday, the Sphinx came up again.

Card #33 The Secret Dakini Oracle

Card #33 The Secret Dakini Oracle

I opened the book of The Secret Dikini Oracle (the tarot deck I use for divination) to card 33, Eternal Life, which contains an image of the Egyptian god Amen before the primordial waters turned golden by the sun.  He is holding an Ankh as if a mirror to the sun and below is the Great Sphinx.

The text reads:  “The Sphinx is the symbol of the alchemical agent or catalyst, whose inner nature holds the key to the promise of transformation, producing the substance that can turn all matter to gold, all spirits to the Enlightened.  The raw matter is the person, the distilled elixir is the Immortal Spirit of Eternity.”

The divinatory meaning of this card: “a solution to a problem, the triumph of light over darkness, clarity over obscurity, just as the sun rises each morning and after the night is completed.”

Hurrah!.  The answer to the riddle is right there for anyone who can open up to the awe of a majestic work of art.   Creating something that outlives one’s lifetime, that exists in eternal splendor for the ages to enjoy, investigate and reinterpret in accordance with their cosmic influences.  All along, Jason was the key to the riddle when he repeated to me his childhood desire: “I want to be immortal!”

So here, Mercury’s six-week journey comes to a conclusion. It moves out of its Shadow under the Virgo Moon on Wednesday. I will be meeting with Diane Bowen and bringing my two-year journey of inquiry over the state of the feminine in art and the popular culture to a close.


The night before, I concluded my public dialogue with Debra Drexler (at left, siting in the audience before the d gallery discussion) who transits between Hawaii and New York delivering a view of the Sky Goddess landing in the material of art.

Being fully engaged in the present moment is the underlying message here.  Living in full awareness of the present moment because every moment has a unique quality that will never occur again.  How we astrologers know this!

Egyptian Goddess

Egyptian Goddess

We concluded our dialogue with a visit to a party where I met an Egyptian woman who stands (left) as a living reminder that the Goddess (Uranus in Pisces)  has landed in the body (Saturn).  If I am frustrated in my current feeling that the art world has fallen behind in excluding the Goddess, then this was a crucial sign that she has entered the multicultural scene of New York City!

How does she make her Grand Entranc?.  The clue, for those who are present, is in Debra’s painting below.

from "Shadow Play" by Debra Drexler

from "Shadow Play" by Debra Drexler

So, the key unlocking the door guarded by the Black Sphinx (the symbol that guided this time of the Nigredo ruling the underground EMERGENCE)  is being full present to the unfolding of the Cosmos.  As much as I attempt to consciously put this into daily practice, I need to be reminded.

Stopping Time Meditation October 2 at 8:40 PM

Stopping Time Meditation October 2 at 8:40 PM

On Friday night, October 2, I attended an 8 PM meditation led by Mary of Persephone and the clock stopped at 8:40.  Mary of Persephone always guides us into meditation by songs and the song she played for us was all about time and being present and the arrogance of ego that, in retrospect, believes it would have known what to do at precipitous moments in history and God informing the ego that it wouldn’t have known anything.

It was a difficult message to absorb, made more difficult by the clock stopping, something that Mary of Persephone noted and included into the process.  As we discussed the synchronicity afterwards, the clock started again.

Time vs. Eternity.  This crucial teaching took place between the Moon conjunct Uranus and the Moon conjunct Saturn.  Uranus drives one to create for eternity and Saturn is the pressure of time. The meditation seemed to go so slowly because the rising sign was Taurus and the group/ creative experience of time and consciousness was reinforced by the Saturn in Fifth House opposing  the Moon/Uranus in the Eleventh House of groups and the collective consciousness.

One of the feelings that came up for me during the  seemingly endless meditation was: “Do I really have time for this?” And after the group experience came to an end, the answer was surely: YES!



October 9, 2009
Moon Surface

Moon Surface


All week I have been suffering from an unknown ailment which has kept me mostly in bed; I passed it off to exhaustion.

And this morning, I hear that NASA has attacked the Moon!

LUNAR ATTACK!  October 9, 2009

LUNAR ATTACK! October 9, 2009

Talk about a futile, arrogant, senseless struggle for universal dominance by the already dead Patriarchy!

The crash, and its effects on me personally (I live my life to be in sinc with the Moon), reveals a dangerous path of patriarchal domination over Mother Nature — through technology.  On Earth, the attempt is to remove the human body from Nature through the inhalation, ingestion and absorption of chemicals, and in space, it is to remove the galactic order.  This is surely the dark shadow of the Age of Aquarius — humans believing they are god, and can therefore disturb the architecture of the cosmos!

I’ll be sharing my thoughts on this tonight at the HP SALON that I am presenting with artists Debra Drexler and Barbara Rachko.

I find in my e-mail a message from my friend Rolf Mauer, the Green Candidate for Mayor of Stamford:

“I read about this somewhere awhile ago, but I didn’t think it was going to happen. Talk about symbolic desperation!”  Rolf is convinced that the $79 million mission to crash into a crater  to explore water on the dark side of the Moon is a cover-up for a real purpose: amassing material for cold fusion.


Has a hyperactive five-year-old taken over as the director of NASA? It sure seems like it. On Friday morning, an unmanned spacecraft launched in June will crash into the moon’s surface. On purpose.

Anyone not named Michael Bay is likely to ask why. Here’s the answer: NASA wants to know if the twin impacts of the Lunar Crater Observation and its Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) will reveal any ice or water under the moon’s surface.

Finding out shouldn’t be an issue. When the twin crafts hit the lunar surface at around 6,000 mph, NASA expects “plumes of moon dust — perhaps full of ice — (to soar) 6.2 miles high above the moon’s Cabeus crater.”

Anticipation among the earthbound is running high. Lookups on “nasa moon bombing” are scorching the search box. Related queries on “” and “NASA moon mission” are also rocketing skywards. More than a few folks are wondering how much the soon-to-be-destroyed LCROSS costs. Answer: $79 million, according to Christian Science Monitor.

Clearly, this is one of those cases where a picture is worth a thousand words. We’re gonna go one better and show you a video from NASA. The animated clip shows what NASA expects to happen. The entire sequence looks a bit like one of Dr. Evil’s satellites crashing into the Death Star. In other words, it’s awesome. See it for yourself below.

In the words of Dr. Anthony Colaprete, a planetary scientist at NASA Ames and principal investigator for the LCROSS mission.: “The one thing we’ve learned about the moon is how much we really don’t know about the moon.”

Right!  We certainly do need to understand about the Moon, regulator of tides on Earth!  Without the Moon there would be no life!  Just like there would be no life without the feminine!

Here Barbara Rachko reveals the archetypes arising from the Dark Energy of the Universe.  My shadow is visible and the crescent moon of Oracle as I took this photo in the HP Garcia Gallery.


Below Drexler reveals the Shadow as chrysalis of the emerging Self.

"Shadow Vines" by Debra Drexler

"Shadow Vines" by Debra Drexler

Debra is attends a healing school and does regular mediation and yoga.  She is a rare awakened woman who lives between Hawaii and New York City.  In her current series, on view at HP Garcia Gallery, she is revealing the process of awakening and the role of the Shadow at the crossroads.  Her symbolism of the branch represents the World Tree and also the Yod, below, which took place on the last day of September: an exact Moon conjunct Neptune, in a stellium with Jupiter/Chiron, revealing the structure (Saturn in Virgo) and mythology (Mars in Cancer) of the New Archetypes for the Age of Aquarius.  But clearly, there is also a warning here about the Shadow: the patriarchal struggle for control of the feminine power…

September 30 at 7:34 AM EDT

September 30 at 7:34 AM EDT

I captured the image in the sun between a tree on my property.



October 2, 2009

"Black is Film Circle" by Aldo Tambellini

"Black is Film Circle" by Aldo Tambellini

Considering that the Moon/Pluto conjunction dominated the Above Ground Performance in its trine to Venus, which ruled the Taurus Ascendent, it is time to reassess Pluto in the context of its demotion by astronomers.

Pluto’s Demotion Tapped as 2006 Word of the Year
By The Associated Press

posted: 8 January 2007
2:00 p.m. ET

Pluto is finally getting some respect – from wordsmiths.

“Plutoed” was chosen 2006 Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society at its annual meeting on Friday.

To “pluto” is “to demote or devalue someone or something” much like what happened to the former planet last year when the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union decided Pluto did not meet its definition of a planet.

“Our members believe the great emotional reaction of the public to the demotion of Pluto shows the importance of Pluto as a name,” said society president Cleveland Evans. “We may no longer believe in the Roman god Pluto, but we still have a sense ofpersonal connection with the former planet.”

“Plutoed” won in a runoff against “climate canary,” defined as “an organism or species whose poor health or declining numbers hint at a larger environmental catastrophe on the horizon.”

In our performance, ‘Plutoed’ was about the collective (the Moon) taking the power away from the celebrity obsessed consumer society, and placing power in the hands of the individual creators.

There was a man with a rainbow in the passage to  projection room where the “Above Ground” performance took place.  He was wearing a homemade pendant consisting of a chunk of turquoise.  “Are you a magician?” I asked him.  “I am,” he said.

For me, this beautiful man was the signal of the transformation taking place inside the room, which was representative of what has been taking place in the artistic Underground.  The Plutonian magician is no longer the dark force who overpowers the innocence of Persephone.  He is an equal partner to the alchemical experiment.

Here is what Julie Loar wrote about Pluto in Capricorn in a recent issue of Atlantis Rising.

Alas for Pluto, he’s no longer a planet but a plutoid. Plutoids are bright and spherical objects which orbit the Sun beyond Neptune. They are not considered planets because they don’t have enough mass to clear the area around them. Actually, a planet has been defined for the first time. Pluto orbits in the Kuiper Belt, a ring of icy debris on the outer edge of the solar system. Pluto, and other small planet-like bodies, are now named for either mythical gods of the underworld, or creation deities, depending where their orbit is relative to the Sun.

Beyond the Kuiper Belt, in a section of our solar system called the Scattered Disk, the newly discovered Plutoid Eris orbits. She is larger, and much further away from the Sun, than Pluto. It was Eris, aptly named for the Greek goddess of discord, who caused Pluto’s demotion, and this has resulted in a whole new category of small planets.

The mythology of Pluto is Hades, brother of Zeus (Sky) and Poseiden (Sea), who lorded over the Underworld.   The avant-garde that I write about is concerned with this archetype of the Underground, ruling Warhol and his films, and the happenings of Aldo Tambellini.  Pluto is the god of precious metals mined deep from within the Earth.  The name has entered our current language as wealth or “plutocracy” intend of keeping the riches of the planet to themselves.  Pluto gives rise to many a conspiracy theory!

The marriage of Pluto was through treachery and deceit.  He kidnapped her while she was intoxicated by the Narcissus.  By way of Persephone, Pluto is therefore connected with the annual cycle of fertility rites, which is how the more ancient Sacred Marriage Rites survived the shift of cosmology to the patriarchy.   Loar writes:

If we understand the Hades/Pluto myth, we see that death is part of a cycle, and the expected outcome is a cyclical resurrection. Ancient cultures understood this, but in the West, we often forget the promise of spring and rebirth that is implied in the annual death.

Could this mean that if we regained knowledge of the Great Round of death and rebirth, we wouldn’t have to enter into resurrection unconsciously through abusive relationships, rape and power struggles?  Pluto is the archetype responsible for the global abuse of women.  For women to take back their power, which is necessary to create a new culture based on gender equality, it would mean nothing less than owning up to this power within, an awakening to the mysteries!

It would seem then that the demotion of Pluto is an essential step to make this force, neither patriarchal or matriarchal, but an equal partner in the Great Round, the cyclic resurrection that refers not only to the season but the birth of the Age of Aquarius.

This process will not be easy.  It will take the Saturn square Pluto transit to break down what is left of the old archetypes, and bring forth new structures of collaboration among gender.

Saturn enters Libra on October 29, when I will be in Dublin with my Oral Presentation:  The Heisenberg Principle in 21st Century Art.”  I see the challenge, to address the forces of the plutocracy that have infiltrated the art world and stripped contemporary art of its soul, and present this condition against the emergence of a new archetypal model for human relationship, “The Sacred Marriage.”

The last time Saturn and Pluto were in difficult aspect was the opposition during September 11.  I will be tracking signs in the culture this fall, which is the upheaval leading to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Pisces, next year, which brings ends the mutual reception of Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces to a resounding close.   I long ago predicted that this interchange between the rulers of my Sun (Aquarius) and Moon (Pisces) would bring in a new art movement.  And given this consciousness, it isn’t surprising that I have a role in bringing it to the attention of the global community of art critics.  Here is a comment from Richard Tarnas in Cosmos and Psyche (p. 338)”

It sometimes happens that the two very different planetary cycles we have here been comparing, Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter-Uranus, unfold in such as way that they precisely overlap in a particular moment in history.  We can then observe the telling ways in which the coinciding phenomena reflect the two distinct archetypal patterns working together.

These two formations will be taking place next year: the breakdown/restructuring of Saturn-Pluto will be accompanied by the Uranus/Jupiter in the sign of Pisces, ruling the mythologies we live by, the very archetypes we model ourselves after.  While Jupiter/Neptune delivers the Aquarian mythology of the present Yod, next year will be about the awakening of this mythology to the collective humanity (Uranus).

What role does Pluto have in this process?  Here is what Julie Loar says about the demotion of Pluto:

Even though Pluto is no longer officially a planet, his astrological influence has not diminished. Ask any astrologer. It’s arrogant to assume that size, or appearance, are the only valid measures of significance. Pluto may be small relative to the other planets, but he is mighty, releasing tremendous power. In a way, I believe Pluto’s change of status has freed him to operate more potently in his own mythical realm–the Underworld. Like a stealth provocateur, he moves unseen, touching the depths of what’s hidden from view, but needs to be seen, and triggering volcanic eruptions which are felt on the surface.

This is the reason why we need powerful works of art now, more than ever.  But it also explains why they remain Unseen from public view.  The Greek mythology has been dismissed by contemporary minds and we await the mythology unfolding from the concretization of Pluto in Capricorn square Saturn in Libra to replace it.

Next year, Uranus in Aries enters the picture to create a T-Square among the three planets known as the “malefics” in traditional astrology.  We only need look back to the Great Depression, the last time there was such a line-up, to obtain an understanding of what to expect but Tarnas has numerous examples of paradigmic art that changed the course of human history which carries these imprints.

My goal here is to attempt the impossible, to assess history as it is being made through the lens of my understanding of the unseen force of the Kudalini as its winds its way into the collective consciousness.  In astrology, this energy enters through the higher mind (Uranus) at the crown chakra, or the body instinct (Pluto) at the root chakra.  Neptune in Aquarius brings this energy into the circulatory system to electrify the body into and through the archetype of Self.

Things come out of hiding at this period, like the Plutonic works of Aldo Tambellini that were created in the early sixties and believed to be lost for decades.

"Three Photos Black TV" by Aldo Tambellini

"Three Photos Black TV" by Aldo Tambellini

See how this discovery informs my understanding of the Pluto square Saturn as it enters into form over the next few weeks.


September 29, 2009

"Above Ground" by Michael Manning and Mark Wiener, completed at 9 PM EDT, HP Garcia Gallery, NYC

"Above Ground" by Michael Manning and Mark Wiener, completed at 9 PM EDT, HP Garcia Gallery, NYC

The “Above Ground” Black Madonna performance on Friday night was a success on every level.

The transformation from projection onto an outdated archetype (Madonna) to the Aquarian Age marriage of opposites, the shadow of the “Fallen Woman” (at right) sharing the stage with the Aquarian spirit (at left) brings us to a new cosmology in which left brain (Wierner’ssacred geometry) and right brain (Manning’s Kundalini Expressionism) are in harmony.

This performance brought the archetypal astrology of philosopher Richard Tarnas simultaneously into the international avant-garde and into the collective consciousness.

“I have found the archetypal astrological perspective, properly understood, to be capable of illuminating the inner dynamics of both cultural history and personal biography.  It provides extraordinary insight into the deeper shifting patterns of the human psyche, both individual and collective, and into the complexly participatory nature of human reality.  It places the modern mind and the modern self into an altogether new light, radically recontextualizing the modern project.  Perhaps most important, it promises to contribute to the emergence of a new, genuinely integral world view, one that, while sustaining the irreplaceable insights of the modern and postmodern development, can reunite the human and the cosmic, and restore transcendent meaning to both.”

Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche

Embodying the Cosmology, 8 PM EDT, HP Garcia Gallery, NYC

Embodying the Cosmology, 8 PM EDT, HP Garcia Gallery, NYC

“In order to understand the cosmos better, perhaps we are required to not only transform our minds but our hearts.  For our whole being, body and soul, mind and spirit, is implicated.  Perhaps we must go not only high and far but down and deep.  Our world-view and our cosmology which defines the context for everything else, is profoundly affected by the degree to which all our facilities enter the process of our knowing.”

Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche

After I drew the astrology chart of the performance on the wall, Mark Wiener proceeded into the Nigredo, the blackening of consciousness through covering the chart with his calligraphic gestures…

The Blackening (Nigredo), HP Garcia Gallery, NYC

The Blackening (Nigredo), HP Garcia Gallery, NYC

leaving only the Mars in public view, when the Nigredo was completed.

Mars in Cancer still in view

Mars in Cancer still in view

A new art form?

A new art form?

This new art form, a 21st century marriage of Heaven and Earth, is something I envisioned back in 1999, when I was reporting on the development of streaming video for while embarking on the profession of art critic.

The technology then was just in its infancy and it took the boom to create the wealth to lay the fiber network to make it possible.

Following the Nigredo was an immersions into chaos, and the removal of the black paper, to emerge with the final image of the Aquarian female with the Kundalini spirit (in blue) entering from the base of the spine.

Michael Manning viewing his Aquarian iconography, the female form with the upper triangle of the male spirit at the foundation, the base of the spine where the Kundalini awakens

Michael Manning viewing his Aquarian iconography, the female form with the upper triangle of the male spirit at the foundation, the base of the spine where the Kundalini awakens

“How we approach “the other,” and how we approach each other, will shape everything, including our own evolving self and the cosmos in which we participate.  Not only our personal lives but the very nature of the universe may demand of us now a new capacity for self-transcendence, both intellectual and moral, so that we may experience a new dimension of beauty and intelligence in the world – not a projection of our desire for beauty and intellectual mastery but an encounter with the actual unpredictably unfolding beauty and intelligence of the whole.”

RIchard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche

The “Above Ground” performance brings the Black Madonna experiment in Uncertainty to a close.  And I would like to think that it ushers in a new post-celebrity, post-consumerist era in which human beings become co-creators with the cosmos.

Paulette Perrier of The Marian Iconography Project with "Andres Serrano in Oracle"

Paulette Perrier of The Marian Iconography Project with "Andres Serrano in Oracle"

This is our vision of the path that can guide us to a true gender equality in the twenty-first century, where the feminine power is no longer repressed or objectified and we move beyond projection of the dark feminine to — in the (above words )of Richard Tarnas — “the actual unpredictably unfolding beauty and intelligence of the whole.”

It remains our choice:  To enact a conscious surrender to Uncertainty surrounding this Beauty or fight the evolution that is fast approaching with the line-up of the Winter Solstice with the Galactic Center at 11:11 GMT on December 21, 2012!


September 25, 2009

HP chose the timing of tonight’s performance.  We already know that he is supremely guided by the spirits that protect his Templar lineage.  The extraordinary thing about the timing of tonight’s performance is the juxtaposition of the natal chart with the 2008 “Codex” performance.

Bi-Wheel revealing the Taurus Rising of Codex (March 19. 2008) and AboveGround (September 25, 2009

Bi-Wheel revealing the Taurus Rising of Codex (March 19. 2008) and AboveGround (September 25, 2009

The astrology charts for “Codex” and “Above Ground” performances are drawn exactly six months apart.  They both have Taurus Rising, which means the chart is ruled by Venus, the planet ruling art and value, as well as love.   What we love is what we value.

But what we value changes with time and consciousness.

“Codex” was made at 9:30 AM on March 19, 2008, just prior to Spring Equinox 2008, in Mark Wiener’s 79th Street studio.  I was present as the conscious observer/participant taking photos and witnessing Wiener’s return to the brush after years of abstinence.


The experiment begins with the POURING

…. from the RIGHT BRAIN.

In the beginning of the experiment this was a completely unconscious process. Like any process, it became more conscious with practice.

Then came the return to the brush.  With the long abstinence, one has to learn all over again!

But this time with consciousness and purpose.

Using both sides of the brain!


The next process involved using a ruler to draw a grid.

This brings mathematical order, an underlying foundation of sacred geometry into the picture.

The holism of the work comes from the integration of Right brain and Left brain, masculine and feminine, inner and outer, conscious and unconscious.

The result is inner and outer space converging into an omnism.

This is holistic art, where each creation is a totality in itself, yet an essential building block to the whole.


PUNCTURING THE SURFACE (below) with the RIGHT BRAIN, the Nigredo of the dark moon.


Mark Wiener resting with “Codex” following the March 19, 2008 performance in his 79th Street studio.

This performance laid the foundation for BLACK MADONNA, though we didn’t connect “Codex” specifically to the Madonna photos I had just discovered in his studio.  This was probably due to the darkening of Luna under the Lunar Eclipse of February 20, visible in New York City, which fell across the Moon/Saturn opposition.

“Things are different with Luna: every month she is darkened and extinguished; she cannot hide this from anybody, not even from herself. She knows that this same Luna is now bright and now dark — but who has ever heard of a dark sun? We call this quality of Luna “women’s closeness to nature,” and the fiery brilliance and hot air that plays round the surface of things we like to call “the masculine mind.”

C.G. Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis: par 331, pg 247

Two days, prior, when we decided to do the performance, I saw one of the photographs, below, of the nude pop star on the floor of the studio.  It was March 17, St . Patrick’s Day.  We left his studio and ran into the parade on Fifth Avenue.


On April 3, 2009 Mark had left 79th Street and was in a temporary Upper East Side studio when he completed The Black Madonna Series, below.  This was the same day that I had a meeting with HP to plan the Black Madonna exhibition:


Still Life in Red and Still Life in White at right.

Representing Eros (red) and Purity (white)

Detachment through alchemy, the red as the rubedo and white as the albedo, passages to the transformation of the opposites into the mysterium coniunctionis.

“The psychological rule says that when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside as fate. That is to say, when the individual remains undivided and does not become conscious of his inner opposite, the world must perforce act out the conflict and be torn into opposing halves.”

C.G. Jung, CW 9: AION: 126

The intent here was to turn fate into destiny through the conscious interaction of Luna with an artistic experiment in which the male artist connects with his anima, once projected onto a rising pop star and now contained in a body of work created out of abstinence.

I set up the “Codex” performance by drawing up the astrological chart containing the opposites of the feminine planets, Virgo and Pisces, which would bring the face of the feminine into form in 2009, due to the transit of Saturn in Virgo, the planet ruling form which is associated with the Goddess of the Harvest in Aug-Sept.  In the “Codex” chart,  Venus ( 8 degrees Pisces) is conjunct  Mercury in opposition to the Moon/Saturn conjunction in Virgo.

At this juncture of incorporating the Dark Moon (the Black Madonna) into consciousness through Saturn, another quote from Jung applies:

“Things are different with Luna: every month she is darkened and extinguished; she cannot hide this from anybody, not even from herself. She knows that this same Luna is now bright and now dark — but who has ever heard of a dark sun? We call this quality of Luna “women’s closeness to nature,” and the fiery brilliance and hot air that plays round the surface of things we like to call “the masculine mind.

C.G. Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis: par 331, pg 247

"Codex" performance by Mark Wiener, March 19, 2008: 9:30 AM NYC

"Codex" performance by Mark Wiener, March 19, 2008: 9:30 AM NYC

Madonna natal astrology chart: 17 August 1958

Madonna natal astrology chart: 17 August 1958

This Virgo/Pisces opposition falls on the pop star’s Virgo Moon/Pluto conjunction in her natal chart (right).

Located in the first house of her natal chart, below, this darkening of the emotions (Moon) by the Serpent Power (Pluto) establishes the persona of the Black Madonna, an insatiable hunger for knowledge manifested in the late 20th century materialist culture as a hunger for sex and material possessions (Mars in Taurus desires to possess the tactile, the physical and make it a possession).  We have seen this in the pop star’s acquisition of the Boy Toy, which continues in a superficial attempt to establish the Sacred Marriage Rites for the 21st century with her newest Boy Toy, Jesus, whom she insists wasn’t selected as a partner due to his name!

This manipulation of a myth is in keeping with the control manifest in the chart.   archetype manifested into physical form through the pop star whose given name was Madonna.  Her chart reveals a submergence of the masculine Sun, the identity, in the collective unconscious (Twelfth house).

We return to Jung for understanding of this phenomenon of the dark moon and the blackened sun of this chart (under a solar eclipse this past summer):

“Despite all attempts at denial and obfuscation there is an unconscious factor, a black sun, which is responsible for the surprisingly common phenomenon of masculine split-mindedness, when the right hand mustn’t know what the left is doing. This split in the masculine psyche and the regular darkening of the moon in woman together explain the remarkable fact that the woman is accused of all the darkness in a man, while he himself basks in the thought that he is a veritable fount of vitality and illumination for the females in his environment. Actually he would be better advised to shroud the brilliance of his mind in the profoundest doubt. It is not difficult for this type of mind (which besides other things is a great trickster like Mercurius) to admit a host of sins in the most convincing way, and even to combine it with a spurious feeling of ethical surperiority without in the least approximating to a genuine insight. This can never be achieved without the participation of feeling; but the intellect admits feeling only when it is convenient. The novilunium of woman is a source of countless disappointments for man which easily turns to bitterness, though they could equally well be a source of wisdom if they were understood. Naturally this is posssible only if he is prepared to acknowledge his black sun, that is, his Shadow.”

C.G. Jung, CW 20: Mysterium Coniunctionis: par 332, pg 247-248

There was value in humans acting out the patriarchal archetypes in the media dominated celebrity obsessed global culture of the turn of the millennia.  Postmodernism was dying and it took time for a new movement to evolve, a movement based on the search for holism, the unity of the opposites in the treasure to be found in the Sacred Marriage, or Hieros Gamos, at the end of the alchemical experiment.

Now, in a new era, the Obama era, we make a Paradigm Shift into a consciousness of an interconnected world in constant evolution.

And this necessitates a new value, a transformation revealed by Mark Wiener in “The Black Madonna Series” of which Still Life in Red was the signature image of the Black Madonna exhibition.

"Still LIfe in Red" by Mark Wiener

"Still LIfe in Red" by Mark Wiener

This image was created, in my presence, by a violent slashing of a red X across the surface of the photograph.  In crossing out his past in this manner, Wiener opened the door to a new future, not just for himself but for the collective humanity, to pull the dark energy known as Shakti or the Kundalini away from projection and transform it into art.

Tonigt, we close the eighteen month experiment with “Above Ground” streaming performance, bringing to the collective consciousness via the Internet a new value in art.  A value of holism, in which the dark face of the feminine is the container for a new spirit of the feminine in which the opposites are integrated.  This is the state of holy matrimony known as The Sacred Marriage or the Hieros Gamos.

"Above Ground" performance: 25 September 2009, 8 PM, EDT NYC

"Above Ground" performance: 25 September 2009, 8 PM, EDT NYC

This creates a container for the dark feminine through the EXACT conjunction with the Moon and Pluto at Zero degrees Capricorn.  This Ninth house position of the higher mind (philosophy and religion) is supported by a beautiful trine to the Ascendent at 4 degrees Taurus and Venus at 6 degrees Virgo in the Fifth House of performance.

The yod discussed in the previous posting has its apex in the Eleventh House of the collective consciousness through the planetary stellium of Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron in Aquarius.  The Virgo planets (Saturn, Mercury and Vesta) are, appropriately, in the Sixth house of form.

And Saturn in the Sixth House of physical form, rules the Midheaven and the North Node of the chart, which reflects the karmic dissemination of the individual chart.

This chart has authority written into it.  It establishes a standard for Art through its heavy Saturn emphasis on organization, manifestation and form.

Which finally brings us to Michael Manning, the performance painter who will be collaborating with Mark Wiener.  Manning has established a language for the transformation of consciousness by bringing the dark energy of the Kundalini into form via the human figure and timeless symbols in his mythological narrative painting.  He has a frequent motif of the base of the spine, as the spot where the Kundalini sleeps.

"Dear John" by Michael Manning

"Dear John" by Michael Manning

And here he has the Virgo glyph in his Holy Mary but this connection of Mary with Virgo was not conscious.  He is a filter for this knowledge of Mary’s origin as the Virgo bride to the Piscean Age version of the Consort, Jesus Christ, in the Myth of Eternal Return which takes place at the change of Millennia in order to instill the archetypes of a New Age.

"Holy Mary" by Michael Manning

"Holy Mary" by Michael Manning

In keeping with the Great Work of alchemy, this inner marriage requires the incorporation of the Shadow.  Again, we hear from Jung:

Recognition of the Shadow, on the other hand, leads to the modesty we need in order to acknowledge imperfection. And it is just this conscious recognition and consideration that are needed whenever a human relationship is to be established. A human relationship is not based on differentiation and perfection, for these only emphasize the differences or call forth the exact opposite; it is based, rather on imperfection, on what is weak, helpless and in need of support — the very ground and motive for dependence. The perfect have no need of others, but weakness has, for it seeks support and does not confront its partner with anything that might force him into an inferior position and even humiliate him. This humiliation may happen only too easily when high idealism plays too prominent a role.”

C.G. Jung, CW l0: Civilization in Transition: par 579, pg 301

Before Holy Mary entered Manning’s conscious narrative, there was his Gilgamesh series, which portrayed the crushing of the feminine under the foot of the patriarchal Shadow.  The hero embarked on his journey to seek eternal youth could not accept the weakness associated with the feminine, yet this fear was projected onto the primitive form of Enkidu, his Shadow companion.

"Our Fallen King" by Michael Manning

Having integrated the Shadow, Manning went on to establish the form for a conscious feminine figure, who incorporates spirit (blue) and emotion (red), transparency and shadow.

"Fun with Jane and Jane" by Michael Manning

"Fun with Jane and Jane" by Michael Manning

We await the “Above Ground” performance to see how this mythological language of the conjunctio develops through a live collaboration with “Codex” creator Mark Wiener!

I will be there, getting paint splattered on my silver dress (in honor of Luna), honoring the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle as Observer/Participant made conscious by this blogging, while holding the energy of Eros, connecting the opposites:

“Woman’s psychology is founded on the principle of Eros, the great binder and loosener, whereas from ancient times the ruling principle ascribed to man is Logos. The concept of Eros could be expressed in modern terms as psychic relatedness, and that of Logos as objective interest.”

C.G. Jung, CW l0: Civilization in Transition: par 255, pg 123

"Above Ground" (outer wheel) and "Codex" (inner wheel) placed in the Zero degrees Aries rising chart of observer/participant Lisa Paul Streifeld

"Above Ground" (outer wheel) and "Codex" (inner wheel) placed in the Zero degrees Aries rising chart of observer/participant Lisa Paul Streitfeld

My natural chart, with ruler Uranus in Leo, opposing my Aquarian Sun, reveals the force of Eros as the strongest in the world!  In these charts, my Pisces Moon lines up with the Sun and Uranus, to deliver the face of the feminine into the collective consciousness via Art!

All quotes from Jung are from  Many thanks to this site for the illumination!


September 24, 2009


The  Fall Equinox took place on Tuesday, September 22, just before  sunset, at 5:30 PM EDT.

This remarkable chart is dominated by a YOD which is bringing both the New Paradigm and Age of Aquarius archetype, the Self or hieros gamos, into manifestation.  The comparison of this chart with that of U.S. President Barack Oblama, below, reveals how Obama, in his Wednesday address before the United States General Assembly, displayed in words and action the New Paradigm of global unity.


U.S. President Barack Obama, natal horoscope

U.S. President Barack Obama, natal horoscope

This fresh beginning for global relations (for many years the U.S. didn’t even pay its UN dues), also reveled the death of the old order of the patriarchal dictator through the appearance of Muammar Kadhafi, the Libyan leader who hogged the podium for 45 minutes (he was only supposed to speak for 15) with a rambling address projecting Saturn, which caused members of the audience to either turn off their earphones or walk out.

Colonel Muammr al-Qaddafi June 1, 1942 at 12:00 PM* (unknown) in Syrte, Libya (Libye), who

From the New York Times front page report: “After being introduced in the General Assembly Hall as the “leader of the revolution, the president of the African Union, the king of kings of Africa,” Colonel Qaddafi shattered protocol by giving a rambling speech that stretched for 90 minutes instead of the allotted 15.”

Qaddafi’s chart (above) is that of the classic dictator: Saturn conjunct his Sun. ruling Moon in Capricorn.  This is the mythological goat, the status quo that has to be sacrificed to make way for the New.

The leader’s poorly prepared, unorganized speech reveals this individual has not integrated his Saturn.  This is all too clear because Saturn is in Gemini, conjunct Uranus, the planet of revolutionary ideas!  If he hadn’t fallen into the archetype of “King of Kings” braced for a fall, Qaddafi’s chart reveals that he might have had something to contribute to the current Paradigm Leap.  As it is, he has completely lost the charisma that made him stand out among dictators.

A comparison between President Obama’s chart and that of the Fall Equinox reveals precisely what he communicated in his opening of a speech that received applause 9 times:

“I have been in office for just nine months — though some days it seems a lot longer. I am well aware of the expectations that accompany my presidency around the world. These expectations are not about me. Rather, they are rooted, I believe, in a discontent with a status quo that has allowed us to be increasingly defined by our differences, and outpaced by our problems. But they are also rooted in hope — the hope that real change is possible, and the hope that America will be a leader in bringing about such change.”

See full text at:

With Obama’s ascendent (17 degrees Aquarius) precisely conjunct transiting Jupiter, and so close to that of the 24 degrees Aquarius rising of the Fall Equinox and , we see the global healing (Chiron conjunct Neptune just behind the ascendent and on the US Moon) taking place with the true authority (North Node in Capricorn) instilled in world leadership at this precarious time.  The chart below emphasizes the U.S. position of Lilith, where Saturn was stationed this spring.  This reveals the hidden anger, the toxicity trapped in the body by those adherents to the “American Dream” (Neptune in Virgo), which now has to be dealt with in a post-consumer culture.

U.S.A. SIbly Natal Chart

U.S.A. SIbly Natal Chart

Obama, through his mother, is of the Grail lineage.  HP made this discovery during D-Day.  Obama is a Payne on his mother’s side and the Payens changed their name to Payne when they went to England, and later to America.

There is a show currently on the History Channel, which I saw on Sunday night.  Holy Grail in America traces the Templers’ plans for America as the New Jeruselum to the Henry Sinclair’s voyage to Nova Scotia in the 1390’s, where  it is believed the Templar treasured is buried, in a hole in the ground known as the Money Pit!


The new direction for America, represented by Obama and his lineage, is in the Finger of God in the Fall Equinox chart for New York City, where global leaders are gathering this week.

The Yod, in the next 10 days has the Aquarian stellum at the apex (to) and Mars/South Node at the left bottom corner and Saturn/Mercury in Virgo at the right bottom corner.

The Yod, in the next 10 days has the Aquarian stellum at the apex (to) and Mars/South Node at the left bottom corner and Saturn/Mercury in Virgo at the right bottom corner.

The Aquarian ascendent and planets at the apex to the sextile between the feminine energies of Mars in Cancer conjunct the South Node and the qudrupile conjunction of Pallas, Mercury, Sun and Saturn in Virgo in the 7th house conjunct the U.S. Neptune and Obama’s Mars.

The US president is serving as an agent for change, at the expense of the illusions upheld by the consumerist culture, which actually undermine the true ideals of America, founded by the Templars as the New Jerusalem ruled by the alchemist’s adage “as above, so below” and expressed in the Templar tradition of sacred geometry found in Solomon’s Temple.

George Washington in his Mason Apron Laying the Cornerstone for the U.S. Capitol

George Washington in his Mason Apron Laying the Cornerstone for the U.S. Capitol

This too is the subject of Dan Brown’s new book: “The Lost Symbol.”

The Black Madonna exhibition aims to restore the balance lost through the resurrection of the Lost Bride of the gospels and bringing the Kundalini into the art world dialectic.  What Carolee Schneemann (below) began as an intrepid feminist explorer, we shall continue in her wake!’  The secret knowledge of the Serpent Power kept by the arcane orders will be made known to everyone!

Carollee Schneemann's "Eye Body" in Black Madonna

Carollee Schneemann's "Eye Body" in Black Madonna


September 21, 2009

Layout 1

Closing Evnet: 25 September 2009, from 7 PM to 10 PM

HPGarcia Gallery is pleased to announce a closing celebration of BLACK MADONNA with catalog introduction and final HP Salon of the groundbreaking multimedia group exhibition inspired by the compelling Mark Wiener underground photographic works known as The Black Madonna Series.

In a spontaneous painting performance to improvised music, performance painter Michael Manning will integrate his motif of the Kundalini Serpent Power with Mark Wiener’s performance with multimedia works based on the pop star icon.  Improvising with the painters are the musicians: David Manuel (digital), David Intrator (sax) and Yukari (flute).

The performance will be streamed live to the home page of

The exhibition catalog will be introduced.  It features 40 artists, with the essay Black Madonna: The Great Work written by co-curator  Lisa Paul Streitfeld.

The closing performance acts as the Uroboros for the three previous HP Salons, bringing full circle the underground iconography of the long-repressed feminine into the Aquarian consciousness through the Internet. This final experiment brings the exploration of the Heisenberg Principle that launched this groundbreaking exhibition to a hopeful conclusion.

Curated by Lisa Paul Streitfeld and H.P. Garcia, this multimedia exhibition explores the physical form of the icon within the context of a celebrity-obsessed, corporate-manipulated consumer culture.  The answer points to the body and how we perceive and view ourselves under such influences.

In legend, the Black Madonna was the “San Graal” (Holy Blood) who carried the lineage of Christ through the centuries. We revisit this icon as we seek the physical form of what scientists are now naming “dark matter.”  The men and women in this exhibition have made the journey inward, in the context of the consumer culture, to explore what continues to be repressed. By way of erotic engagement — between their materials, personal narrative and universal archetype — they newly define themselves in a state of holism.

The exhibition places new and existing art stars such as Carolee Schneemann, Heide Hatry, Richard Humann, Sophie Matisse, Rick Prol, Marshall Arisman, Dove Bradshaw, Martha Wilson, Kate Millett, RIchard Move and Mike Bidlo in a 21st century context while celebrating the rise of a new movement devoted to holism in art.

Subjects range from the female face to the sacred geometry of Venus, bringing in themes such as shamanism, apocalyptic pop, celebrity satire, the excavation of hidden mythologies and the counterculture embrace of a new cosmology. Mark Wiener’s The Black Madonna Series captures the icon in its raw state. Aartist/performer in the tradition of Yves Klein, Wiener’s installation incorporates his full circle trajectory — from using markings on the body to explore a new iconography to his recent actions revealing the sacred geometry underlying chaos.

The exhibition presents works in painting, photography, video, collage, drawing, sculpture, installation and performance that find a face for the long repressed feminine. These are typically works that, in the words of curator/critic Lisa Paul Streitfeld: “continue the legend of the Black Madonna by being kept in the closet. They are the hidden treasures that every curator hopes to find in the process of digging through an artist’s work and need be coaxed into the light of day.”

All but one of the works were pre-existing to the announcement of this show.  In exploring the past through this present lens of integration in the post-Obama era, the exhibition points to a new cosmology through the conscious manifestation of the sacred geometry of Venus into art, thereby redefining beauty as a holistic integration of mind and body.

Also participating are: Vincent Baldasano, Karen Bernard, Laurel Jay Carpenter, Linda DiGusta, Maya Erdelyi, Camille Eskell, Carla Gannis, Harlan Emil Gruber,Selma Karaca, Walter Kenul, Isolde Kille, Marni Kotak, Yulia Lanina, D. Dominick Lombardi, Michael Manning, Irina Movmyga, Kevin Robinson, Daniel Rothbart, Donna Ruff, Janet Rutkowski, Iris Schieferstein, Joel Simpson, Marissa  Soroudil, Tatyana Stepanova, Danielle St Laurent, Cassie Thornton, Susan Weinreich and Michael Zansky.


September 20, 2009
MIke's Bildo's response to Sophie Matisse's "Origin of the World"

MIke's Bildo's response to Sophie Matisse's "Origin of the World" in BLACK MADONNA

I have been invited to deliver an oral presentation before the 2009 AICA Congress on “The Heisenberg Principle and 21st Century Art.”

This lunation, which ends right before the Dublin Congress, will be devoted to the topic of my presentation, thereby making transparent my search for a new principle guiding the conscious delivery of the kundalini ito the culture. The culmination of my 12 year project is in time sequence with my personal surrender of my father’s pioneering writings on the Kundalini so they can at last be made public.  The request for the manuscripts provided the awaited signal that it is time to publish my own writings that followed my Kundalini awakening at his 1983 funeral.

The effort to bring the Oroboros of the Black Madonna exhibition full circle with the catalog publication/closing reception and “Above Ground” performance on Friday, September 25, beginning at 7:00 PM at the HP Garcia gallery

With Michael Manning and his Kundalini Serpent Power motif combining forces with Mark Wiener, whose The Black Madonna Series mixed media based on early photos of the pop icon inspired the exhibition when I spotted one of the photos in his 79th Street studio after a March 19, 2008 Codex performance.

"Madonna 3" by Mark Wiener

"Madonna 3" by Mark Wiener

The New Moon on Friday marked my departure into publishing.

Yod, the Hand, "Finger of God"

Yod, the Hand, "Finger of God"

This lunation is marked by the retrograde Mercury in Virgo in a tight Yod (see left) formation with Mars in Cancer to the apex of Jupiter/ Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius brings the Aquarian Age archetypes into form (Virgo) and a personal mythology (Cancer).

For the artists on the track of raising personal narrative into universal, this is the time of manifestation.  By the New Moon in Libra, the work of bringing the Aquarian Age spirit into the material will be done.

The closure of this journey will be marked by the  “Above Ground” performance.  It takes place under a Moon/Pluto conjunction at the Galactic Center.  H.P. who is supremely guided by his san graal lineage, set up the timing.   The performance, with improvised music, will deliver the underground iconography into the collective consciousness through a live feed of streaming video into Mark Wiener’s website,

Capricorn crystalizes into form and the act of crystalizing the Kundalini imagery both on the ground of the gallery and the Internet delivers the Aquarian consciousness on many levels: the spontaneity of the painting performance where the Kundalini is the self-regulating organizing principle.

Is it any wonder that I hadn’t begun the dissemination my iterary output until now?  Capricorn is the sign of Saturn (see previous post), the Lord of Karma and Limitations represented by the rings.   The hexagon cloud over Saturn discussed in the last posting gives an indication of the form. the innate style, that is the reward for the surrender to the force of the serpent power (Pluto) in the sign of Gaia, the natural structure.

Doing an Internet search this morning, I turned up a comprehensive article “Uncertainty About the Uncertainty Principle” by Jim Holt posted on Slate in 2002.

Seven years old now, it provides a good overview of how the Uncertainty Principle has been applied in the social sciences, after hitting with the zinger of the news at the time regarding Heisenberg:

Heisenberg, one of the inventors of quantum mechanics, was the leader of Hitler’s atomic bomb project during World War II. After the war, he claimed that he had deliberately sabotaged the Nazi bomb effort. Many believed him. But last month, his protestations of innocence (indeed, valor) were revealed to have been almost certainly a lie. Letters written by the Danish physicist Niels Bohr, released to the public for the first time, make it pretty clear that Heisenberg was doing everything he could to produce a nuclear weapon for the Third Reich. His failure was due not to covert heroism but to incompetence.

The article goes on to detail Heisenberg’s failures and how his principle has been applied widely in the 20th century regardless.  But this paragraph alone stimulates a thought.  What if Heisenberg was aware of his deficiencies and let that awareness be the guide for his taking on the assignment to develop the bomb for the Third Reich? What if knowledge of failure for a task he was compelled to do was actually a higher consciousness he brought to his participation in the project?  Conversely, an artist who brings a critical consciousness to a project infuses the work with the Aquarian spirit, thereby adding to the collective transformation awaiting us in 2012.  This is the Paradigm Leap revealing that we are all interconnected and every individual effort towards consciousness advances the whole.

Thus it was with BLACK MADONNA.  What might have been the thrill seeking publicity hunger of the Shadow, actually became a vehicle for consciousness.  Madonna’s nude body, in which the Kundalini guided her into spontaneous yoga positions became a template for a new iconography: the geography of the feminine, as Edward Rubin entitled his insightful review of the exhibition.

Sophie Matisse's "Origin of the World"

Sophie Matisse's "Origin of the World"


September 12, 2009
Hexagonal Cloud over Saturn's North Pole

Hexagonal Cloud over Saturn's North Pole

The most comprehensive article I’ve ever read on Saturn is by the astrologer Julie Loar in this month’s Atlantis Rising.

In keeping with Saturn’s reputation as both Timekeeper and Grim Reaper, the article appears right in time for a landmark September 18th New Moon in which the Moon, Sun and Mercury are conjunct Saturn and opposing Uranus.  With Capricorn ascending,  Saturn rules the chart from the Ninth House of Philosophy and Religion.  This chart, with Pluto on the Eastern horizon, the New Archetype of the feminine entering the collective consciousness.  I see evidence everywhere, even if those trying to define it are doing it through the patriarchal lens.

Virgo New Moon, September 18, 2009 at 2:44 PM EDT in New York City

Virgo New Moon, September 18, 2009 at 2:44 PM EDT in New York City

Isn’t this shape a magnificent three-fold structure?  This will surely be a manifestation of global consciousness regarding “YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.”  Through human action we manifest our star potential, completing the circuit of energy plugged into our birth charts, by grounding here on Earth.  This is the karmic law of Saturn.  “As above, so below.”  Fear is the limitation of Saturn’s rings.

Quite a time now, during the Mercury retrograde,  for reflecting on what kinds of seeds we have sown in our personal lives and the collective life of humanity.  How have we denied the authentic face of the feminine and what are we doing to embrace Her when she arrives?

Here are some excerpts from Loar’s article:

First glimpsed by Voyager in 1979, Saturn has a bizarre hexagon-shaped cloud which circles the north pole. Nothing like this phenomenon has been observed anywhere else in the solar system, and scientists are stumped by its presence. In October 2006, the Cassini craft found that it is still there, further astounding scientists.

The hexagon is similar to Earth’s polar vortex which has winds blowing in a circular motion around the pole. Saturn’s hexagonal vortex could contain four Earths. The hexagon’s origin is a matter of intense speculation. Most astronomers believe it is some sort of standing-wave pattern in the atmosphere, but the hexagon might also be an unusual sort of aurora. Polygon shapes have been replicated in spinning buckets of fluid in a laboratory.

The hexagonal feature does not shift in longitude like the other clouds in the visible atmosphere. It’s intriguing that such a geometric enigma, along with the most dramatic planetary rings, should appear on the planet which astrologically symbolizes the principle of form and structure. Pythagorus is quoted as saying, “God geometrizes,” and one wonders what message from Nature might be contained in this conundrum.

Astrology has been about finding order and seeing patterns in heaven reflected in earthly life. I believe the lesson to be learned from a deeper understanding of Saturn, and the order concealed in apparently random events, is learning to understand what the “initial conditions” are in our lives.  When we start a ball rolling though choice and an act of will, the gravity of those initial conditions will sooner or later produce an effect which is related to the cause.  Life itself might be described as a nonlinear equation, and part of the evolution of consciousness involves perceiving and directing the original conditions which influence the direction we’re heading.

This article prompted a review of the karma in my own life, which has always been nonlinear, moving in a series of psychological deaths and rebirths.  Fifteen years ago, an astrologer appeared in my life as I was perched on the precipice while living an illusionary life of the opposites, bouncing between homelessness and housesitting for a Hollywood Dream Merchant.

This figure was Saturn, pointing to the fork in the road and drawing back the curtain on my crucial moment of choice: to take the path of self-mastery or simply remain a victim of circumstances.  I had a dream about a famous writer drunk at the podium and realized I as seeing my future, unless I was to take the conscious path.

Now, fifteen years later I arrive at a similar crossroads and the only astrologer I have to point out my choice is myself.  The difference between this half Saturn cycle completed and my more naive youth,  is that the choice has already been made for me by a seed planted in fertile soil eight years ago.  My only decision is to act in free will, in the manner proclaimed by C.G. Jung:  “free will is the ability to do what I must do gladly.”

My  life conditions, as revealed in my natal horoscope, all point in one direction: truth. To repeat Loar: ” When we start a ball rolling though choice and an act of will, the gravity of those initial conditions will sooner or later produce an effect which is related to the cause.” It is how I direct the gravity of these conditions through the profundity of thought behind my actions and ability to accept the consequences, that determines the outcome.  In other words: consciousness is all.

I contemplated Saturn this morning while drawing a bath and spraying the BLACK MADONNA essence over the water in the geometrical pattern of this planetary teacher’s  hexagonal cloud.  This is an example of how sacred geometry can provide Saturn’s order to even the most mundane aspects of our lives, thereby giving a daily bath a meaning ordered with a new cosmology regarding the interrelationship of spirit and matter to formulate the Self.

In continuing my father’s pioneering research into the Kundalini through astrology, I arrived at the hexagon as a sacred geometry for the archetype of the Self, or the hieros gamos.  My mission is to infuse this sacred geometry in my life, thereby revealing the manner that consciousness can impact the law of cause and effect.  In regards to the law of karma, this is “having your cake and eating it too,” a game played in the art world, but rarely by women.

I have long held that tempting one’s fate at a crucial  moment with full consciousness of the outcome means putting the Uncertainty Principle to work.  How can we get around the Uncertainty Principle unless we embrace it?  This is the role of blogging and below we see it diagramed, courtesy of “Man in the Moon.”

Diagram for Heisenberg Principal for Bloggers by Man in the Moon

Diagram for Heisenberg Principal for Bloggers by Man in the Moon

In a future post, I will relate this diagram to astrology.  For now, back to the hexagon as a natural pattern made evident in another recent discovery:

In an August 24 New York Times article, William Broad reported on what may be the world’s oldest living fossil as having a hexagon shape.

Discovered in 1976, this hexagonal pattern in sediment was made by  Paleodictyon nodosum, a  living fossil thought to have gone extinct some 50 million years ago.

Discovered in 1976, this hexagonal pattern in sediment was made by Paleodictyon nodosum, a living fossil thought to have gone extinct some 50 million years ago.

This is also the structure of the quartz crystal, formed as hexagonal prisms, a tool used by healers  channeling spirit into matter:

Quartz Crystal's natural hexagonal prism structure

Quartz Crystal's natural hexagonal prism structure

What does this natural configuration of the hexagon in heaven and earth reveal about ourselves at a time in which we seek to embrace the holistic archetype known as the Self?

As I prepared my manuscript, KUNDALINI’S DAUGHTER, for publication under the Full Moon last Friday, I felt the energy pouring through my crown chakra.  This has happened many times, but this is the first occasion where it took on the crystalline structure of the hexagon.  I never had a sensation like that, of complete integration between spirit and matter, though the concept is something I have been writing about in my 12 years of working as an art critic.

This crystalline state of integration resulted from polishing to perfection a project seeded nine months prior to September 11, 2001.  It was a diary about my entry into the New York art world and the tracking of a new movement bringing the long repressed Kundalini energy into the material of art.  My discoveries, in which I was both observer and participant, reflected my investigation of the Sacred Marriage in antiquity prompted by the hexagram linking heaven and earth on January 23, 1997.

In publishing this book under such a profound Saturn alignment, I am in full consciousness of the karmic implications.  I know that in passing this “point of no return,” like the geometrical pattern of a crystal structured by time and nature.  With the Virgo polish leading up to the crystallization of this Saturn- dominated New Moon, there is no turning back.

A day after making this decision, I received the news that my paper on “The Heisenberg Principle and 21st Century Art” has been accepted as an Oral Presentation for the AICA 2009 Congress of International Art Critics in Dublin.  Drawing on my own experience as budding critic on the New York scene during the millennial shift, I will have the opportunity to share with critics from around the globe the role of critical consciousness in shaping a global transformation.

We mustn’t succumb to the Saturnine fear mongering of 2012.  Every one of us has a responsibility to influence the outcome of events simply by viewing ourselves as conscious participants in our our own experiment to create a Utopia based on human free will!

“The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purpose through him. As a human being, he may have moods and a will and personal aims, but as an artist, he is a “man” in a higher sense, he is a “collective man,” a vehicle and molder of the unconscious psychic life of mankind.”

C.G. Jung (Psychology and Literature, 1930)


September 8, 2009

Ed. note: the article below provides an esoteric perspective for the descent of the new archetype, which I refer to as the hieros gamos, and a new cosmology that I have been interpreting astrologically in this blog.



Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Part 1

This is the most difficult article I have ever written, simply because words cannot adequately express the wonder of what has taken place. Since the beginning of this year, the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have been saying that 2009 is a turning point. They said it will be the year that is referred to throughout the Ages as the Cosmic Moment when the collective masses of Humanity changed our course of direction and reclaimed our Divine Birthright as Beloved Sons and Daughters of God. Even though Lightworkers around the world heard those words, I do not believe anyone grasped the magnitude of just what they meant.

What I am going to share with you now is known through your I AM Presence and is recorded within the deepest recesses of your heart. This is not something new that you are learning through this article. This is something that you personally experienced through the Presence of God pulsating in your Heart Flame. Ask your I AM Presence to help you remember on a conscious level the glory of this event. Allow the Flame of Truth within your heart to reveal to you the miracle that has transpired.

For clarity, the Company of Heaven asked me to reiterate a little of the information that they have shared with Humanity in the past. Their intent is to help all of us understand the groundwork that was laid in preparation for this moment. As you read these words, please ask your I AM Presence to help you “see with new eyes and hear with new ears.” This glorious occurrence has been a work in progress for millennia.

At the beginning of the Piscean Age, a little over 2,000 years ago, our Father-Mother God observed the progress of their Sons and Daughters evolving on Earth. This evaluation allowed them to determine what the greatest need of the hour was for our spiritual growth and what our next learning experience should be in order to accomplish that goal. This type of evaluation occurs at the dawn of each New Age. It is a natural part of the evolutionary process in this Earthly school of learning.

Our God Parents knew that their precious Children abiding on Earth had truly lost our way. We were buried in the illusion of separation, and we had forgotten that we are Divine Sons and Daughters of God. We were no longer conscious of the reality that all our Father-Mother God have is ours.

Humanity was experiencing the oppressive grip of unbearable pain and suffering. This was caused by our free will choices and the misuse of our creative faculties of thought and feeling, which occurred as a result of our fall from Grace aeons ago. In the throes of our misery, we came to the erroneous conclusion that we are worthless sinners and worms in the dust. Since we become who we believe we are, this self-destructive belief was catapulting us into the depths of darkness and despair. It was clear that in order to reverse Humanity’s downward spiral into oblivion, we needed to remember the Truth about who we are and to reclaim our Divine Potential.

A Divine Plan was set into motion, and a Beloved Son of God was summoned from the Great Silence. This precious Being is the one we know as Jesus, the Christ. Jesus volunteered to embody on Planet Earth to demonstrate to the Children of God evolving here the Truth of our own Divinity. He was chosen to anchor, through his example, the archetype for Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness. A critical facet of his Divine Mission was to model the path of Oneness and Divine Love, which is the only way Home to the Heart of God.

During what is referred to as “the lost 18 years,” Jesus studied in the mystery schools of India, Tibet, and Egypt. At the age of 30, when it was time for him to begin his mission of anchoring the archetype for Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness, he demonstrated for all the world to see the imperative first step- the return of the Divine Feminine, our Mother God, the Holy Spirit.

The Divine Intelligence we refer to as God is a radiant forcefield of pure Light that encompasses every particle and wave of Life in the whole of Creation. God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. God is the Alpha-I-and the Omega-AM-the beginning and the ending-the Cosmic I AM. God is All That Is.

This Divine Intelligence pulsates with a masculine polarity and a feminine polarity. The masculine polarity is our Father God. This aspect of God radiates forth a sapphire blue frequency of Light that infuses all Creation with Divine Will, Power, and Authority. The feminine polarity is our Mother God. This aspect of God radiates forth a crystalline pink frequency of Light that infuses all Creation with Divine Love, Adoration, and Reverence for All Life. The activity of our Father God is the Outbreath of Creation. The activity of our Mother God is the Inbreath of Creation.

When they are in perfect balance, the sapphire blue frequency of our Father God and the crystalline pink frequency of our Mother God merge into an unfathomable frequency of Divine Light. This balanced pulsation of our Father-Mother God is the Sacred Fire, known through all Creation, as the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

In the beginning the sapphire blue Flame of our Father God activated our left-brain hemispheres and the power center within our Throat Chakras. The crystalline pink Flame of our Mother God activated our right-brain hemispheres and the love center within our Heart Chakras. When these two Sacred Fires merge within us in perfect balance, the resulting Violet Flame activates our spiritual brain centers.

These centers consist of our pituitary, pineal, and hypothalamus glands, and the ganglionic centers at the base of our brains. When these spiritual centers are fully activated, our Crown Chakras of enlightenment open to full breadth. The Sacred Fire associated with our Crown Chakras is the yellow-gold Flame of Wisdom or Christ Consciousness. Only when the masculine and feminine polarities of our Father-Mother God are balanced within us and our Crown Chakras are fully open, can we attain our Divine Potential as Sons and Daughters of God.

These three Flames: the blue Flame of Power, the pink Flame of Love, and the gold Flame of Wisdom are secured within the Divinity of every person’s heart. They form what is known as our Immortal Victorious Threefold Flames. These Flames were clearly seen pulsating within the heart of Jesus. That is why the Sacred Heart of Jesus is depicted with a Flame blazing within its center.

Our Immortal Victorious Threefold Flames represent the true meaning of the Holy Trinity: the blue Flame of our Father God’s Power, the pink Flame of our Mother God’s Love-the Holy Spirit, and the gold Flame of the Son or Daughter of God’s Wisdom-the Christ.

The most tragic facet of Humanity’s fall from Grace is that when we began using our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions to create patterns of imperfection that resulted in pain and suffering, we closed our Heart Chakras so that we would not feel pain so intensely. This horrific event blocked the portal through which the Divine Love of our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, entered the physical plane.

This event forced our Mother God to withdraw her love to a mere trickle of its original influence in our lives. This imbalance caused the hemisphere of our right brains to atrophy, which in turn caused our spiritual brain centers to deactivate and our Crown Chakras to close. We lost Christ Consciousness and the awareness that we are Divine Sons and Daughters of God. We also lost the awareness of our Mother God.

In desperation, we clung to a distorted perception of the Holy Spirit. We knew it was the Holy Comforter and the Love Nature of God, but because we no longer knew the Truth of the existence of our Mother God, we thought of the Holy Spirit as a masculine aspect of our Father God. For the first time, we began using our masculine power without the balance of our feminine love. This caused us to become aggressive, warlike, and domineering when we were in masculine bodies, and it caused us to suppress our power by allowing ourselves to be oppressed and dominated when we were in female bodies. We can observe the dire results of this extreme imbalance to this very day.

The reversal of this tragic situation, which involved the anchoring of the archetype for the return of our Mother God, was the imperative first step of Jesus’ Divine Mission. At the age of 30, Beloved Jesus came to the banks of the Jordan River and immersed himself in the sacred water element. Water represents the emotional strata for the Earth as well as the emotional bodies for Humanity.

Once he was in the water, Jesus participated in a Divine Ceremony through which he anchored the archetype for the return of our Mother God, on behalf of all Humanity. In that ceremony, John the Baptist symbolically washed away the sins of the world by Baptizing Jesus with the Love of our Mother God-the Holy Spirit.

We have all seen pictures of Jesus standing in the Jordan River with the Dove of the Holy Spirit descending into his Crown Chakra. In that moment, Jesus’ right-brain hemisphere was brought into perfect balance with his left-brain hemisphere. His spiritual brain centers were activated, and his Crown Chakra was opened to full breadth. When this occurred, Jesus became the Christ grown to full stature, and his mission of modeling Humanity’s Divine Potential as Beloved Children of God began in earnest.

For the next three years, Jesus modeled the path of Oneness and Divine Love that each of us must follow in order to reclaim our Divine Birthright as Sons and Daughters of God. The path of Oneness and Divine Love is the only way the Children of God will return to the Heart of our Father and Mother. Jesus demonstrated our Divine Potential through the various miracles he performed, and clearly revealed the Oneness of Life through his dedication and reverence for ALL Life.

Much of Jesus’ mission has been misunderstood. He did not come to establish a new religion. He came to remind every man, woman, child that we are Divine Children of God. His mission was to demonstrate this Truth by the way he lived his life. Many believe that Jesus alone is the Divine Child of God, the only begotten Son. They believe that he came to do everything for us because we are such lost and depraved souls. They have the misconception that if we just speak the words that affirm that we accept Jesus as our personal savior he will save us. This distorted belief is based in Humanity’s deeply ingrained feelings of unworthiness, but it is certainly not what Beloved Jesus taught us.

Jesus’ message was that the Divinity within each of us-the Christ-is the true Child of God, the only begotten Son or Daughter. He said throughout his ministry, “These things I do you shall do, and even greater things than these shall you do.”

There are some other statements in the Bible that also reflect this Truth:

And Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law, I said, ‘YE ARE GODS’?”

“YE ARE GODS, and all of you are Children of the Most High.”

And from Romans 8: 14-17, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the Sons of God-the Spirit itself beareth witness with our Spirit that we are the Children of God; and if Children, then heirs, heirs of God, JOINT HEIRS WITH CHRIST.”

At the age of 33, Jesus accomplished the final facets of his Divine Mission. Thirty-three is the master number that reflects the Christ made manifest. There is a lot of discussion at this time as to whether Jesus was actually crucified and whether or not he resurrected his body. The Company of Heaven has confirmed that both of these events were vitally important to the fulfillment of Jesus’ Divine Plan.

Contrary to the guilt-inducing things we are often told, Jesus was not tortured and crucified in order to atone for Humanity’s sins. This concept comes from the belief that we are worthless sinners and that we are so lowly someone outside of ourselves must save us. This belief perpetuates the notion that we are incapable of saving ourselves, but nothing could be further from the Truth. In fact, our Father-Mother God gave each of us the gift of free will and NO ONE is allowed to do this for us.

We lost the awareness of our own Divinity through our free will choices and the misuse of our creative faculties of thought and feeling. Consequently, the only way we will return to Christ Consciousness is through our own endeavors, and by following the path of Oneness and Divine Love that Jesus demonstrated for us.

Jesus agreed to be crucified in order to prove to the world that there is nothing the fallen human ego can do that will destroy the Divinity within us. His crucifixion and resurrection proved that even if one’s physical body is abused, tortured, and crucified, the Christ within is eternal and lives on in our Light Body.

It is said that Jesus forgave the sins of the world, and in a way he did. When Jesus was hanging on the cross a Centurion pierced his side with a sword. His intent was to accelerate Jesus’ death, and put him out of his misery. As his blood and Lifeforce flowed onto the Earth Jesus said, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” In that instant, through the Grace of God, our Father-Mother God allowed the Law of Forgiveness to be initiated for the first time as the order of the New Day on Earth.

Prior to that moment, the Children of God were subject solely to the Law of Karma or the Law of Cause and Effect. After the Law of Forgiveness was established on Earth, we had another option. Humanity could ask for forgiveness for the misuse of our precious gift of Life and be forgiven. We are still subject to the Law of Cause and Effect, but now when we recognize the error of our ways we can ask for forgiveness. This allows us to be forgiven without having to personally experience everything we deliberately or inadvertently created through the misuse of our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions.

It is important for us to understand that we are not forgiven just because Jesus was here, as some believe. We are forgiven if we recognize our mistakes, ask for forgiveness, and change our behavior patterns.

After Jesus’ crucifixion and his resurrection into his Light Body, he had one more very important Truth to reveal to Humanity. It was obvious that the Children of God had been beaten down into a consciousness of unworthiness. Jesus realized that because of this low opinion of ourselves the chances were great that we would misunderstand the example he modeled for us, the example which we must each follow if we are to return to Christ Consciousness. Jesus knew that our lack of trust in ourselves was overwhelming. The potential was great that we would misconstrue his mission by believing that he had saved us, and that he had done for us the very things he came to demonstrate that we must do for ourselves.

So the final facet of Beloved Jesus’ mission was to clearly reveal to Humanity that he cannot do this for us, and that we are not saved simply because he was here. Jesus left an example to prove that no matter how dedicated we are to him and his teachings, we are each responsible for our return to Christ Consciousness. In order to accomplish this facet of the Divine Plan, Jesus invoked the assistance of his Beloved Disciples.

After Jesus’ resurrection, he remained on Earth for 40 days. During that time, he demonstrated to the Disciples what it was like to experience Christ Consciousness. Jesus expanded his Light Body and lifted the Disciples up in consciousness, so that they could know what it was like to become the Christ.

In this elevated state, the Disciples remembered their Divine Heritage as Beloved Children of God, and they were able to perform all of the miracles Jesus performed. They quickly learned the lessons that would enable them to continue the mission that had been started by their Beloved Brother. They prepared to spread the Truth of Humanity’s Divinity, and to teach the path of Oneness and Divine Love that would lead to Christ Consciousness for every evolving soul.

At the end of the 40 days, it was time for Jesus to Ascend into the next phase of his mission. When the Heavens opened and Jesus Ascended into the Realms of Illumined Truth, it was no longer possible for him to sustain the Disciples in the elevated frequency of Christ Consciousness.

Since the Disciples had not attained Christ Consciousness through their own endeavors, once Jesus withdrew his Light Body they began to falter and become afraid. The Disciples realized that in spite of their great love for Jesus and their dedication to him and his mission, he could not save them or sustain them in Christ Consciousness. This was something each of them would have to accomplish on his own. The most Jesus could do was anchor the archetypes for Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness and demonstrate the path of Oneness and Divine Love that we must each follow.

For ten days the Disciples struggled with their predicament. On the 50th day after Jesus’ resurrection, the day we now call Pentecost, the Disciples realized what they must do in order to attain and sustain Christ Consciousness.

On that day, the Disciples entered what was called the “Upper Room.” This, in fact, was a higher state of consciousness that they each attained by consecrating their lives to the path of Oneness and Divine Love. In that elevated state of consciousness each of the Disciples opened his heart and from the depths of his Being invoked the return of our Mother God through a Baptism of the Holy Spirit. This time, the Baptism was by Sacred Fire instead of water.

In that instant, the Disciple’s right-brain hemispheres were brought into perfect balance with their left-brain hemispheres. Their spiritual brain centers were activated, and their Crown Chakras were opened to full breadth. We have all seen depictions of the Disciples after their Baptism by the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. They are shown with a Flame pulsating from their Crown Chakras reflecting that they had regained Christ Consciousness, and that their mission of spreading Jesus’ teachings to the world was at hand.

On that holy day of Pentecost, the Disciples were given what has been called “the gift of tongues.” This is another aspect of the Piscean Age that has often been misunderstood. The gift of tongues did not mean that the Holy Spirit would speak through the Disciples in unintelligible syllables and sounds for someone to try and decipher. The gift of tongues gave the Disciples the ability to travel the face of the Earth and to teach the Truth of Humanity’s Divinity and the path of Oneness and Divine Love to the peoples of the world in their own language. This eliminated the problem of language barriers and ensured the clarity of Jesus’ message.

Even with all of the groundwork that was carefully laid during the Piscean Age, Jesus knew that it would be millennia before Humanity would really understand his message and reclaim our Divine Birthright as Beloved Children of God. He confirmed this knowing in Revelations when he stated, “In the Day of the Seventh Angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God will be fulfilled and time will be no more.” He said this would involve the Second Coming of the Christ.

The predominant influence flooding the planet during the 2,000 years of the Piscean Age was the Sixth Solar Aspect of Deity. This Sacred Fire is ruby-gold and it reflects the Divine Qualities of Peace, Healing, Devotional Worship, Ministering Grace, the Christ working through the personality, and the Divine Image embodied in flesh. These influences were the perfect support that Jesus needed in order to accomplish his Divine Mission.

The Piscean Age was the Day of the Sixth Angel. Jesus is known as the Prince of Peace because of these influences, and his symbol is the fish because he was the Avatar of the Piscean Age, which is represented by the fish.

Now we fast forward to the Day of the Seventh Angel, who is beginning to sound. This Angel is heralding the Dawn of the New Age of Aquarius.

There is a lot of misinformation about the term New Age. Let me briefly share with you what a New Age really is. It is not a new religion, a movement, a philosophy, or the work of the devil as some are professing. The Dawn of a New Age is nothing more than a span of time.

As our Earth revolves on her axis every 24 hours, we experience a new day. As she orbits around the Sun every 365 and 1/4 days, we experience a new year. On this orbit around the Sun the Earth passes through the forcefields of the 12 natural constellations, which form our zodiac. During this annual orbit, the Earth and all Life evolving upon her are held in the Light and influence of these constellations for 28 to 31 days. These are our familiar Sun cycles, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, et cetera.

In addition to these very obvious time frames, the Earth is part of a much larger celestial event that is called the Precession of the Equinox. This rotation of the Earth’s axis creates a counterclockwise movement through the 12 constellations in our Solar System. This slow rotation of Earth’s axis takes between 24,000 and 26,000 years to complete. The Earth’s movement is measured at the point where the Sun passes the equator on the Vernal Equinox. This point moves about 52 seconds per year, so it takes about 70 years for the Earth to move one degree. During this rotation the Earth is held in the embrace of each constellation for approximately 30 degrees, or 2,000 plus years. These 2,000-year cycles are what we refer to as the various Ages.

The Dawn of a New Age is a period of time that lasts between 150 and 300 years. It is a window of opportunity during the Precession of the Equinox when the energies of the Age we are leaving begin to ebb, and the energies of the constellation that we are moving into have not yet taken hold. It is during this lull of energy that our Father-Mother God evaluate the progress of their Children and determine the greatest need of the hour for our spiritual growth.

Since the latter part of the 1800’s, we have been experiencing the Dawn of the New Age of Aquarius. The predominant influence for all Life on Earth during this 2,000-year cycle is the Seventh Solar Aspect of Deity. This Sacred Fire is the Violet Flame, which reflects the perfect balance of the polarities of our Father-Mother God. It also reverberates with the Divine Qualities of God’s Infinite Perfection, Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Transmutation, Liberty, Justice, the Power of Invocation, Divine Ceremony, and Victory.

It is because of the astronomical power and might contained within the frequencies of the Violet Flame that Beloved Jesus knew that in the Day of the Seventh Angel Humanity would at long last regain Christ Consciousness. This is what Jesus was referring to when he spoke of the Second Coming of the Christ and the mystery of God being fulfilled.

He was revealing the time when the Sons and Daughters of God evolving on Earth would reverse the adverse affects of our fall from Grace. This would be the time when Humanity would consecrate our lives to the path of Oneness and Divine Love by opening our Heart Chakras, invoking the return of our Mother God, and receiving a Baptism of the Holy Spirit by Sacred Fire. This would be the time when the Sons and Daughters of God would reclaim our Divine Potential and become the Christ grown to full stature-the time when we would accept our true reality as the only begotten Sons and Daughters of God.

Because of Humanity’s feelings of unworthiness, many people believe it is blasphemous to think that anyone but Jesus could become the Christ, but in Truth Jesus came to reveal to us that every Child of God has the Divine Potential of becoming the Christ. This does not mean that everyone will be just like Jesus. Every Child of God is unique. We will each have our own individual way of living and expressing our Divine Potential as the Christ.

For over 100 years, the Violet Flame has been building in momentum on this planet. This caused a gradual awakening to take place within the hearts and minds of spiritually orientated people all over the world. Then on August 15th, 16th, and 17th, in 1987, we experienced a global phenomenon that was referred to as Harmonic Convergence. This event involved an influx of Divine Light that caused a quantum shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness for every particle of Life evolving on this sweet Earth.

Since that Cosmic Moment, the Earth has been moving up the spiral of evolution at warp speed. This has inspired myriad activities of Light, which have involved the unified efforts of embodied Lightworkers and the entire Company of Heaven. These events have accelerated the awakening of people who are seeking Truth, and those who are looking for answers that will reveal their true purpose and reason for being. These activities of Light have resulted in miracles beyond the greatest expectations of Heaven, and they have catapulted Humanity toward the fulfillment of our Divine Destiny.

Now it is time for the next step; it is time for Humanity en masse to awaken to the Truth of who we are and why we are here. It is time for every Child of God to reclaim our Divine Birthright, and to regain Christ Consciousness. It is time for the Second Coming of the Christ.

In 2008, we reached a critical mass of Light on this planet that allowed the patterns of perfection for the New Earth to be anchored in the physical plane. This event took place during the 21st anniversary of Harmonic Convergence. Once the patterns of perfection for the New Earth were securely anchored, the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth was given permission by our Father-Mother God to expand our Immortal Victorious Threefold Flames.

When the expansion of the Divinity in every heart was God Victoriously accomplished, our Father-Mother God granted a Cosmic Dispensation designed to help even the most recalcitrant souls remember their Divinity and the path of Oneness and Divine Love that would lead to Christ Consciousness. This extremely rare dispensation gave the I AM Presence of every person on Earth permission to intervene in our awakening process in an unprecedented way.

Our God Parents determined that the greatest need of the hour was for the Children of God to remember our Divinity and the Oneness of ALL Life. To assist us with this critical facet of our awakening process, a plan was set into motion. Our Father-Mother God issued a Divine Fiat requiring that the Temple of the First Initiation in the Heavenly Realms be open to all Humanity for a 12-month period in order to accelerate our illumination and enlightenment. Beginning in August 2008, and continuing through the 22nd anniversary of Harmonic Convergence in August 2009, our I AM Presence was allowed to escort us, in our finer bodies while we slept at night, into the Temple of the First Initiation.

There is no such thing as our soul being unconscious, so we always leave our bodies when we sleep. But this time it was different. This time, the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child had a special mission. For this 12-month cycle, we were all escorted into the Temple of the First Initiation where we were taught the process for returning to Christ Consciousness. The First Initiation is the initiation of Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life. It is the path that Jesus modeled for us during the Piscean Age. He did so in preparation for this very moment.

This rare dispensation was granted to Humanity’s I AM Presence by our Father-Mother God because of the urgency of the hour. Due to the miracles that have taken place over the past two decades, every Child of God evolving on Earth has, at inner levels, made the choice to do what is necessary to move forward into the 5th Dimension. The problem is that there are many people who do not realize on a conscious level that they have made this choice. Consequently, as the human miscreations they have deliberately or inadvertently created throughout their Earthly sojourns are pushed to the surface to be transmuted into Light, they are becoming afraid and overwhelmed.

The intent of the Cosmic Dispensation granted by our Father-Mother God is to help with this situation. When we attain Christ Consciousness, we “see with new eyes, and hear with new ears.” From this higher perspective, we are able to recognize new solutions to the maladies existing all around us, and we understand the importance of handling life’s challenges from a consciousness of Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life. Our Father-Mother God knew of the opportunities that would be presented to Humanity in 2009, and they allowed this final step of preparation in order to help the masses of Humanity take a quantum leap into the Light.


The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.

THE WONDER OF IT ALL – Part 2 of 2
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Numerically 2009 is an eleven year. Eleven is the master number that reflects the transformation of the physical into the Divine. This year has involved the greatest influx of Light that Humanity has experienced since we first fell from Grace aeons ago. 

In February, during the Sun Cycle of Aquarius, we experienced the specific celestial events that we had been told would herald our official entrance into the Age of Aquarius. Spiritual astrologers confirmed that this specific alignment did not occur for 1,000 years before or 1,000 years after the alignment that took place in February 2009. This event opened a portal that allowed the greatest influx of the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame that Humanity has ever been able to receive. The Seventh Angel is now sounding his Cosmic Tones throughout the Universe, and the mystery of God is being fulfilled.

During the summer of 2009, many events took place to pave the way for the miracles that were destined to occur in August. During the Solstice, June 21, 2009, our Central Sun, our physical Sun, and our entire Solar System experienced a quantum shift. This shift resulted in raising the energy, vibration, and consciousness of every particle and wave of Life evolving within this system. This increased frequency of 5th-Dimensional Solar Light activated the pre-encoded memories within Humanity’s RNA and DNA structures. These newly activated codes reflect the full potential of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within every Human Being.

On July 7th, we experienced a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This was the first in a series of three eclipses. Spiritual astrologers acknowledged that the effects of these eclipses would be profound and life changing for both Humanity and Planet Earth. The planetary alignments associated with the July 7th eclipse empowered the manifestation of the Divine Masculine and greatly enhanced the masculine momentum of Divine Love. This is an aspect of the Divine Masculine that has been suppressed for a very long time. 

On July 22nd, there was a very powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse. This was also the day that is celebrated as Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day. Mary Magdalene represents the Love Nature of Christ Consciousness, and she has held the sacred space for the return and balance of the Divine Feminine for millennia. On that day, the newly empowered Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within every man, woman, and child on Earth were raised into the highest frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Solar Light that we were able to endure. This was the initial impulse of the Transfiguration of the masses of Humanity from 4th-Dimensional carbon-based Human Beings into 5th-Dimensional crystalline-based Solar Light Beings.

With the fulfillment of that activity of Light, Humanity’s creative faculties of thought and feeling were greatly enhanced. This critical event occurred in perfect synchronicity for the next phase of the Divine Plan, which involved a global activity of Light called “Fire the Grid.” This was a moment in time during which hundreds of thousands of people all over the world joined together in consciousness for one hour to empower the patterns of perfection for the New Earth in whatever way our I AM Presence guided us to do.

On August 6th, we experienced the final Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in this series. This eclipse intensified all of the incredible activities of Light that had taken place since the initial impulse of 2009, and it paved the way for the monumental influx of Light that was to take place during the 22nd anniversary of Harmonic Convergence. 

Twenty-two is the master number that reflects power on all planes, and the ability to change the course of history.  The multifaceted, multidimensional aspects of the unfolding Divine Plan were all in place, and Humanity and the Company of Heaven were standing in readiness awaiting the events that would change our lives forever.

On August 15th, a day dedicated to Beloved Mother Mary, the Opening Ceremonies for the 23rd Annual World Congress on Illumination commenced. This event was held in Tucson, Arizona, within the portal of the most powerful forcefield of healing available on the planet. This is the portal through which the Emerald Green and Violet Flames of Healing through the Power of Infinite Transmutation are projected from the Core of Creation into the Heart of Mother Earth. With approximately 700 people physically present and hundreds of thousands joining with us in consciousness from around the world, Humanity was invested with a Gift of Love from our Mother God. 

During these Divine Ceremonies, our Mother God and the Feminine Aspects of Deity throughout Infinity projected their luminous Presence into the atmosphere of Earth. Our Mother God’s cohesive power of Divine Love filled our Chalice of Light, which Lightworkers around the world created through the unification of our Heart Flames. This Chalice of Light is a pulsating crystalline Lotus blossom that envelops the entire planet and cradles the Earth and all her Life in its embrace.

As the cohesive power of Divine Love from our Mother God and the Feminine Aspects of Deity filled our Chalice, the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth took command. Through this aspect of our own Divinity, every person was raised into a profound awakening of supreme Love consciousness. 

This activity of Divine Intervention lifted every person on Earth into a higher octave of Divine Service. Every soul was invested with a Cosmic Forcefield of Divine Love, which initiated each one into a Higher Order of Service to the Light. This completed the lessons of the First Initiation, which we had each been learning in our finer bodies during the past 12-month cycle. This was our graduation. It was the God Victorious accomplishment of our initiation into Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life. Everything that we learned about Oneness and the Reverence for Life is recorded in our Etheric Bodies. This sacred knowledge will surface into our conscious minds and experiences as we integrate these Truths into the physical plane. 

Sometimes when we try to grasp the magnitude of these events, we become overwhelmed with what we perceive to be the reality of the physical plane. We look at all of Humanity’s flawed behavior and our human frailties, and it seems impossible that these wondrous things could be happening for every single person. So for clarity, I would like to briefly reiterate what the Company of Heaven has revealed to us time and again.

We are all multidimensional Beings, and our various levels of consciousness exist in many frequencies of Light at the same time. The Company of Heaven has said that out of all of the dimensions we abide in, the physical plane is the least real. It is also the very last dimension to reflect the changes that we are cocreating. 

No matter how oblivious a person may be of his or her Divinity, every person is a Beloved Child of God, which means that all that our Father-Mother God have is ours. We are One. We are interconnected, interdependent, and interrelated. What affects one of us affects all of us. The Universal Law is, “As I AM lifted up, ALL Life is lifted up with me.” 

In addition to these Truths, there has been a massive awakening since Harmonic Convergence, and we have reached a critical mass of Lightworkers on this planet. This has created an upward rush of energy, vibration, and consciousness involving every particle of Life on Earth. This increase in our vibratory rate has allowed the I AM Presence of every person to intervene in his or her life in ways that we have not experienced since our fall from Grace. 

The Divine Intervention by every person’s I AM Presence is creating an unstoppable shift, which is accelerating our Ascension into the 5th Dimension. This process involves every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life evolving on this planet, which of course includes every man, woman, and child.

Everything that is manifesting on Earth is the result of Humanity’s thoughts, words, feelings, and actions. All of these things were first created in the Realms of Cause. Then as Humanity focused our attention on these thoughtforms and feelings, they were magnetized into the physical plane-the world of effects. 

The miraculous events that I am sharing with you have been victoriously accomplished in the Realms of Cause. Now it is our responsibility to magnetize the results of these miracles into the physical plane. 

The good news is, that once something has been successfully accomplished in the Realms of Cause NOTHING can prevent it from manifesting on Earth. The only variable is how long that will take, which is strictly up to you and me and every other evolving soul on this planet. The speed with which we begin to tangibly experience the patterns of perfection for the New Earth and Humanity’s transformation into Christ Consciousness will depend on how dedicated we are in focusing on those patterns of perfection and the glorious acts of Divine Intervention that have been accomplished by our I AM Presence. 

Now, I will continue. Interestingly, a few years ago Drunvalo Melchizedek shared with Humanity a prophecy that had been revealed to him by a New Zealand Waitaha elder. The prophecy predicted that there would come a pivotal moment in history that would change Humanity’s course of direction. It said that moment would occur on August 15, 2009. The prophecy states that the event may not be known publicly, but that it would be the beginning of a new human dream. The dream would be almost identical to the Mayan belief that the Heavens will open, and our Brothers and Sisters of the Universe will reveal themselves.

On August 16, 2009, Humanity received another very powerful gift from the Silent Watcher for Planet Earth. This powerful Being is known as Immaculata. Silent Watchers are magnificent Feminine Beings who serve Life under the direction of the Elohim, the Builders of Form. Their purpose is to hold the Immaculate Concept-the Divine Blueprint-for whatever facet of Life they are asked to assist. On this special day, Immaculata fulfilled the directives of the Elohim by stationing one of the Silent Watchers from her Regal Court in the aura of every Human Being evolving on Earth. These selfless servants of our Father-Mother God have volunteered to remain in our auras, and to hold the Immaculate Concept for our Transfiguration into our crystalline-based Solar Light Bodies, until this process is complete.

After the Silent Watchers had taken their strategic positions in every person’s aura, Humanity experienced a powerful healing at an atomic cellular level. This healing accelerated the transformation of Humanity’s carbon-based cells into the crystalline-based cells of our 5th-Dimensional Solar Light Bodies. This assisted each of us further up the spiral of evolution. This healing allowed our I AM Presence to integrate deeper into our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies, thus preparing us for the miracle that would take place the following day.

August 17, 2009, was the 22nd anniversary of Harmonic Convergence. The monumental influx of Light that catapulted Humanity forward in our awakening process in 1987 had been building in momentum for 22 years. Once again, 22 is the master number that reflects power on all planes, and the ability to change the course of history. With the incredible shifts of vibration that had been God Victoriously accomplished since the beginning of 2009, and the sacred gifts that had been bestowed upon Humanity during the previous two days, every man, woman, and child was in the perfect position to be called into the Upper Room, a higher state of Divine Consciousness. 

In a Divine Ceremony of Light, the I AM Presence of every person evolving on Earth stepped to the fore and took full dominion of each one’s Earthly bodies. The gifts that had been given to Humanity over the past two days had been assimilated, the healing was complete, and all was in readiness. 

Through the I AM Presence, and within the elevated consciousness of the Upper Room, every person consecrated his or her life to the path of Oneness and Divine Love, which is the only way back to the Heart of our Father-Mother God. In that higher state of consciousness, every person opened his or her heart and from the depths of their Being invoked a Baptism of the Holy Spirit-a Baptism by Sacred Fire from our Mother God. 

In that instant, the masses of Humanity experienced through their I AM Presence the transformation that the Disciples experienced on Pentecost. In the Realms of Cause, Humanity’s right-brain hemispheres were brought into perfect balance with our left-brain hemispheres, our spiritual brain centers were activated, and our Crown Chakras were opened to full breadth. 

In that miraculous instant, the masses of Humanity reversed the adverse affects of our fall from Grace. We reclaimed our Divine Birthright as Sons and Daughters of God. In the Realms of Cause, we are now experiencing Christ Consciousness; we are the Christ grown to full stature. We are the only begotten Sons and Daughters of God. This has been our Divine Potential from the moment we were first breathed forth from the Heart of our Father-Mother God.

On August 18th, the Lightworkers gathered at the World Congress on Illumination were still assimilating the wonder and awe of the previous day when we were blessed with another miracle.

As the Christ within the masses of Humanity began the initial impulse of projecting itself from the Realms of Cause into the heart and mind of each soul, our Father-Mother God invested us with a Gift of Divine Love beyond our comprehension. On the Cosmic Tones of their Inbreath and Outbreath, our God Parents sent forth a clarion call invoking their Beloved Son Jesus to come forth from the Great, Great Silence. 

With glory and splendor beyond what I am able to communicate with words, Beloved Jesus descended into the atmosphere of Earth. In response to the unified heart call from the I AM Presence of a newly Baptized and Christed Humanity, Jesus projected his luminous Presence into the Heart of Mother Earth. Then in an explosion of Light, he expanded his luminous Presence until the Earth and all Life evolving upon her were cradled within the Flame of Divinity in his Sacred Heart.

Now that the masses of Humanity have, through our own endeavors and the Divine Intervention of our I AM Presence, reclaimed our full potential as Sons and Daughters of God, Jesus is able to assist us in integrating the Christ within. He cannot do this for us, but he has volunteered to hold the Earth and all Humanity within the sacred space of his Heart Flame until we become the Christ grown to full stature in the physical world of form. For each of us to be held within this sacred space, is an incomparable act of Divine Grace. It is an expression of Divine Forgiveness beyond what we have earned in this present moment.

On August 19th, we were asked by the Company of Heaven to join forces with them for the most intensified cleansing by the Emerald Green and Violet Flames of Healing through the Power of Infinite Transmutation that the Earth and Humanity were capable of enduring. 

Saint Germain is the incredible Being of Light who will guide Humanity through the evolutionary steps of the Aquarian Age for the next 2,000 years. On this day, he invoked Archangel Zadkiel and the Legions of the Emerald Green and Violet Flames to come and assist the Children of God with this activity of Light. These magnificent Angels traversed the Earth north, south, east, and west as they assumed their positions in every location on the planet. 

Beloved Jesus then breathed the Breath of the Holy Spirit through his Sacred Heart, and expanded it through the Heart Chakra of every person on Earth. This opened our Heart Chakras to new breadths, and accelerated the integration of our Christ Presence. When the Breath of the Holy Spirit expanded through our hearts, it pushed to the surface the things in both our individual and our collective lives that were blocking the integration of our Solar Light Bodies, and the things preventing the manifestation of the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. As these patterns of imperfection surfaced around the world, the Legions of the Emerald Green and Violet Flames transmuted them with the power and might of a thousand Suns back into their original perfection. The Company of Heaven confirmed that this purging resulted in the most profound healing the Earth and Humanity have ever experienced. That unprecedented cleansing cleared the way for the final activity of Light in this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan, which would take place the next day. 

On August 20th, we experienced the Closing Ceremonies for this sacred and holy week. This activity of Light resulted in the maximum acceleration that Cosmic Law would allow for the Transfiguration of Humanity’s carbon-based Earthly bodies in to our crystalline-based Solar Light Bodies. This accelerated Transfiguration also occurred within the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional strata of Mother Earth. 

First the Lords of Power and Protection from the Great, Great Central Sun descended into the atmosphere of Earth. They projected their luminous Presence into all of the vulnerable areas in the body of Mother Earth in order to prevent any cataclysmic backlash from this acceleration of crystalline Light. These majestic Beings entered all of the cracks, faults, fissures, and tectonic plates in the Earth. They also projected their luminous Presence into all of the wounds that had been created in her body through mining, drilling for oil, and nuclear testing. 

After the vulnerable areas within the body of Mother Earth were secured, the Directors of the Elements took their positions at the cardinal points. The Directors of the Air Element were to the North, the Directors of the Water Element were to the East, the Directors of the Earth Element were to the South, the Directors of the Fire Element were to the West, and the Directors of the Ether Element were within the Sun of Even Pressure in the center of the Earth. These Beings of Light enveloped the Elemental Beings associated with the air, water, earth, fire, and ether in an invincible forcefield of protection.

Then Beloved Jesus called forth the newly reclaimed Christ Presence within the Heart Flame of every man, woman, and child and enveloped each one in an intensified forcefield of his Protective Love. This prepared us to safely withstand the influx of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Light that was about to be infused into the carbon-based atomic and subatomic particles and waves of every facet of Life on Earth.

When all was in readiness, the influx of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light began. This Light from the Heart of our omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Father-Mother God, the Cosmic I AM, All That Is, flowed through the Divinity pulsating in every person’s heart and penetrated deep into the core of purity in every electron of precious Life energy evolving on Earth. This influx of Light and the resulting acceleration of energy, vibration, and consciousness moved the Earth and all her Life a quantum leap up the spiral of evolution.

Now we understand what the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth meant when they said that 2009 would be a turning point. Now we know why it will be the year that is referred to throughout the Ages as the Cosmic Moment when the masses of Humanity changed our course of direction and reclaimed our Divine Birthright as Beloved Sons and Daughters of God.  

With the victory of these events, it is time for the next level of Humanity’s Earthly experience. Humanity has reclaimed Christ Consciousness, and now we are responsible for expressing that aspect of our Divinity with our every thought, word, feeling, and action. Let’s all begin by recognizing the Divinity in every person with whom we come in contact. Let’s respond with Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life to every person, place, condition, and thing that presents itself to us in this school of learning. After all, at any given moment our life is merely reflecting the results of our past thoughts, words, feelings and actions. We are cocreating our reality in this physical plane. Let’s cocreate through the consciousness of the Christ that is now pulsating within all of us.

Namaste—the Divinity within me acknowledges the Divinity within you.   And so it is.

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